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An MP and Council leader campaign outsid ...

An MP and Council leader campaign outside school gates...

Feb 15, 2022

Whilst Jim McMahon MP and Oldham Council leader Arooj Shah face criticism from across Oldham for campaigning outside school gates, their affiliate, the convicted heroin dealing getaway driver of the Oldham cop killer, Dale Cregan, has launched his own Facebook page to help support the reelection campaign for his 'childhood friend', Arooj Shah.

In a chilling series of initial posts, the violent criminal, IRISH IMY, has singled out the local Conservative candidate in Chadderton South, Robert Barnes, for attack. Neither Jim McMahon MP nor Cllr Arooj Shah have distanced themselves from his latest outburst. In a town like Oldham, where it is now almost impossible to separate politician from mobster or a bent police officer, as ridiculous as it seems, it appears only a matter of time before a convicted heroin dealer is found standing outside school gates handing out sweets as the Shadow Cabinet Minister and disgraced leader of the Council hand out their leaflets.

Do Not Fear Them. Do Not Fear Any Of Them.


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