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Mars Bot Live Portfolio Started!

Mars Bot Live Portfolio Started!

Nov 04, 2021

Just a quick update, I've stopped my TA 2.5 Settings, so I'm uploading the pdf of the 3 months it was running from 1st August to 2nd Nov. Achieved 0.3% daily, and 20k profit from 75k bankroll. Ranging from 125% risks to 250%.


I will be creating a either new live Spreadsheet or trying to use the existing one if possible, but this is the link to the data before we changed anything. Some deals were still to close.

I wouldn't advise people switch over to my setting asap, just watch it maybe for a bit, to understand why its set up this way. But I plan to be 125% max risk for this, as I will need to add funds, or be willing to wait. It may not even be that great, hence why people should stick to what they feel comfortable with.

These new settings are based on my Mars Paper Template, which I had running in paper trade for a while which made x3 more than the Standard 2.5 settings, but obviously we cannot run these at 250% so may just work out the same.

$353 per bot, Budget bot, OS 1.4, SS 1.3. 8 max safety orders, I wanted to lower the price deviation to 1.8%. Require change % at max is 25.92%. Covers only 43% price deviation, as there's no point trying to cover 60% if it leaves such big gaps. I may as well put more money to work. If it gets to 8 safety orders having only a required change of 25.92% is decent. I plan to manually deal with anything above and I will wait or manually add funds at key support levels. Hopefully filling orders will make more use of my funds, so bigger ROI potential.

TP: 3.0%, BO: 10.0 USDT, SO: 10.0 USDT, OS: 1.4, SS: 1.3, MAD: 20, SOS: 1.8, MSTC: 8, SDSP: 1

I will size this up to BO/SO 75/75. So its 2.5k per bot.

These are the backtest I just ran for the month just now to give people and idea of what I'm trying to achieve. Thanks to the botnerd gang, I just used the free 30 day backtest. This is a bull market type bot! I wont be running it during a bear market. So the 1 month backtest is enough for me. I haven't tested if it runs well during the year or longer periods, and settings were thought about before running the backtes. They have been in my paper trade template for a while as I wanted to test them live.

Now some bad coins I wanted to pick

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