The antidote to Frustration is Compassio ...

The antidote to Frustration is Compassion

Jan 24, 2023
A short audio on dealing with what comes up. We are emotional by nature, I actually believe that is why we are here to find the peace, to move from fear to love in all things Here I share my thinking and doing way through frustration using compassion. It is my experience of being myself and observing others that if we can just observe the emotions, understand why they are there and then ask the question 'What would Love Do?' and decide to choose a loving vibration to speak, do and feel, we can solve not just our own personal dilemmas and problems but the problems within the constructs of society that make up our world and our living experience. It sounds deep, but actually, I am pretty sure it is just common sense. We all know though that common sense is not always common practice. All change that we desire comes from within. I think it is so important we realize that we have the power, the solutions are not outside of us, they come from within. As always if this is helpful feel free to like, share, follow, support of join the member ship, where these audios will be more regularly and exclusively for my members. Remember I currently have availability for my 'compassionate conversations of connection' coaching sessions that I run on a Thursday Are there emotions that come up for you that pull you down that you want to navigate to more loving waters? Let me know, remember we are in this together.
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