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March 2024 Update: Taking Flight

March 2024 Update: Taking Flight

Apr 09, 2024

Spring is in the air along with this March data dump. I prepared most of this update while on a flight from Indianapolis to Las Vegas, so I could attend the Google Cloud Next Conference 2024. A plus, The Lovely Accountant (TLA) could join me.

So if this update seems bumpy, you can chalk it up to Southwest Airlines flight turbulence and spotty Wi-Fi. And yes, if you noticed the date, maybe we blame my tardiness up to a delayed flight? Nope. Southwest is clear on this one. The delay was all on me; not because of Boeing's 737 malfunctions.


Let's get a radar reading on this month's stats.


No new members. Guess no one had an interest in my frequent flyer program this month.


Subscriber growth dropped 36% this month. I, of course, would prefer for subscriptions to stay stable but I'll take the increases even though it will slow our accent to 6000. Or should I just set my altitude to 10,000? Sound off in the comments.Next month, we will have a complete set of annual data to compare takeoff and landing.


YouTube now provides additional data granularity for channel owners. I'm including more information for your in-flight viewing pleasure. As you can see, the two Clockwork uConsole videos continue to dominate the charts, but I'm glad to see my MEGA≡65 User's Guide on the glide-slope.


Last month, I added this new section. Let's see if livestreams fared as well as first-class prepared videos.As expected, livestreams that I do not edit receive fewer views; however, engagement and Super Chats outperform Thanks and ad revenue. But taking the time to edit a livestream decreased the time I have to create new content. These things don't run on "auto-pilot" as the AI tools community would have you believe.


I'm having a blast with the new MEGA≡65 User's Guide Series. As my longtime followers know (especially Chris), I created a similar series with the Commodore Plus/4 back in 2020. That was really the start of the whole channel. It was during this time that I developed the whole retroCombs moniker and brand. The series took about 8 months to complete (of which I had plenty of time thanks to the pandemic) and it was the perfect foray back into the retro computing hobby.

Since that time, I've threatened user's guide series for the Commodore 64, VIC-20, C128, and even the TI-994/A. I've always known that the MEGA≡65 would receive the user's guide treatment, but I also knew that there were only a few computers in the wild and there were big changes ahead for the hardware, software, and user's manual.

Fast forward to today and the MEGA≡65 team has a new batch of computers ready to ship this summer, they've made several "quality-of-life" improvements to the core/ROM, and they've published version two of the user's manual. It was the time to strike!

The user's guide series will help me get caught up on all the MEGA≡65 changes, update my hardware and software, and get a video guide online before new owners receive their next batch and are out looking for tips and tutorials. I'm super excited about the series and hope each of you enjoy it. I'll try to sneak in some other content (PiDP, Commodore OS Vision, and content listed in the On The Workbench section) along the way for those who don't own, nor plan to own, a MEGA65. So please, don't give up on me.


I mentioned this conference in the intro. TLA asked me if I planned to share my trip with each of you and I mentioned it wasn't very retro but she still wondered if any of you would want an update on my attendance at this conference or some video?Chime in and let me know in comments or send me a Discord message. It all starts tomorrow.

🌞 2024 ECLIPSE

And speaking of Las Vegas; when our Google representative offered me a free admission ticket as part of my paying gig, it did not dawn on me that the dates coincided with the 2024 total eclipse that would occur in my hometown. Yep. I missed it completely. TLA and I sat in our hotel room and watched the NASA coverage as the eclipse moved its way across the Midwest. Folks back home kept loaded me with images and despite their best efforts, I still had FOMO. retroKat sent the image below:When it was all said and done, TLA asked if I was down because I missed it. I guess I was a little, but we soon headed out the door to explore Las Vegas armed knowing that for me, this Google Cloud Next conference is also likely a once in a lifetime opportunity. And there's always the 2044 eclipse!


Below is a list of content I’m working on. If you look closely, you’ll find some cool fresh additions.

DISCLAIMER: New ideas occasionally pop up before I get to items on the list. Things will shift.

  • MEGA65 User's Guide Series (Chapter 3 In Progress)

  • retroCombs BBS (have an image from a viewer)

  • Commodore OS Vision PC

  • Ultimate II+ Cartridge (on hold)

  • C16 RAM Upgrade (module sent is not working - Jamie is testing)

  • TRS-80 Model III Gotek Install (Researching)

  • PiDP-8/I (Build party with Jamie’s Hack Shack)

  • Create and print a 3D model using the uConsole

  • Modern/Retro Gaming Computer (Script in Progress)

  • Atari 2600+ -vs- Hyperkin RetroN 77

  • Commodore SX-64 User's Guide Series (???)

  • Apple IIc SP2SD DIY KIT (Arrived)

  • VIC 1311 Joystick Update

  • Atari 2600 Reloaded

  • Raspberry Pi Pico BBC/Micro emulator

  • MEGA65 tips/tricks project

  • MSX Games on the NABU Livestream

  • 80 column mode for the C128 (thanks again to Greg for the reminder)

  • PET upgrades/usage

  • Original Mac Restoration

  • Commodore GPT

  • Two MEGA65 BASIC programs (one almost complete and one to begin)

See something you want me to move up on the list? Leave a comment. Have I mentioned there are not enough hours in the day?


Here’s your monthly joke:

Q: Why don't Commodore programmers make good software thieves?

A: Because they always leave their PRINTs on the screen!

Have a retro dad joke you want me to share in a future update? DM me on Discord or send via email.


In this section, I scour the web for deep link retro computing related articles or videos. You can join the fun. If you have an article to share in next month’s update, send me a private Discord message or via email.

  1. Commodore OS Vision: Is this what a Commodore Computer would look like in 2024?

  2. Jacks or Better Video Poker: A Commodore 64 poker game in 10 lines of code? Yep!

  3. Chevy V8: Let's combine LEGO with an Apple II and get something perfect for the last 8-bits section.

  4. Chipsynth 64: Emulation of a SID that's so good, you can replace your hardware...or so they say.

  5. TRS80GP: A TRS-80 Model 1,2,3,4,12,16,6000,MC-10,Color Computer,DT-1,Videotex Emulator and a project perfect for my Model IV.

  6. Retro Commodore: The place for all your Commodore scans and home to BMP Commodore Club magazine.

  7. CP/M: An Unsung Architect of Micro-Computing: "You may have not used CP/M ever but you should definitely know about it if you take an interest in the history of computing."

  8. Llamasoft: The Jeff Minter Story - A Celebration of a Llegend - Beyond The Scanlines: All about the Dali Llama Llama ding dong, Jeff Minter.


Thanks for flying retroCombs this month! It's been a bit of a turbulent ride with the spotty in-flight entertainment system (I blame it on my editing), but I hope you enjoyed the flight.

If you enjoyed the flight and want to help me grow the passenger base, consider using your frequent flyer mileage and sharing the channel or blog with someone else. Send the links to them directly, or post one of your favorite videos on social media. Anything you do will help. Let's shoot for over-occupancy like the airlines do but with a better result; enough content for everyone!

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