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Mars Vs TA lite - credits to Damian

Mars Vs TA lite - credits to Damian

Dec 09, 2021

Credits to Damian (damian#4128) on our discord who suggested running the standard TA settings but with only 21 safety orders to cover only 40% drop and allow more funds into the setting to make it an aggressive bot like Mars. We shall call this TA Lite. Backtesting it, is literally similar ROI to Mars so I had to investigate it further.

30 days Backtest have shown it makes about the same ROI as Mars, so I thought I'd do a deeper dive into the settings.

We know TA Standard averages down pretty well and they are evenly distributed, so can see the potential.

Enjoy the Spreadsheet! Mars vs TA Lite

Any additional Notes I may have missed out, please let me know in DM, and I'll update the spreadsheet Notes.

TP: 2.0% to 3%, BO: 10 USDT, SO: 10 USDT, OS: 1.05, SS: 1.0, SOS: 2.0, MSTC: 21 (running them aggressively is just to ramp up the BO/SO and cover only 42% drop to get similar results as Mars)

So for Example if you multiple TA Standard and Assume it was running at 200% you would be getting same ROI

So the difference is you are ramping up the BO/SO instead of adding more bots, and hoping that 42% drop is enough like the Mars at 8 Safety orders.

You would really only run TA lite on strong bullish market, or nice volatile ones like Mars, but also need more buffer (lower risks%) if you expect a bigger drop than 42%. We all know that when the market Tanks, many coins can tank at the same time, and you would be out of funds very easily.

20% drop is the spot where you will see the TA lite do better. So in a strong bull market where deals are just closing within 1-4 safety orders, and no more than 15% drop. Mars wins. 20%+ TA lite is going to be better. But at a cost of needing more funds if we get a bigger drop than 42%. So risks management is needed.

Good luck! Get testing and hope we get more real live data for this setting! And we can update the pros and cons that I've put in the notes.

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