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Paper Trade Results to 20th Nov 2022. Ru ...

Paper Trade Results to 20th Nov 2022. Rumors of 3commas hacks/leaks

Nov 21, 2022

Just a quick update for those still running bots. Some will be closed like Neos at end of month.

I have made a backup for future reference of paper tests from all 4 currently run paper tests below

CamTR Paper Tests - 8 Jan 2022 to 20 Nov 2022

NeoEGY Paper Tests - 20 Feb 2022 to 20 Nov 2022

Blarizonk Paper Tests - 1 May 2022 to 20 Nov 2022

Ribsys Paper Trade v6 - 12 Aug 2022 to 20 Nov 2022

None of the Paper Tests have faired well with Cams, Neos, Blarizonk. They all hold red bags that are stuck and waiting to close, and without manual adding funds, you would still be waiting for deals to close. This is how brutal the bear market has been, and only a very small amount of users were able to make money during this year.
Ribsys Paper Trade v6 was the most recent tests and has some setting being able to do ok, but there are still a few red bags, and the profit per day is very low compared to a bullish market period.

For me, I think I will still hold out until we are back to a bullish momentum before I would start any asap dca bots with real money again, or apply some signals/algo alongside with the dca concept to try make money in this environment. Even with signals and a safe setting that dca's well, you would still need to inject spare funds on stuck bots once in a while.
I've spoke to a few that have been still making some profits and able to close stuck deals, but they needed 5-10 times the bot capital to rescue one deal which isn't feasible for most people.

3commas API Hack/leak news

Some users have reported being hacked, and although they have using phishing websites that could have been the reason, someone on reddit and twitter has claimed they never even used any of these fake sites. Also since Nov 17th 2022, 3commas has been asking people to update their api keys, as they have made new security updates for the api keys

3commas links about hacks
RE: False Rumors on API Leaks or Exposure of our Database (3commas.io)
October 19th Phishing Attack Incident Post Mortem (3commas.io)
Security Notification - Update Your API Keys (3commas.io)

Reddit user hacked

3commas Leaked my API key/secret : 3commasCommunity (reddit.com)

Twitter Links



There's constant scams/hacks in crypto but always stay vigilant and understand how they are done to avoid being a victim. Here's are some tips.
Just be careful everyone and enable 2FA for 3commas and exchange.
Delete unnecessary/old api access (and give only required permissions) for 3commas and exchanges
Make sure you use the official website link and not a google searched link that doesn't look right.
Avoid clicking email links. Or opening unknown files. Email addresses can be faked to look like from the company, if in doubt go directly via the site and not click on the email link.
Install an antivirus software, and keep it updated and scan frequently.
If something sounds dodgy, seek another persons opinion
Never give your secret keys/phrase out to anyone. It belongs ONLY to you and no one needs it to fix or login to your wallet.
If you are told to move your crypto to another address, that's a clear warning sign. (Someone I know got scammed this way from a fake binance.com email pretending to be customer support)
Only risk what you can afford to lose
Always move your crypto to a cold wallet so you have custody of it if its a large value, instead of keeping it on an exchange.

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