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Madness in Medlock

Madness in Medlock

Apr 06, 2022

Proud of Oldham & Saddleworth (POAS) are on record supporting ROBERT BARNES in Chadderton South. They have openly backed a Conservative candidate because they acknowledge that in order to help fix this town, the first priority has to be to wrestle seats from Labour. The leader of POAS, the millionaire businessman PAUL ERROCK, has also written to the Prime Minister and every Oldham Conservative councillor promoting the Conservative KAISER REHMAN. In the letter, he raises the need to vote tactically and states the following;

I therefore ask of you to take very seriously the opportunity that the Conservatives have of actually winning the seat of Oldham West and Royton, by fielding a highly popular and proven Conservative campaigner, Mr Kaiser Rehman.

He would be hugely appealing to the Asian community, and together with the 13,000 “solid” Conservative Votes you have established in this constituency, would pose the most serious threat of actually removing Mr Mc Mahon from a position he has proved himself (in my opinion); to be a liability, to the overall improvement of our Borough.

Mr Rehman would be a very popular choice for The Conservatives in The Constituency of Oldham West and Royton, and I would be keen to engage with your selection panel in order to discuss tactics of how to remove Mr Mc Mahon and install Mr Rehman as a Member of Parliament for our town, as I know he would be a superb asset to both our town, your party, and the UK in general.

As can be seen, POAS are comfortable in supporting a Conservative candidate in both local and national elections and its leader, PAUL ERROCK, is happy to lobby for KAISER REHMAN.

In this May’s election, Medlock Vale has 2 seats up for grabs. To all extents, this ward is a historical Labour Party stronghold. The short lived Conservative councillor SAHR ABID stepped down within a year. Unknown to most onlookers, ABID was reportedly previously a Labour Party member and her uncle, UMAR NASHEEN, is now one of the Labour Party candidates. The election of the Conservative ABID was in reality nothing more than a Cartel flexing their muscles after they had been blocked by McMAHON from contesting the selection of the Labour Party candidates for Medlock Vale.

Once the Cartel demonstrated their power, by electing a Conservative candidate, McMAHON quickly changed his mind and allowed open selection of candidates by the Labour Party in Medlock Vale. Once the Cartel had achieved its objectives, ABID stepped down and her Uncle is now one of the official Labour Party candidates. The other Labour Party candidate replaced the now deselected YASMIN TOOR who was forced out.

Medlock Vale is key to removing Labour from maintaining overall control in May 2022. It will be disastrous if Labour secure both seats. Knowing this, the Conservatives have selected KAISER REHMAN as their main candidate. Like POAS, they also know that he is the only viable choice in keeping Labour out in Medlock Vale.

When KAISER REHMAN previously stood as an Independent in 2019 he got 992 votes. Analysis shows that to win in Medlock, a candidate will need a minimum of 1250 votes. Kaiser is therefore c250 votes short.

When MARK BIRCHALL stood for POAS in 2021 he came a distant, though respectable, third with 652 votes. To stand any chance of winning one of the two seats being contested in Medlock Vale, he will need to double his support and find another 600 votes. From analysis of where he got his votes in 2021 he knows that at least some of these votes will have to come from the predominantly Muslim areas of Coppice, the area where KAISER REHMAN is strongest.

Medlock Vale presents a once in a generation opportunity. As 2 seats are being contested, each voter will have 2 votes. If POAS and the Conservatives were able to work together, both Kaiser and Mark’s votes would exceed the magic 1250 number. For this to happen, Mark would ask his supporters from the predominantly White areas of Bardsley and Fitton Hill to vote for both himself and Kaiser. In return, Kaiser would do likewise for Mark with his core Muslim vote in Coppice.

Aware of the need for this partnership, and the devastating blow it would have on both the Cartels and the Labour Party should a partnership of Working Class White and Pakistani/Bangladeshi Muslims unite, the Conservatives have essentially selected a paper candidate as their second candidate.

Unfortunately, there is one major obstacle. POAS leader, the millionaire businessman PAUL ERROCK, is refusing to publicly endorse KAISER REHMAN. This is despite them being friends, despite POAS already endorsing a Conservative in Chadderton South and despite PAUL ERROCK writing to the Prime Minister and every Oldham Conservative councillor promoting KAISER REHMAN as ‘a superb asset to both our town...and the UK in general’.

The consequence of ERROCK’s actions (remember, POAS apparently does not have a whip and Mark Birchall is on record as ‘being his own man’) will only have one outcome. Medlock Vale will elect 2 Labour Party councillors and any opportunity of removing Labour from controlling Oldham Council will be lost for another year.

Sadly, POAS’ refusal to endorse KAISER REHMAN has more devastating consequences within the Party itself. Sending MARK BIRCHALL out on the equivalent of a political suicide mission, into a fight he cannot win, risks being the end for POAS. Ask yourself, which prospective candidate in their right mind would come forward to stand for a Party that did this to one of its own? Or how the wider public will react when they learn what POAS did when the opportunity presented itself to;

  • deny Labour 2 key seats

  • strike a blow to the Cartels

  • help elect KAISER REHMAN, someone you call a friend

  • help elect your own candidate

Irrespective of ERROCK’s refusal to support KAISER REHMAN, BIRCHALL’s unnecessary threats and the anti Conservative prejudice amongst others in POAS, my position is clear. Unlike others, each time, every time, I will put the people of my town first. The first priority to to wrestle control of Oldham Council away from the Labour Party. My position is therefore simple.

I urge everyone who can vote in Medlock Vale to use one vote to vote for the Conservative KAISER REHMAN and their other vote in support of the Proud of Oldham and Saddleworth candidate MARK BIRCHALL.

Not only do I believe that both will make outstanding councillors for Medlock Vale, I also believe that the collaboration between political parties and Working Class White and Pakistani/Bangladeshi Muslim will lead the way towards helping build a prosperous town. Others will follow.

POAS are delusional if they believe they can field 60 candidates in 2023 and take outright control of Oldham Council. Nonetheless, should ERROCK be able to put aside his ego, accepting his Party needs to work in partnership with the Conservatives in Medlock, they have an opportunity to be part of a coalition of parties that help take our town back from the Labour Party.

Join me for a special transmission on Thursday evening where I will share with you what I think is actually taking place in Medlock Vale and the reasons behind POAS refusal to work in partnership with the Conservatives, to not just help keep Labour out, but also sabotage their own candidate’s chances of winning an election.

As always, I trust you to make your own minds up.

Do Not Fear Them. Do Not Fear Any of Them.


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