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Telling Lies and Running Out Of Places T ...

Telling Lies and Running Out Of Places To Hide

Mar 14, 2022

In a remarkable Twitter exchange over the weekend, Royton councillors AMANDA CHADDERTON and HANNAH ROBERTS openly engaged with the 'malicious blogger' NEIL WILBY. This is despite Oldham Council being under investigation for unlawfully leaking WILBY information with which he has attacked members of the public whose only crime was to speak out against the cover up of the grooming and gang rape of our town's children.

Shockingly, both Cllrs CHADDERTON and ROBERTS had the audacity to claim that the Oldham CSE cover up, of which both councillors are involved in, is NOT an issue of concern for the voters of ROYTON NORTH and ROYTON SOUTH.

AMANDA CHADDERTON (who suggests Royton residency even though her partner with whom she shares a baby is a Manchester councillor with her own Manchester address) claimed that she had 'been out nearly every weekend since the start of the year and 2 people have raised it...'

No ambiguity with where HANNAH ROBERTS resides. She is a confirmed resident of Delph, where her son is also on the gravy train as a Saddleworth councillor. Cllr ROBERTS claims that the cover up of the grooming and gang rape of Oldham's children has been 'only raised once...', so clearly not an issue for parents and grandparents in Royton!

Both Cllr AMANDA CHADDERTON & HANNAH ROBERTS sit at the Council High Table as members of the all powerful Cabinet. They are strong supporters of AROOJ SHAH and their open support of the Council attack dog WILBY should not surprise anyone. What next Councillors CHADDERTON & ROBERTS? Will we be seeing you at a mocktail bar after party following Wednesday's Council meeting?

Cllr HANNAH ROBERTS is up for re-election on May 5th. Standing against her is the Conservative candidate LEWIS QUIGG. Unlike Cllr ROBERTS, Lewis actually lives in Royton and he, like hundreds of other decent Royton residents, have gone on record outraged by the LABOUR PARTY cover up of the grooming and gang rape of the town's children.

Knowing what you know now, how can the people of Royton North, or anywhere else in Oldham, vote for the likes of HANNAH ROBERTS or any of her Labour Party colleagues?

Do Not Fear Them. Do Not Fear Any Of Them.


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