Healing Past Trauma With Reiki

Healing Past Trauma With Reiki

Jan 01, 2022

One of the most amazing benefits of Reiki is how we can bring healing to past events in our lives. Soon after we experience a sad time, or a traumatic event, well-meaning people may tell us it is time to get over it and move on. Or, they may be so uncomfortable hearing the story they shut us down immediately. We move the event to the back shelves of our minds, and our hearts. Sometimes, it is so painful we make the decision not to deal with the pain at all and lock it away. My visualization for this is to put it in a small box, lock it up and throw away the key.

The problem is – it simply does not work! The pain of loss, or the effects of a trauma, do not disappear. They are still within us – and eventually, the emotions leak out of the locked box. Because we tried to stuff it away, it may take time to realize the root cause of the pain.

Reiki often aids us in bringing these difficult emotions to the surface of our beings. Because the Source of this natural life force is so wise and loving, it knows when the time is right for us to deal with these earlier events in our lives. Reiki brings the event, with its accompanying emotions, to our conscious awareness. It is time to process all our thoughts and feelings – and heal these memories.

When a Reiki receiver tells you about an old memory, it is important to listen carefully. Often, it is stated something like this, “I don’t know why, but recently I’ve been thinking about some of the critical things my father used to say to me. I have not thought about this in years, and it makes me uncomfortable.” First of all, the Reiki practitioner must listen, with compassion and acceptance. Then, the practitioner should reply with reassuring support, stating these memories are arising for a reason. Reiki always brings healing, to the root causes of our current emotions.

During the Reiki Level 2 training, the remote healing symbol is taught. Not only does this symbol make it possible to send Reiki over long distances, it also makes it possible to send Reiki to the past, and to the future. When we remember a painful past event, we should take the time to heal it, with the use of whatever tools we have in our personal toolbox. This may include journaling, talking to a close friend or family, seeing a counselor, prayer, acupuncture, or any other means of working through the issue. Adding Reiki energies with any other tool always enhances the effectiveness of the modality.

Often, the term “healing crisis” is used to describe this process. It can certainly feel like a crisis to the person experiencing it. We must bring a holistic understanding to the healing journey – and reassure our client’s uncomfortable feelings often lead us to mind, body and spirit growth. It is not unlike repairing a broken leg – the setting of the bones and wearing a heavy cast is necessary for the bone to reconnect. In the same way, processing difficult situations and feelings is necessary to reconnect to our whole, true selves.

Reiki always, always brings healing to our lives. Paying attention, and honoring, the memories that arise during, and/or after, Reiki treatments, is part of the healing process. Although we may want to avoid these uncomfortable times, it is essential to embrace and heal them. Reiki gives us many opportunities to rediscover the beautiful and whole beings that we already are.

First published on 21 March 2018 at Reiki Refuge's Jots & Thots

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