Notes to Non-Sick People

Notes to Non-Sick People

Oct 10, 2021

Dear Non-Sick People,

Buen dia! If you are wondering why it is that I am referring to you all as "non-sick" in place of "healthy" or "able-bodied" is because I am personally offended at the idea.

To be honest, I have yet to interrogate why I am so offended, but I am. Maybe it's because I'm offended at the notion that non-sick people get to be the standard; as if aging isn't also a part of the decomposing process of your body. You are decomposing too, we are just in different stages. For beings whose bodies decompose and die, we are mighty certain that healthy and able exist.

I invite you to center our truth: That everyone is factually on their way out and we are just in different stages.

Your insistence this is not true, is asking us to see our way out sooner. Some would call that violent; I would call that violent. Yall are violent. I want you not to be. I think you want that too.

But first: Ya'll kill me; I know that's stressful to hear. You're killing yourselves with this bullshit too; I know that's super stressful to hear.

Allow me to soothe you for a second.

Mi amor, I have faced my mortality over and over again; you can too.

I faced my mortality in the emergency room many times. I face it in the moments where every cell in my body was screaming out for pain. I face it every time I limp my way from one point to another. I face it every time my child asks me if I will be ok. I know eventually, I will face it when the energy that holds my being together decides to let go. I know this to be true of you too.

Regardless of how sick or healthy or able or not, you and I are destined to meet our mortality. That we get to do this together, that many have done this before us, that you and I will share this experience soothes me.

Everything is better with good company. I'm trying to make you good company. Allow that someone cares enough to have you by their side to make sure you are good company soothe you.

You won't be left behind or alone in this by me. Just try not to leave me behind anymore too.

I feel left behind.

Sometimes I can barely see you because you are so far ahead and I know I've been left behind again.

Anyways, hold my hand. Let's walk towards a shift in your understanding of me and you. Let's walk towards care and love. Thank you for trusting me to walk with you through this reality.

With Love and Care,


Ps: If you are a sick person looking through this, I love you very dearly. I hope you find the courage to pass these on to all the people who got you all the way fucked up.

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