Playoff Score Card (Weekend Flutter App)

Playoff Score Card (Weekend Flutter App)

Jun 21, 2022

As a developer, an inherent hobby is solving problems that don't actually exist. Still, with my studios, the next Playoffs are coming up and having seen a few paper-based score cards being posted, I decided to solve the problem given I never really liked using a note on my phone for it.

I just finished up the first version of Playoff Score Card, a simple web app for adding your scores during the playoffs as well as adding in your past scores, that way you will also be able to track your own progress.

The history tab will give you details on all your previous scores, you can also add in your previous scores which will help populate the available graph, which can display your scores or individual exercises.

With V1, all data is stored locally on your device, I have included an option for personal offline backups, I will look at adding in an authentication service to allow secure online backups which would then also allow viewing of results on multiple devices seamlessly.

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