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Denial and Deception | Black Propaganda Tactics Used to Cover Up Grooming & Gang Rape of C

Mar 20, 2022

Recusant Nine Transmission | 2109hrs | Sunday | 20:03:22

Regardless of whatever is claimed, ANDY BURNHAM's CSE Assurance Review into the cover up of the grooming and gang rape of Working Class White girls now lies dead in the water. With the publication pushed back to a now as of yet unknown date, and BURNHAM failing to deliver on multiple promises of a publication date, the Labour Party spin has been to try and claim they have finally developed a conscience and are putting victims first. Up until recently, AROOJ SHAH's Oldham Council's strategy had been to claim the allegations were 'bare faced lies'.

Whilst a motion calling for the Home Office to help supported by a rare alliance between all 3 of Oldham's opposition parties, in angry scenes, AROOJ SHAH was forced to admit that her Council were involved in the cover up of the grooming and gang rape of the town's children. Unfortunately, not a single news outlet reported on her damning admission. Instead, the local headlines focused on how ANGELA RAYNOR felt after receiving hate mail and being left abusive messages on her answer phone.

In fact, if not for the social media campaign that the local press and politicians are falsely claiming is responsible for the crimes against rent a gob Rayner, herself not at all shy in abusing her opponents, most people in the town would not even be aware as to the gravity of AROOJ SHAH's admission. If not for the Recusant Nine social media campaign that is now also actively campaigning on the streets of Oldham, it is doubtful whether AROOJ SHAH, herself up for reelection in May, would have apologised never mind admitted that children in Oldham are still being groomed and exploited this very day.

Do Not Fear Them. Do Not Fear Any Of Them.

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