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If It Weren't For You Meddling Kids

If It Weren't For You Meddling Kids

Jan 13, 2022

It is now 6 months since the firebombing of Oldham Council leader AROOJ SHAH's car. Almost immediately, and with no evidence whatsoever, the mainstream media ran headlines suggesting that Cllr SHAH was a victim of racism and that the attack was because she was Pakistani and Muslim.

AROOJ SHAH's close ally and former employer JIM McMAHON MP used the opportunity to issue a statement claiming I was responsible for incitement. He referenced an article I wrote. This article, contrary to McMAHON's slurs, raised legitimate concerns of how the town was run and the consequences of what would happen should the Labour Party be allowed to continue courting the Block Muslim vote, whilst betraying the White Working Class. Thankfully, the article, published on my Medium page was time stamped and had not been published until the morning after the attack!

JIM McMAHON MP is a desperate man. With his path to becoming leader of the Labour Party blocked after he was exposed for his role in the cover up of the grooming and gang rape of the town's children, there appears to be no line he will now not cross to intimidate and silence those that oppose his tyranny. That the firebombing took place BEFORE the publication of my article is actually the smaller of the actions he tried to brush over. The more significant one, that I have always advocated, is that we take back our town through the ballot box. We vote them out.

Portrayed the victim of a hate crime, Cllr AROOJ SHAH maximised the opportunity the blowing up of her car presented and used this to help elevate her profile. Not long after the headlines, she secured herself a national position on a powerful committee in the Labour Party Executive. At ease with the media demonising the White Working Class in Oldham as racists, she remained silent as they were vilified and held responsible for a crime they did not commit.

Meanwhile, the in Accelerated Special Measures Greater Manchester Police, exposed nationally for their corruption, failed to release CCTV footage of the incident. Thankfully, it was smuggled to me by a group of anti-Cartel activists from within the Pakistani community of Glodwick. The police have since been forced to admit the footage is real.

By now, we have all seen the footage of 2 men gaining entry into what appears to be an unlocked car. Their behaviour, to me at least, suggests that they expected the car to be unlocked and unalarmed. The sequence of suspicious events continue as one smashes the car window, AFTER the car door has been already opened. They then nearly blow themselves up in what follows.

Neither the BBC nor the local media have been willing to show the footage let alone provide any analysis of what took place. And as for the Police, desperate to stay onside with politicians that have the power to draw attention to their corruption and sack the Chief Constable, even after arresting 3 individuals, and from the cctv footage doubtful that the attackers were White, they still refuse to issue a statement confirming that this was NOT a racially motivated attack.

No matter the desire amongst Oldham Council's leaders to bury this incident and move on, the people of Oldham still have unanswered questions of the police. Important questions that will not just go away. Questions such as why has no one been charged for the blowing up of the car of the town's leader? Where is the police update to reassure us that in a democracy, our elected leaders are safe from attack? Was this a racially motivated attack? Just why has Greater Manchester Police gone silent?

And yes, both past and present police officers who I have spoken with have all said the same - based on the video evidence alone, and that's before bringing into play her relationships with multiple mobsters, Cllr AROOJ SHAH, Leader of Oldham Council, should have been questioned under caution.

Welcome to Oldham...

Raja Miah MBE


For the last 3 years, through the Recusant Nine platform, I have provided a voice to the betrayed, demonised and oppressed working class communities of my home town of Oldham. The consequence of my actions has resulted in the endorsement of my murder by the leader of Oldham Council, attacks on members of my family by her supporters and even a desperate attempt by corrupt police officers at Greater Manchester Police to silence me.

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