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Oldham Public Inquiry Voted Down Twice I ...

Oldham Public Inquiry Voted Down Twice In One Night

Jul 21, 2023

The truth is undeniable: we will NOT attain a Public Inquiry through the Council chamber. That's precisely why I am standing for MP. Allies such as Cllr LEWIS QUIGG need reinforcements in this relentless pursuit of justice. As MP, I can provide Lewis and others with the assistance they so desperately need.


With the impending general election in October/November 2024 and the pivotal local elections next May, I have reached out to opposition politicians to support my mission to protect our children. This is a defining moment for them to step up! Some, to their credit, I didn't even need to ask.

Let's leave no room for doubt. It's crystal clear who fearlessly risked everything to expose the horrifying truth and who has politically benefited from this. Which is why, in the 9 wards across Oldham West, Chadderton & Royton, where the opposition refuses to stand by me, I will next May stand candidates from the People's Alliance.

For those who have benefited from my relentless dedication and now refuse to stand by me, your true motives become painfully evident. To everyone else, now is the time to help fortify our ranks and remain steadfast to our cause. As your future MP, I promise to be an unyielding voice for justice. But to become your MP, we must first defeat JIM McMAHON and his 25,000 Labour Party block vote.

The Council Chamber may be lost. Those we believed allies may betray us and defeat seem all but inevitable. It will not matter. We will stay true to who we are. Just as with us, so too will it be the same for them. Actions define us. Not one of us will rest until we see justice for the children of this town.

My name is RAJA MIAH. I am standing for MP for Oldham West, Chadderton & Royton. I, and the people of my town, will bear witness to who stands with me. Help defeat Labour and #TakeBackOldham. #JusticeIsComing

Do Not Fear Them. Do Not Fear Any Of Them.


Raja Miah MBE

Prospective Parliamentary Candidate

Oldham West, Chadderton & Royton


For the last 5 years, I have exposed Council corruption and the cover up of the grooming and gang rape of children in Oldham. If you find what I share of value, please support my work by buying a coffee, contributing via PayPal or subscribing to the website.





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