What 12 hours in A&E showed me

What 12 hours in A&E showed me

Jan 15, 2023

I have just got back from a long stint in A&E with my nutty as a fruitcake mother in law. Thank God I was with her, with her hilarious mental statements like "Becky What Does Oxygen Look Like?" Haha I kid you not, this was one of the many things this loveable lunatic said to keep us entertained on what was an otherwise distressing time.

We were sent to the hospital as an emergency as Pat had very low levels of oxygen in her blood. They said normally they would call an ambulance for her but there were not any left! Pat was lucky enough to have family to help her, but as I saw today not everyone is as fortunate.

As I sat in this desperate, decrepit, dysfunctional place. I had a whole range of emotions.

I saw 5 different parents in an hour coming in distressed as their older children had been admitted for having seizures, the staff member that dealt with them, displayed no emotion at all as one Mother begged to just know if her son was alive or dead. She was simply told someone would be with her when they have finished what they were doing, this member of staff managed to maintain her ice queen persona for all the frantic, troubled, struggling patients that came in.

Sick people who could not speak properly due to what I assume to be breathing issues came in, so many couldn't walk, some incredibly overweight and reliant on wheel chair availability and mobility aids. Misery on faces, exhaustion and exasperation everywhere. There was loneliness, hopelessness and a sense of powerlessness at every corner.

The staff who were there for potentially over 12 hours did not stop at all and yet the stream of people kept coming, it was a seemingly lost battle.

As I sat there waiting for a bed for my mother in law, I saw other people, bones broken, lungs struggling and hearts hurting also waiting for a bed. There were no beds, too many patients in need to few resources available, up to 10 people crammed in to a cubical while we waited. Crying, screaming, coughing and vomiting within arms reach of the next person!

Many things come to mind, but what stood out more than ever was that we need to truly take our power back.

Our health care system is sinking, I believe the government no doubt are just waiting for it to happen to privatize it.

The NHS has always run on the human spirit. Despite the unrealistic working demands, the poor pay and the continued funding cuts, the human spirit prevailed and pulled it off to the best of its ability. After Covid, and the 2 year stop on treatments; combined with the increased decline in health and ability to understand and work with the body to heal, the human spirit may not be enough this time. We have to be able to help ourselves and this is an ability I believe is lost to many of us now.

I feel that we have become domesticated, like pets. We are no longer the thinkers, the problem solvers of our community and society, we are all feeding the problem as we consume instead of create on every level. We are dependent on a system that cares about production and consumption more than people and compassion.

We are a disconnected people. We are disconnected from each other, our selves and our environment. We have almost lost our ability to care for ourselves this is how it seems to me. People suffering and yet staff as well as patients are overweight, with skin conditions, early onset loss of hair drinking coke and eating Doritos for lunch. No awareness or care that this is feeding their current and future health and lets face it the health of the next generation to come.

Personal responsibility is our greatest gift and it is time to use it, first for ourselves, to learn about what is contributing to the imbalance in our body that is causing ill health. Is there a way to replace or complement pharmaceutical solutions that have side effects as serious as death?

There is, there always has been, but as we work more and depend more on convenience we lost the know how and the confidence in what past civilizations have used for years.

We have to return back to the self, to truly care for ourself, to educate ourselves, to practice a new way of being.

People were in there with lung problems, unable to brethe, diabetes, angina, seizures, thyroid issues, liver and kidney disease and they were at the mercy of a system that is quite honestly losing what is left of its efficacy due to its total overwhelm.

I urge you all to inform yourself on home remedies, foods that heal and foods that kill, prevention rather than cure.

I would like to share some learnings I have taught over the years and share some more way's I am considering helping myself further by actually growing my own FARMACY.

The future of humanity needs this from us, it needs us to wake up to the truth we practice too little, the important acts of self care and prevention of ill health can save us, our family members and our health care system. To wake up to the symbiotic nature of us and nature.

We have the opportunity and the time to start now, to be the generation that knew they were sinking and took action. We must do it now.

As I say, each one teach one. In the spirit of that, my next few posts, audio and written will be about understanding health, and healthy habits we can all change easily and tips for all ages on how you can treat ailments naturally, to help the health care system. Maybe if we take care of ourselves better we can save the NHS. It is down to us to start to help, the government are far to lost , and far to influenced by the multi billion dollar pharmaceutical companies that are running governments, countries and essentially the world!


Food Is medicine

Mother Nature Heals

Nurture what is Natural

Dump the Junk!

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