Where I've Been Y Pa' Donde Voy

Where I've Been Y Pa' Donde Voy

Mar 07, 2022


My best crying work was done outside in the sun. I’d find a place to sit and stare at the grass. Watch the morning dew as it pooled on the tips of the soft grass beneath my feet. Felt the air shift as the warmth of the sun called water back into clouds. Felt as my own tears resisted the downward pull of gravity as they too felt the call back upwards. All that water suspended above us waiting to drop back down to earth in a similar place. 

I returned myself to earth as I found myself barefoot on grass I helped grow. I knew this earth and it knew me. I cried and told the soil stories of betrayal and pain. Felt the mycelium transferring my energy outwards. Felt the sun feeding me. Became a sunflower. Started to grow roots like a tree. So I stretched outwards towards the sun and felt the breeze along the way. Then the dew. Then the tears. I water myself. I grow long and sturdy. Rooting feels almost uncomfortable at this point. 

Then I bloom and I am taken in by the glory growing from within me. And I seed. 

My best crying work is done outside. 


I sit on a couch remembering sweet memories that I hear reflected in your stories of pain. I recognize now that there is a world of fulfillment, care, and love that I have yet not experienced. I understand there was no need for me to know this pain.

We laugh and we hug.


I deserve a world of fulfillment, care, and love; I have the power to create a world of fulfillment, care, and love.

Stay tuned... thank you for waiting.

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