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Public update on the community settings

Public update on the community settings

Feb 05, 2022

Finally we had some relief from BTC move, but the effect wasn't the same for alts. We see some deals closing but not crazy movements for all the alts. This is a good time to check the progress on the 3 paper tests and see if they match your own real statistics.

Picking the right coin selection really makes a big difference on how well you perform so its hard to expect exact same results even if you ran the same settings at same time. Lets start with our longest running paper test v5 which has been running for 63 days. Catching most of the dips after dips. This is a good test for those running bots long enough. I will only focus on Set 2 as these are the stronger coins.

They are all actually doing very well and mostly have decent ROI. Only ones I wouldn't run are Urma and Mizukage settings as they are just not as suitable for the current Market, and more designed for bullish markets.

Running a balanced setting like Ta standard , Ta safer, Ta aggressive, where you have quite a few safety orders is generally safer but u may lose a bit of ROI for it.

For ROI chasers, the Mars, Alpha, Mercury are best in this spreadsheet. There are other very good settings, but in the other spreadsheets. Mars will remain quite popular as its proven to run well with the one year backtest, also had more real money statistics and paper test, but some have moved to Banshee because its a slightly improved ROI setting. However the cons for Banshee is the Average deal times are higher. So Mars will still be a good option for slower markets. Just remember Mars is really designed for a bullish market/coin. This should be obvious by the higher uPNL and Actual ROI.

Kiri's have done surprisingly well, although when there's a drop, the uPNL is scarier than the others and its not as safer RC% wise as other settings. Its still not a bad setting to run.

TA strong uptrend is underused setting and most of the people with bigger bankrolls prefer this as its aggressive but safer, and not really chasing ROI and don't like manually adding funds as much. Main reason is the ROI is rather low, and it sits in the middle of an aggressive setting whilst trying to be safer.

Many of the newer community settings are in the other 2 spreadsheets, but there's less data forward tested. But the main thing I want people to know is the ROI across the community is just much lower than in November, because loads of us have de-risked our bots, and also only running very selective coins that have done well in this horrible market. No one should be adding much risks yet hopefully.

Alpha Tests

We only have 35 days of data for this but there's a few that really shouldn't be run as asap bots. 69er, ROI or nothing, ROI Some DCA, Oni.

The rest are ok settings to run. For ROI chasers, the Banshee, Mars, Alpha, Alpha Lite, Alpha+ are the ones to go for.

For safer settings if you have the bankroll, the 3 Alpha Deep Drops seem decent to test. I gave a more detailed post on them for members.

For those still fans of TA settings and just want a set and forget and not chasing ROI, TA Standard and Ta Strong uptrend are safe but lower ROI.

The new settings on test like Mearin, Heopas, deserve a look into, but because we don't have enough data and its not doing anything obviously better, we cant give enough feedback on them. Profundity and Mearin could be great because they already managed to keep a positive Actual ROI. I will add Mearin and Heopas to the community settings because I think they may be of use to some people.

Lets look at Set 2 which has more random and bad coins selected. It's expected to have more uPNL due to stuck bots and red bags, and negative Actual ROI

With bad coins, you have to be more careful with settings like Mars/Banshee. They made better ROI, but the Actual ROI is still a bit too high. So pick your coins to run Banshee/Mars on and don't expect them to run well for every coin.

For bad coins, you really need a safer expensive setting. But these settings are usually so expensive to run, that most won't even want to run them. I've tested quite a few decent bear market type settings, but they costs at least 1k-10k per setting to handle bad coins like 1inch, rune, comp, etc. From this spreadsheet only Alphas Deep drops may have done ok again these type coins, and the same settings make less ROI on decent coins, than the cheaper settings, so there's no perfect setting currently. Being able to identify a coins Market structure and choosing the right setting for the coin would make more sense if you had the bankroll and wanted to run certain badly performing coins. TA standard and TA Strong Uptrend would work again most coins except the really bad ones which many are still stuck with if left to run passively. But they are the 2nd best for those type coins for this spreadsheet.

CAM TR Spreadsheet

Running for only 28 Days. Ignore the 2 Mars and Banshee that was run for 11 Days (highlighted in yellow).

This one managed to avoid one small dip that TheAlphas spreadsheet experienced. So expecting slightly better ROI. We had to reset this test due to running out of funds and needed to recreate fresh settings again. This one has a few more community settings. Nutcracker, Brk, Jora, Scarlet, Verrb.

The only regret I have for this spreadsheet is I didn't include Mars and Banshee with only the 8 safety orders to get a better comparison for the settings that only cover 40% instead of the full 60% coverage that the (passive) versions have. So the Mars (passive) and Banshee (passive) are with safety orders 9.

Lets briefly talk about the new settings. I wont cover it in detail as this will be covered later for gold members, ROI wise they have all done a pretty amazing job so I will approve them all and add them to the community settings post.

Nutscracker is a super expensive 5k bot which is only for super high bankrollers. Its closing deals ok because of the costs! It can be tweaked to costs less, but the current settings can be used, but very few will use it.

BRK is a balanced bot with 50 safety orders, It averages down ok and quite frequently and RC% isn't the best but even at 50% drop the RC% is only 37% which is ok. Its going to be a decent ROI performer like the others, and will close deals faster than Mars. Worth a test too.

Jora by Jupiter Orange is like a Kiri type bot, front loaded but not too badly done, at $75/$10 and fitting it in only 15 safety orders. I really like the idea over the other Kiri which I think has way too many safety orders and too big ratio, but it may stand out better in Bullish markets. For now its managed to survive and still perform. Worth a paper test before deciding if you want to switch.

Scarlet by Anked has performed nicely too, I'm a bit hesitant in why it needs 53 safety orders. but the RC% is very low and its definitely something you can tweak to your own setting if needed. Has great potential. Costs $1.28k

Verbb by Noun is a cheap $500 bot so with cheap bots they will always make good ROI this one has a decent RC% and really only looks bad from 10-12 safety orders. Worth a look into, but there's plenty of bots very similar. Needs to be run for longer with all the other similar bots.

None of these settings are flawed really and very tempting to look into it in more detail. I like them all, and they need more data to see how well they perform in Bullish months, Bearish months, and just a quick 1 year backtest of them all together to see the real picture. But I have no issues with them being run with real money. I'll give them a detailed analysis if members wanted it done. Well done to the guys that spent hours tweaking their settings as it takes a lot of backtesting to make it usable. I have more headache now deciding which setting I want to run when I start adding more risks myself lol!

Hope this was useful to everyone, and hope I've not given you a headache into wanting to try out more settings for yourself too! Just to remind people, before the recovery, this is what the bots looked like.

Before the Recovery (Check the days running)

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