Final Episode of Season 1 - A year in Re ...

Final Episode of Season 1 - A year in Review of A year to Change My Life

Dec 31, 2022
After writing for ages about a recent experience with a Shaman at the end of this year that has really changed my life, my delightful webpage wouldn't scroll to publish... SOOOOOO For now I am uploading the last and most recent episode of the podcast here so you can hear the top main lessons I learnt this year and how really I can see that although I wanted to change my life, I was very much at the bottom of the mountain and maybe I have only now begun to have hope of seeing the summit! Thanks for being here. After I have some sleep I will update the blog with regards to the Shaman and how calling back the soul from trauma has given me back the gift of myself :-) Please comment/share and like if you like the podcast or if it is helpful to you. Listen to the podcasts from the beginning if that suits you it is a good time after all at the beginning of the year with hope all brand new You can of course also buy me a coffee if you feel called to do so Until next time, when my cache doesn't need clearing and my content is not invisible. Look out for the new podcast series trailer What Would Love Do? x
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