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As the Lib Dems side with Shah, has Oldh ...

As the Lib Dems side with Shah, has Oldham's Chief Executive made a dash for his car?

Sep 12, 2023

Recusant Nine Transmission | 10:09:23 | Part 1

After repeatedly standing and failing to get elected, HELEN BISHOP, having shown no previous allegiances to the Liberal Democrats, took the golden ticket and finally secured election as a councillor representing Saddleworth South in May 2023.

Just prior to her first speech at Oldham's full council meeting, for reasons I cannot understand, Cllr BISHOP sent out an email to all 60 Oldham councillors. Seemingly attacking Cllr QUIGG and continuing a feud with a member of the public, the newly elected Lib Dem councillor appears to suggest that all councillors should get behind AROOJ SHAH and her internal CSE Steering Group / talking shop and immediately stop all campaigning for a Public Inquiry.

As of yet, neither Liberal Democrat leader HOWARD SYKES nor his deputy SAM AL-HAMDANI have come out in support of Cllr BISHOP's position. Likewise, up for re-election next May, both Cllr MARK KENYAN and GARTH HARKNESS have also remained tight lipped on the matter and are yet to support their Saddleworth Lib Dem colleague and her endorsement of Labour leader AROOJ SHAH.

Part 2 of Sunday night's transmission to follow.

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