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Community Settings

Community Settings

Oct 11, 2021

Some of the Community Settings. (Last updated 05/2/2022)

Bot abbreviations:
TP = Target profit (%)
TTP = Trailing take profit
SL = Stop loss
BO = Base order size
SO = Safety order size
OS = Safety order volume scale
SS = Safety order step scale
MAD = Max active deals
SOS = Price deviation to open safety orders (% from initial order)
MSTC = Max safety trades count
SDSP = Simultaneous deals per same pair
SOD = Safety order deviation (same as SOS)

Make sure you watched ALL the trade alts and my videos, read the FAQ channel from start to end in our discord

TA Standard settings will be always popular and a good starting guide, because its a safe bot, averages down evenly, keeps a low RC% and doesn't use the funds as aggressively.

If you don't understand RC% or what I'm saying, I strongly recommend you watch my video properly on the table view.

You have two options, the TA Standard, or the TA 2.5 which I ran for a while with great success. 2.5 is just the ratio of base order and safety order. So a $10 base order, your Safety order would be 2.5x that. e.g. $10 * 2.5 = Safety order of $25. If you are a supporter check the old live portfolio spreadsheet.

TA Strong Uptrend is a nice Aggressive bot to use in a Bull Market too. My favorite out of these are the TA Strong Uptrend or the TA 2.5

Cons for this is its an expensive bot so for a smaller bankroll you may not be able to run many bots which means less ROI and profit. So people opt for smaller costing bots to generate more ROI, but they are less safe. These bots are Urma, Mars, TA safer, TA aggressive.

No Matter What setting you run Look at the market, is it bullish or bearish? Bullish means you can run at higher Take profit to squeeze more ROI. Bearish, you want deals just closing more often and avoid getting stuck so lower Take profit. You are just balancing the Take profit and setting to match you own strategy once you know the pros and cons of each setting.

This is a fact for all settings:
High TP = MORE ROI, Longer Average Deal Close Times, More change of getting stuck.
Lower TP = LESS ROI, Lower Average Deals Close Times, Less chance of getting stuck.
Optimum Take profit from many Tests is in the range of 1%-3% for most market conditions for ASAP bots.
< 1% usually is not worth the effort as the profits made are too low over time. So many settings I've seen running this and when there's a correction, the uPNL will easily overshadow your profits made over time.
> 3% usually only run when market is super bullish or you are using indicators, but not many go above this for dca bots, as they want deals to close and free up the allocated funds to restart the dca process again.

From the Below Settings, remember you don't need to stick to the Take profit set, as they are just guidelines.

TA Standard
TP: 1, 1.5, 2% (recommended), BO: 10.0, SO: 20.0, SOS: 2.0%, OS: 1.05, SS: 1.0, MSTC 30

TA 2.5
TP: 1, 1.5, 2% (recommended), BO: 10.0, SO: 25.0, SOS: 2.0%, OS: 1.05, SS: 1.0, MSTC 30

TA Safer
TP: 1, 1.5, 2% (recommended), BO: 10.0, SO: 10.0, SOS: 2.4%, OS: 1.05, SS: 1.0, MSTC 25

TP: 1 - 3% (recommended), BO: 10.0 , SO: 10.0, SOS: 2.0%, OS: 1.4, SS: 1.23, MSTC: 10

Willie B Tests - Some olds tests that were run which may be useful

Community Settings

URMA Settings
URMA settings are made from one of our community members. It was very popular because it uses low bankroll per bot, but need quite a few bots to run and they do get stuck and you need other bots making money whilst waiting for the red bags to close or apply manual add funds. Stick to 70-100% risks so you have the spare funds to actively mange any bots out of control. If you are not comfortable with red bags and waiting, or adding manual funds or don't like the  gap after the 6-7 Safety orders, then u may not enjoy using them. They are mainly compared to TA Safer, Mars, TA SU (lower bankroll settings) because they share the similar low funds needed. 

I would really only consider them on smaller bankrolls. Urmas make more, but Ta Safer are obviously safer to run. I do not run any safe or Urma settings because I run my Mars settings which are more expensive but try to fix the problem of the gaps between the 6-7 SO. But this is discussed in detail in later posts.
Urmas S/S

TP: 3.0%, BO: 10.0, SO: 10.0, SOS: 1.87%, OS: 1.4, SS: 1.5, MSTC 7

TP: 3.0%, BO: 20.0, SO: 20.0, SOS: 1.87%, OS: 1.4, SS: 1.5, MSTC 7

(If you are using these and having success, remember to donate to him to thank him!)

Zeke's Mizukage and Kirigakure settings

These are popular settings, but they are frontloaded (heavy on base order, but the safety orders are less effective), so obviously trying for higher ROI, but don't average down as well the deeper you go. Mizus are higher ROI, but higher risk, and don't like big dips. Kiris are a safer version and make more than the standard TA settings and average down very well too. More info on them in the other posts, I'm not a fan of frontloaded bots but there's a good amount that love them.

Check Zekes S/S here

TP: 2 - 3% (recommended), BO: 100.0, SO: 10.0, SOS: 0.35%, OS: 1.0, SS: 1.01, MSTC 100
TP: 1 - 3% (recommended), BO: 100.0, SO: 10.0, SOS: 1.25%, OS: 1.01, SS: 0.98, MSTC 100
TP: 1 - 3% (recommended), BO: 50.0, SO: 10.0, SOS: 1.50%, OS: 1.02, SS: 0.99, MSTC 51

Robynasi Settings

Robynasi is mainly on Telegram Trade Alts and come up with some cheap bot alternatives. Feel free to test them.

TP: 1 - 3% (recommended), BO: 10.0, SO: 10.0, SOS: 3.0%, OS: 1.15, SS: 1.11, MSTC 11

TP: 1 - 3% (recommended), BO: 10.0, SO: 10.0, SOS: 2.5%, OS: 1.11, SS: 1.3, MSTC 8

Ribsy's Settings
Mars Setting

These are aggressive settings, like the TA Strong uptrend and Urmas, but they can be run as cheap $365 bots like Urmas for those with low bankroll, or very aggressive bots at higher BO/SO ($100/$100 max) for those with bigger bankroll. For the same bot costs as safer bots, you are able to make way more profit for the same amount of deviation drop as you fill more safety orders, whilst trying to keep the RC% low. More info on this in detail in the other posts. I don't want people following these settings without reading the pro and cons properly, to cover myself. Read the other Posts if you are a supporter to really understand the Mars settings, some tips also in the Table View video on the Mars if you managed to watch it properly. From the Nov paper trade, it had the 2nd best ROI and much lower bots getting stuck (ADR). 

TP: 2 - 3% (recommended), BO: 10.0, SO: 10.0, SOS: 1.8%, OS: 1.4, SS: 1.3, MSTC 8 or 9

These two settings were theorized and tested in beginning or 2022 by me and aimed to improve the already popular Mars settings.
Oni (Very Aggressive)
TP: 2 - 3% (recommended), BO: 10, SO: 10, OS: 1.4, SS: 1.45, SOS: 1.0, MSTC: 8

Banshee (Slightly Better than Mars and costs same)
TP: 2 - 3% (recommended), BO: 10, SO: 10, OS: 1.4, SS: 1.35, SOS: 1.5, MSTC: 8

Bottom 3 are experimental and not tested with real money yet but have paper tests data
TP: 1 - 3% (recommended), BO: 25.0 USDT, SO: 25.0 USDT, OS: 1.2, SS: 1.13, MAD: 10, SOS: 1.6, MSTC: 12

Chimera (passive)
TP: 1 - 3% (recommended), BO: 14.0 USDT, SO: 14.0 USDT, OS: 1.2, SS: 1.11, MAD: 10, SOS: 1.6, MSTC: 15

Aqrabuamelu (passive)
TP: 1 - 3% (recommended), BO: 10.0 USDT, SO: 10.0 USDT, OS: 1.4, SS: 1.26, MAD: 10, SOS: 1.0, MSTC: 12

Make sure you look at the Table view Chart of the differences

Thanks to @Mega Aramisoff for running some tests on the ONI 1 year backtested on these coins Oni TP: 3.0%, BO: 10, SO: 10, OS: 1.4, SS: 1.45, SOS: 1.0, MSTC: 8

Brk Ultra by Burak00
Brk Ultra (V1)
TP: 1 - 3% (recommended), BO: 10, SO: 15, OS: 1.01, SS: 0.99, SOS: 1.25, MSTC: 50

BRK Ultra V2

TP: 1 - 3% (recommended), BO: 10, SO: 15, OS: 1.01, SS: 1.0, SOS: 1.5, MSTC: 30

Burak: Just testing out some settings. I really like the mars settings but I don't like the long deal time so I was trying to find settings that had similar roi to mars but also less time in deals, this is the best I found so far

Then he made a 1 year backtest using same Take profit and coins with some of the new settings too. 1% TP

2% TP

Jora1 by Jupiter-Orange (inspired by Kiri settings, Another front loaded bot but not as many safety orders and being tested on CamTRs Paper Test)

TP 3%, BO 75, SO 10, MSTC 15, SOS 1.2, OS 1.19, SS 1.12 - Jora1 by Jupiter-Orange


Not much tests for these apart from 30 days backtests, or run in real money experiences, will need to gather some tests or you need to test them yourself.
There are plans in new year to start a paper test on these to see how well they perform forward testing.

ROI OR NOTHING TP: 3.0%, BO: 100.0 BUSD, SO: 10.0 BUSD, OS: 1.5, SS: 1.5, SOS: 0.21, MSTC: 10

ROI SOME DCA TP: 3.0%, BO: 100.0 BUSD, SO: 10.0 BUSD, OS: 1.5, SS: 1.5, SOS: 0.35, MSTC: 10

ALPHA LITE TP: 3.0%, BO: 10.0 BUSD, SO: 10.0 BUSD, OS: 1.4, SS: 1.23, MAD: 1, SOS: 3.0, MSTC: 7, SDSP: 1

ALPHA TP: 3.0%, BO: 10.0 BUSD, SO: 10.0 BUSD, OS: 1.4, SS: 1.2, MAD: 1, SOS: 2.0, MSTC: 9, SDSP: 1

ALPHA + TP: 3.0%, BO: 10.0 BUSD, SO: 10.0 BUSD, OS: 1.5, SS: 1.2, MAD: 30, SOS: 2.0, MSTC: 9, SDSP: 1

ALPHA DEEP DROP 1.0 step scale TP: 3.0%, BO: 10.0 BUSD, SO: 10.0 BUSD, OS: 1.17, SS: 1.0, MAD: 1, SOS: 2.0, MSTC: 20, SDSP: 1

ALPHA DEEP DROP 1.01 step scale TP: 3.0%, BO: 10.0 BUSD, SO: 10.0 BUSD, OS: 1.17, SS: 1.01, MAD: 1, SOS: 2.0, MSTC: 20, SDSP: 1

ALPHA DEEP DROP+ TP: 3.0%, BO: 10.0 BUSD, SO: 10.0 BUSD, OS: 1.17, SS: 1.0, MAD: 1, SOS: 2.0, MSTC: 25, SDSP: 1

If you found anything helpful, please donate to our contributors or thank them if u are using their settings or found them useful and you have made decent profit. We have 10k+ people on discord and people don't really credit or appreciate all the information and help provided takes time and effort. Its not even about the money, there's plenty of people that have helped answer many questions and helped people spending their own time, a thank you really makes their day!

Also support the channel from #support-the-channel if the Trade Alts/coaches/admins have helped or use the referral links to show appreciation for Trade Alts for getting you into bots.

Also support the channel from #support-the-channel if the Trade Alts/coaches/admins have helped or use the referral links to show appreciation for Trade Alts for getting you into bots.

Sellium's Settings more at https://www.buymeacoffee.com/SeLLium

Ghost (Outrider v2 )
TP: 3.0%, BO: 10, SO: 10, OS: 1.3, SS: 1.3, SOS: 2.1, MSTC: 8

TP: 3.0%, BO: 10, SO: 10, OS: 1.31, SS: 1.28 SOS: 1.81, MSTC: 8

TP: 3.0%, BO: 69, SO: 69, OS: 0.85, SS: 1.05 SOS: 1.89, MSTC: 12

Mearins Settings.

TP: 2.0%, BO: 13, SO: 17, OS: 1.06, SS: 1.02 SOS: 1.56, MSTC: 33

Heopas Settings

TP 1.25% BO: 10.0 SO: 20.0 OS: 1.04 SS: 1.0 SOS: 1.45 MSTC: 30

Scarlet by Anked

TP 2% BO: 10.0 SO: 10.0 OS: 1.03 SS: 0.97 SOS: 1.5 MSTC: 53

Verrb V2 by nooun

TP 2% BO: 10.0 SO: 10.0 OS: 1.25 SS: 1.2 SOS: 1.4 MSTC: 12

Nutscracker by Mega Aramisoff

TP 2% BO: 10.0 SO: 40.0 OS: 1.53 SS: 1.2 SOS: 1.6 MSTC: 10

Why Support Me?
What you get for the one off cost of minimum £5 Locked information for supporters and all old content up to 2021.

For more up to date content, the gold membership at 20 GBP per month will get you all the posts. You have to click members! Not supporters.

Just quick tips on what do to with what you have
DO NOT pay for this unless you are just donating if you are a VIP patreon, all the info is freely available to the VIPs. If you cannot find the links, ask me in DM or the vip-bot-talk.

Its just a one off payment and if you log in you will have all updates of future posts and current posts. I only ask if you are making very decent profit, to maintain the live portfolio, just give say 0.5-1% of your profits to help keep the live portfolio going! Its like being your fund manager but not charging you an arm and a leg. As you are making your own changes and selections, but the portfolio is just a guide for you to help you make more sensible updates/choices. Disclaimer if you are copying my settings or coins, that's your own responsibility, please make your own decisions. Thanks

Supporting me gives access to the locked posts, so whilst logged in, u can access the https://www.buymeacoffee.com/Ribsy/posts

https://www.buymeacoffee.com/Ribsy/updated-links-faq start here for all the links, and spend some time reading the posts, as the older posts may be irrelevant by now.

Detailed Posts on the Mars Settings

Monthly Profit Report on my Live Portfolio

Most Current Paper Trade

Will show you many settings using the same coins and started at the same time, so u can compare many settings and see if it matches how well you are performing with yours.

Paper Template (old one)
Treat the Paper template really just as a guide why Template 2 works for the general market, Take profit 1.5 is decent, but the middle ground for closing deals better in dips is 1.25%. The other templates are just to prove they can work too, but some or better during different market conditions. I just tried to pick something that works in general for most. There is many many workable settings so this isn't the only setting you should use.

The paper trade template shows URMA bots and other settings also work, but they just pick up more red bags hence their active deals reserve spikes more on dips. Sometimes not closing, so look at the big balance QFL like Monkey QFL 3, they can get into huge ADR of like 12k-20k and this isn't without any major dips, so its picked up some red bags that won't close by itself and needs manual intervention. Just use this as a rough guide that the templates and other settings work or not, As the data is simulated and not real or live. Good to come back to when there's dips and check on this page once every few weeks.

In general you be careful with red bags, you want them to close before there's a major dip as a -20% could just go to -40% in one day. But also understand that red bags if left alone and you are happy and understand your settings, filling up safety orders properly is part of the game and you make more profit when it eventually closes. It can still take a few days to 1-2 months before clearing. Again settings have to be thought about, are you providing enough coverage? are you comfortable with waiting after its maxed out the safety orders? are u comfortable adding more funds to drop the average price down? Each setting has their own max risks factor so make sure you apply the right %. You should always paper trade/backtest any settings you are thinking of switching over to, or stat small with real money.

Additional Videos

Video wise, coin selection and the pivot table are the ones you should watch for helping you make better coin selections. Also feel free to add coins you strongly believe in, as those coins you would be happy to hodl anyway if we every get a bear market. Pivot tables is mainly if you don't use 3rd party software to analyze your profits and want a quick table by profit to decide what bots you should stop using and changing for. I usually do a portfolio analysis every month as I want to be passive as possible and spend less time with my bots. But you could do it weekly if you wanted, this is all down to yourself and how active you want to be with your bots.

Live portfolio (now old saved, but also have another live portfolio on Mars for supporters)

The real portfolio is only up to 2hrs delay and it shows ADR (active deals reserve now called uPNL) and Actual profit which shows where my red bags are. And if they are clearing if you like to actively monitor it. Most people use this to check that my real portfolio is actually working, have easier time picking coins by comparing what coins I have. Most people would not be willing to give so much detailed information on their bots and settings, so you are already getting way too much value. It also displays ADR and Actual profit (or unrealized profits) which many other spreadsheets don't show. You can also see how well its actually performing and you have a much clearer view of which bots are getting stuck. You can dive in deeper by looking at performance based on Profit % Per Day, Based on Max Required Funds, as not all the bots were started on the same day. You also have the live stats link for each bot which shows the last 30 days stats.

This should give you a few ideas/notes of why I picked my coins and give you some ideas where to start when making your own coin choices. Don't literally copy my settings, add some of your own, or have your own filtering selection you apply to make better coin selections. Even avoiding the bad coins I've selected will save you money in the long run. Anyone can add super volatile coins, but if its a coin dips, that can easily be forgotten and has a low general volume or market cap or looks bad on the charts when there's dips, it can wipe out all the gains on that bot and maybe more. I tend to avoid these coins or if I do add, I'm ready to stop them any moment.

Make sure you scroll all the way down to read the notes I make each time I make changes to my portfolio. Any major updates I make to my real live portfolio, I will create a post and you should get an email on my updates too.

(This below is related to the TA 2.5 Settings I ran from August to November)

These are pretty safe settings that I use, but the biggest con is even at the lowest amount of 10/25 settings you need $1673 per bot so it's not cheap to run these bots. Again if you are on a smaller bankroll you have other options like URMA settings or TA safe, but just know they have their own pros and cons. Even QFL bots are ok to use IMO, but just need their own settings due to the very few deals being opened (and you need to filter many crap coins if you are running a composite bot). Others who prefer to be able to run more bots and don't mind picking up red bags that can get stuck and are comfortable with adding funds, or being more active with their bots would prefer to run these others settings to try get more ROI. 

For anyone with a big bankroll, I think its more important to preserve your money and be happier with smaller gains. Making 12-13k profit from a 75k bankroll isn't exactly small amounts for 2 months of real data at my risks levels of 125% first month and 200% 2nd month), but greed is something people can't control.

I look at monthly profits more than daily and look at what kind of risk factor I'm using
Augusts profit = $4500 at 100-125% risks = $4500/$75000=0.06=6% roi for that month

September profit = $7200 at 190-225% risks = $7200/$75000=0.096=9.60% roi for that month

so for daily, u would do something like

Augusts profit = $4500 at 100-125% risks = $4500/31days/$75000= 0.2% daily roi

Sept profits = $7500 at 190-225% risks = $7200/30 days/$75000 = 0.33% daily roi

My honest advice is not to worry about roi per day, maybe focus on roi per month and take into account how much extra risk you need for your settings and is it worth the extra risks?

Risks/Red bags and Best way to deal with overextended.

How to make more profit? Add more bots or increase BO/SO but going above 200% risks increases the chance of being overextended and running out of funds. This is the worst experience and hardest thing to fix, when you have no funds, have to stop safety orders filling and trying to fix red bags 1-2 at a time. When you have like 30-50 red bags... We all know what happened pre May 19th when everyone was running super high risks of 300-600%. Even now some people are still trying to recover after 4.5 months. If I was to really push my risks factor to and felt like a degenerate, my absolute max risk would be 250%.... Lets not have anyone come back to me saying they messed up in the future because of greed and not following advice. Some of us are even happy sticking to 100% risks factor on my settings, because they just want to be safe and passive.

The best solution to this was not run out of funds in the first place. There's only the options of waiting or grid recovery bots etc which is inconsistent how well they perform as its very coin dependent. Last may crash took 99 days for people to see some recovery of their red bags and all depending on how badly they got stuck. Can you wait that long? Whilst those not overextended managed to keep making daily profits and recover a lot quick and way less red bags to deal with.

Also I strongly recommend not to play with stupidly high base orders / safety orders. Anything over $100 may seem ok for a big bankroll, but actually they are way more risky, I was running 50/100 bo/so and as more safety orders fill up, they need so much more funds per bot. The big issue is how much funds do you need to lower the average price if you are stuck with many red bags, you need a considerable amount of funds! and if you are stuck with 10+ red bags, its very hard to rescue your deals. for someone to run 100/200 or 100/250 type settings, realistically u want to be on at least 200k+ otherwise u simple ramped up your risk levels and asking for a world of pain. 150k + 30k extra funds was not enough to get me out of my mess in May.

You think Trade Alts made it to 100k with those kind of of settings? I think his base orders are only like $20-30 max... and even with a big bankroll. My max is only $30 base order. And for same reason, being able to not mind so much if I have 1-3 red bags stuck and all safety orders filled. As its only tied up only 5k of funds on one bot. So I can afford to be stuck and wait on 1-3 red bags. Find your own perfect risks level, and bo/so level.

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