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Pompous, Pretentious and Privileged

Pompous, Pretentious and Privileged

May 23, 2022

The observant amongst you will have noticed how for some time the Saddleworth Conservatives have been supporting the Labour Party.

PAM BYRNE, an ally of AROOJ SHAH, had helped defeat a motion attempting to call in the government to take over the botched CSE investigation, whilst MAX WOODVINE, the Tory SEAN FIELDING wannabe, failed to support the Conservatives own motion to stop ANDY BURNHAM's CAZ!

Last week, PAM BYRNE and MAX WOODVINE attempted to oust BETH SHARP from her position as Deputy Leader of Oldham Conservatives. They would have succeeded if they had worked together. They did not. With both standing, and wanting the pounds and prestige that comes with the position, Cllr SHARP, who in the main has been a breath of fresh air, managed to come through the middle and retain her seat with the help of her 3 other Oldham Conservative councillors.

Humiliated and ego bruised, MAX WOODVINE retaliated by attacking Oldhamers that voted Conservative at the local elections. Apparently, he is 'ashamed' to be associated with myself and everyone else that helped defeat the Labour leader AROOJ SHAH and her Cabinet member HANNAH ROBERTS. For WOODVINE and his Saddleworth team, Working Class Conservatives are trash which is why none of them came to help the campaign in St James, Royton or Chadderton. You are beneath them.

Despite his shame of his Party benefiting from Working Class votes, MAX WOODVINE, PAM BYRNE and the other Saddleworth Conservative councillors appear to have no reservations in claiming the tens of thousands of pounds extra they receive from sitting as Opposition councillors. On 9 seats, the Conservatives hold the position of joint opposition party only because they took seats in Chadderton South and Royton North.

I've seen plenty of career politicians like MAX WOODVINE before. It makes no difference what colour rosette they wear, they're all the same. Pompous, pretentious and privileged, they epitomise everything that is wrong with politics and politicians.

Look forward to seeing Max soon. Let's see if he has the courage to say to my face what he is happy to share with a Labour Party supporting publication. I'll tell him to his face what I think of him.

Do Not Fear Them. Do Not Fear Any of Them.

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