Welcome everybody!

Welcome everybody!

Apr 10, 2021

Welcome to RetroGameUp's page! Any support will be strongly appreciated in order to create more content and add new features to the site! Exclusive work in progress post and upcoming project will be reserved for RGUSilver, as well as request for playthrough, as long as it is technically possible. Of course, you can also support me by simply buying a coffee!

RetroGameUp is an independant blog website that is featuring a great variety of articles and videos.

It features:

  • Article about a specific video game (either as a overview, a review or as a glitch in that game)

  • Article about notable or obscure event that happened about any retro game

  • Article about latest compilation release of retro game or modern games having a retro vibe

  • Video playthrough

  • Video documentary

  • Video Port comparison

  • And… many other features!

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