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Monthly Portfolio Profit Update on Mars ...

Monthly Portfolio Profit Update on Mars for November 2021

Dec 01, 2021

So I switched to Mars on the 3rd of November and after 27 days, I'm giving you the monthly returns.

Daily ROI "based on initial bankroll" on Mars from 3rd Nov to 30th Nov is 0.38% based on Initial Bankroll of 87k

Monthly ROUGH ROI "based on initial bankroll" is 9169.01 / 87000 * 100 = 10.54% roi for the month (bit less than a month)

Very Passively run, only a few changes in bots. Very much been a set an forget unless I ran out of funds!

Things I noticed whilst running Mars

Very aggressive setting! Uses funds so easily, all 91k was used in the dip (including Active orders and locked deals) ! I had to rearrange my funds because my risks was 120% and too high.

I had to change the Max Active safety orders from 2 to 1 to allow more funds when I was running at 120-150% risk. I highly recommend using 70% to 100% risks for these settings, to allow either manually adding funds or that additional 9th safety order manually.

Never reached over 7 Safety Orders During the month a few did hit 7 safety orders though.

Market was very strange this month, wasn't evenly distributed among my usual coin selections. Most of money was only in the Metaverse/NFT coins and some

If you want to set and forget for Mars, stick to 8 Safety orders, stick to 70%-110%. And have at least 30-40 bots using strong coin selection and just leave them alone, or just copy my coins in my live portfolio. I cannot comment on Active strategies, as I don't run that kind of strategy.

Now 3c Tools Stats

So 11.8k profit from 3c Tools stats, This includes some deals on the old settings Ribsy TA 2.5 settings. Also we did have some deals from the old Settings close too under November.
Just compare the monthly profits made since August. The profits are much better than the safe TA 2.5 settings I ran.
What I wasn't happy with is the ADR (uPNL) is still too high for my comfort. But that's how the market played out where many solid coins with solid projects didn't get much volatility/volume. Money was mainly in Metaverse.

Now just a few of Best performing bots for last 30 days. (didn't add all as too much bots showing in my dashboard)

Now just the bottom of the page

More Stats

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