FUNDRAISER- The Mystery of the Gold Coin

FUNDRAISER- The Mystery of the Gold Coin

Mar 06, 2023

I am asking for donations to assist in the cost of a Copy Editor, an audio version and for marketing. Donations of $50 or more will receive a First Edition Autographed copy.

Read description below:

This project is 23 years in the making. I am thrilled to report my first novel is set to go to a copy editor by mid-March 2023. I am going to self-publish this first book in hopes it garners interest from fans of Science Fiction, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural genres, and a publisher, to continue the saga.

About the author...

Utilizing experience as a Felony Criminal Investigator for 14 years in the Seattle area working homicide, assault, drug, and robbery cases for both prosecutor and defense, I have created The Kirsten Kelly Chronicles. In addition, I have over twenty-five years of experience writing, research, interviewing various individuals of every background and profession, including those within politics, medicine, law enforcement, experts, scholars, and entertainment industries. I grew up loving Nancy Drew, as well as television shows like Charlie Angels, Magnum PI. I’ll never forget watching Star Wars for the first time- a princess in distress, a handsome hero, and a space saga-- I was hooked! Who didn’t want Han Solo and Princess Leia to get together? Even at eight years old I rooted for them! Soap Operas also played a huge role for 35 years as I anguished for my couples to get together. Through years of watching my favorite shows and movies, they gave me the foundation to write not only a mystery series, but also infuse a romance storyline, which I hope, will be reminiscent of epic characters like Bella and Edward from Twilight Saga, Luke and Laura from General Hospital, Lois Lane and Superman. Ultimately, I am a fan and that's how I write-- with fans always foremost in my mind. With this inspiration, I am dubbing Kirsten Kelly a heroine for the 21st century.  

Who Is Kirsten Kelly?

Kirsten Kelly is a strong, determined, tenacious, confident young woman with a sense of adventure, humor that is down to earth and is someone easy to relate to. The Mystery of the Gold Coin leads our heroine down a path of self-discovery about her own origins which destroys the very foundation upon which she built her life. Kirsten Kelly has always known she had a greater purpose, but little did she know how her existence would change the course of humanity!

Part I: The Mystery of the Gold Coin

Kirsten Kelly’s life is seemingly idyllic. An only child she has wonderful, adopted parents, a great career as a Private Investigator, a boyfriend she loves, a close-knit group of friends and has accomplished anything she ever put her mind to. But a darkness has resurfaced as she struggles with a series of nightmares just days from her 30th birthday. Deep within she always sensed something wasn’t quite right, like a piece of her memory was missing. Although a nagging always lingered just out of reach in the shadows of her mind, for some reason she pushed it aside. Now as a mystery catapults her into an investigation, pieces of the truth begin to emerge that will change her life forever!

Join Kirsten Kelly’s investigation as she travels 6000 miles to Cairo, Egypt after an ancient Egyptian coin and map fall into her lap. In her quest to determine the truth behind the gold coin she meets world-renowned Archaeologist Josh Templeton, who plays a key part in uncovering a secret portal in The Great Pyramid of Giza, to another dimension! Nineteen-year-old Logan Tyler seeks her help in locating his missing mother. How does his mother's disappearance factor into the mystery? Where did the coin come from, who is involved and what does it have to do with a dark secret connected to her own family? The case takes the tenacious PI from her hometown Seattle to Cairo, unaware her involvement will expose a secret cult, a worldwide smuggling operation, murder, and betrayal that will answer one of the most intriguing questions, “Are we alone in the universe?”

The Mystery of the Gold Coin is part one in a three-part story arc loaded with deeply connected characters that develop on this emotional rollercoaster ride. If you love science fiction and mysteries packed with suspense, a thought-provoking storyline and a hint of romance, The Mystery of the Gold Coin will satisfy. Fact fused with fiction; this is the first volume of the Kirsten Kelly Chronicles…

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