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Backtest data of top 50 coins

Backtest data of top 50 coins

Aug 17, 2022

Backtests top 50 from 19th June to 15th Aug 2022

(Tips on how to read and sort the excel/csv data in spreadsheet in previous post https://www.buymeacoffee.com/Ribsy/august-2022-update-backtests)

This is a Backtest from https://coinmarketcap.com of the top 50 coins currently with removal of obvious coins not worth testing or cannot be tested.

USDT, USDC, BUSD, DAI, WBTC, TUSD, LEO, OKB, CRO (not on Binance). This took a very long time to compile. Ended up with 41 coins tested with all the community settings.

Tests period from 19th June 2022 to 15th August 2022. Main reason was start of recovery to near present time of testing. Expecting a few coins to be unprofitable or give small profits, but will give us an idea if overall we would be profitable running bots in the current period.

How I would use these results is just to get a general idea if bots are worth your time and not even looking at the charts or using technical analysis. I would just look at a few settings you are really interested in, then zoom into setting by clicking on the tab to see which coins are profitable. Then look at the charts for those coins and decide if you think they will still be suitable for running DCA bots. Look for the ones giving good profits and comparing the charts, as well as comparing the bad performing ones and comparing to see if it correlates to the charts.

Again backtesting is mainly used to stress test a setting, but we cannot predict the future. DCA bots work really well in bull markets, but really struggle in bear markets. You just have to decide when we are finally back in a bull market before increasing your risks.

Also if you download the file as excel file, you can use the sort column to sort via profit percentage for example if you just wanted to see the best performing setting. This I would not recommend, as we know there's other factors each setting, but its just an example of how to read the data if you was looking at a certain criteria like profit, avg deal time, bot current profit, bot current profit percentage, etc.

General conclusion

Sticking to fewer selective coins that are better performing and looking strong on charts and have higher volatility and trending upwards. Sticking to safer settings and balanced settings covering at least 60% drop, you could start DCA bots again, as long as we don't get another flush down, but with the way the economy is, I'm not quite ready myself to use DCA bots, but its looking better than Jan 2022 to Mid June 2022 where you would really struggle not to get red bags.
Another option would just add signals to make it safer, or use a QFL original 5. I will add some new QFL tests to see if they can be profitable in the Paper tests v6.

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