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Darktide Modding Begins

Darktide Modding Begins

Mar 11, 2023

I thought I should post something since my efforts modding 7 Days To Die stalled months ago and I started playing Darktide. I was eagerly awaiting the release Darktide Mod Loader and Darktide Mod Framework, by Aussiemon and .. the others. I don't really know them all that well but I sure am thankful for their work getting Darktide to a much more moddable state.

I've already been pretty active and have released a bunch of mods. Here's the lot:

No Skull - This was my first attempt, and besides the hook code, this was a one-liner.

Simple as that. It hides the skull icon that appears when you tag enemies, which is pretty useful when the enemy is far away, as the skull often obscures the target. No Skull has surely reduced the lifetime of many a chaos sniper. 😎

Player Outlines - I can't take total credit for this one, although it was a fair bit of work, because mostly it was a revival of the player outline system FatShark left in the codebase. It affects player visbility through walls, letting you toggle the default skeleton-hologram, an outline, and a highlighted mesh. In later versions I added the ability to set a maximum distance on the visbility of player nameplates in missions, and on "assist" markers (those triangular❗things that appear on players who are downed).

Status Colours - This has been a bit less popular since it really doesn't do very much. There was a patch where FatShark changed the colour of the marker that appears on player portraits when the player is being affected by a some sort of disabled state, and the changes annoyed a friend of mine, hence the mod, which lets you customise the colours for every state.

Stuff Searcher - This one took a fair amount of work to get right and was definitely a learning experience with regards to how the game's UI fit together. It adds a search text box above all (most?) of the inventory listings in the game, enabling you to filter the listing down based on item names, blessings, and perks. I use it myself. 🙂 You can hit 's' to jump to the box.

Barter with Hadron - A much-needed mod if you ask me, and a bit fussy to get going. It lets you sell/barter your items while crafting at Hadron's, which might not seem like much, but when you're sorting out all your blessings and trying to clean up your inventory, it speeds things along quite a bit.

Pickup Notification Tweaker - Originally named "Loot Notification Tweaker", this started as a rapidly released mod to suppress the new material/loot pickup notifications FatShark added to the game. I thought the faster I could get it out, the funnier it'd be. 😎 After it was out I spruced it up and added customisation options including text, icon, background, and sound toggling, and background colour customisation. FatShark says they're gonna add an option for the notifications, which would have made this mod obsolete, but I doubt they're gonna add all these options.

Bugfix: Squad Location Markers - A little mod to fix a little bug. 🪲When other players place location markers in missions, they will always show as the local player's colour, not the tagging player's colour. This fixes that. No biggie.

.. and that's the lot so far. Here's to more! 🍻

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