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Mercury vs Mars

Mercury vs Mars

Dec 07, 2021

Just trying to give a graphical table view comparison, of the Mars vs Mercury. To make this fair I made the bots costs the same so $3.5k cost per bot. Mars expected profits as you drop and fill more safety orders is much higher than Mercury, which is obvious why the majority of the time, Mars will outperform Mercury. Mercury averages down better as you drop further and this can be seen by the RC% being slightly lower. Sadly this isn't much of a reduction in RC%, so only in certain market conditions, would Mercury be better than Mars.

So Mars settings:

TP: 3.0%, BO: 10 SO: 10, OS: 1.4, SS: 1.3, SOS: 1.8, MSTC: 8 or 9 (not showing in this chart)

9th is Optional Additional Safety Order, but the reason why I omitted it was I planned to manually add funds if needed, for those that wanted to set and forget, u could just add the 9th safety order.

Focusing on just keeping below 42% deviation where majority of bots wont reach hopefully during a bull market.

Tried to keep the price deviation gaps lower by keeping SS to 1.3. Does just as well for the first 6 safety orders and averages down well up to 22%, Then it starts falling off.
Safety orders 7-8 isn't as painful with the required change and manged to keep it below 30% Required change at 42% price deviation.
Safety order 9 is optional, but adds much more costs to the settings, Bot costs $365 or
$514 if you add the 9th SO

Majority of deals closed should be within the 1-5 SO.

Middle of the park to be safer than Urmas but not as safe as TA UT, but ROI closer to URMA type bot for $100-115 more

So can be run as a cheap bot or for a bigger bankroll, an aggressive bot (Funds get used much faster and profits per close are higher due to this)

Mercury settings (There were two versions of this one, mainly due to the mistake I made in version 4 of my paper trade spreadsheet) But the difference is only in the SOS. So will have to rename it Mercury 1.87 and Mercury 2.0 (just the difference in the SOS). The Mercury with 1.87 SOS is the better one from tests.

Mercury 1.87 (Better ROI one)

TP: 3.0%, BO: 10.0 USDT, SO: 10.0 USDT, OS: 1.5, SS: 1.3, SOS: 1.87, MSTC: 8 Costs about $500 per bot for a 44.61% drop, and $762 for that 9th Safety order covering 59.86% drop.

Mercury 2.0 (Bigger Coverage)

TP: 3.0%, BO: 10.0 USDT, SO: 10.0 USDT, OS: 1.5, SS: 1.3, SOS: 2.00, MSTC: 8 Costs about $500 per bot for a 47.71% drop, and $762 for that 9th Safety order covering 64.02% drop.

The higher OS pushes the RC% lower than Mars, so a lot safer bot, but for the same bot costs, you should notice the Estimated Profits is considerably lower for the same bot costs, so you need the safer Mercury to close more deals to outperform Mars ROI. So in certain market conditions where its not a strong bullish or volatile market, Mercury may be better. But overall Mars is the aggressive bot to run for better ROI per $ needed.

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