[Online] 2022 台灣難民週 REFUGEE WEEK TAIWAN— ...

[Online] 2022 台灣難民週 REFUGEE WEEK TAIWAN——同舟共濟 Healing:The power of community (June 18- Jun

Jun 18, 2022

This is the first time to hold 台灣難民週 Refugee Week Taiwan.
We would like to raise public awareness of refugee issues in Taiwan.

Welcome to join us and support us!

2022 台灣難民週
同舟共濟 Healing
The Power of Community
June 18 – June 26

In the world, there is a category of people, that triples the entire Taiwanese population, that is without a common nationality, race, or language. The only thing they have in common is that they have been forced to leave their hometowns. With 40% of them being under 18.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees has designated the 20th of June as World Refugee Day, with the aim for the day to be used to raise public awareness of global refugee issues. In honour of this day, many countries and communities hold week-long events leading up to World Refugee Day. Since 2020 the Taiwan Refugee Week team has been organizing exhibitions and interactive workshops.

For 2022, Refugee Week TW is part of the London Refugee Week, our theme is “healing”. For us at the Taiwan team, “healing” means a recovery from suffering. It’s consistent progress with continued improvements through community efforts. A space in which people can regain the autonomy to live their lives with a sense of security. We expect the series of online activities and advocacy this year to present the power of healing and cooperation. As well as showcasing the problems and distresses that refugees face on a daily basis.

We can learn a lot from refugees, We believe that they aren't merely aid receivers. Their ability to cope with difficult situations with resilience and strength is inspiring. Even in the most desperate situations, we regularly see stories of courage and adaptability that need to be told. We hope our series of online activities this year can tell some of these stories.

Through the power of art, technology, and community, we believe we can help build a better home for refugees, a welcoming space in which they can feel relaxed and rested for the time being.

For displaced persons, the idea of owning a permanent home may still be quite a distant dream. But we believe that through the power of art, technology, and community, We can help to build them better homes to feel relaxed and rested in until those dreams come true.

We believe in this future, Because fortunately for us, there are so many people full of kindness in the world, like yourself, who are willing to give them a hand. But how to do this? Well, a good place to start is by taking the time to listen to their stories and gain a deeper understanding and empathy for their situation, We cordially invite you to join our virtual refugee homeland display and discover the theme of healing for yourselves, We are looking forward to you being our partner.

—— Events Information ——

▎Interactive Teaser Online


▎Events Date: 2022.6.18 (Sat) ~ 6.26 (Sun)

▎Events Location

Gather Town: https://reurl.cc/anRpm9

▎Events Schedule (All Online Events)

👉6.18 (Sat) 19:00~21:00 (GMT+8)|Migrant voices: The healing power of different communities in Taiwan https://fb.me/e/1MHUjP2iT

👉6.20 (Mon) 19:00~21:00 (GMT+8)|Intro to the Vietnamese refugee camps in Penghu, an archipelago in the Taiwan Strait https://fb.me/e/2tPPR706V

👉6.22 (Wed) 19:00~20:30 (GMT+8)|Unexpected ways to engage - How to use NFT and UX to support refugees? https://fb.me/e/1YKwo5Kp5

👉6.24 (Fri) 18:30~20:00 (GMT+8)|Refugee Hackathon: building a more

inclusive community with the displaced persons https://fb.me/e/2FbPEGFW6

👉6.26 (Sun) 16:00~17:00 (GMT+8)|Reading The Journey: Exploring the Life of the Displaced Children on the Move https://fb.me/e/26zS3slsX

📌 Register events here:https://forms.gle/7MgZN57G7oFSp9CZ7

—— Events Participants ——


Hsiao-Chi Chu|Develop Practitioner, focusing on art/culture, migration/refugee and social inclusion issues.

Chunyuan Hu|The initiator of Refugee 101 Taiwan, a project aiming to raise public awareness of global refugee issues.

Yunjie Liao|Independent journalist, writer and photographer. Her works often encompass stories involving freedom, borders, conflicts and narratives.

▎Co-event Coordinator

Pin-Chieh Lai|Former chief editor of the Indonesian section of Four-way Voice. Focus on international migration and human rights issues.

Sharlene Chen|An international development consultant from Taiwan. Her area of interest includes migration, social justice, and fostering sustainability at a global level.

YaLing Chao|An education professional and international development consultant for promoting quality, equity, and inclusion in education for disadvantaged, vulnerable, and marginalized populations.

Yingyu Alicia Chen|Independent journalist and writer, focusing on refugees, forced migration and human rights issues.

▎Visual designer

Elena Zhernakova|Artist


Refugee Path|https://refugeepath.com

Refugee Path was established in 2021 by development practitioners Hsiao-Chi Chu and Chunyuan Hu. Through team members' combined research experience in forced migration and fieldwork in different countries, Refugee Path was created with the hope of building a collaborative based, knowledge-sharing platform

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