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Life in rural Northern Peru

Life in rural Northern Peru

Feb 04, 2023

The rural and remote Northwest of Peru really encompassed the essence of what travelling by bike is all about. Why ride hours in the gruelling heat with a headwind? So you enjoy the next patch of shade to have lunch. Why suffer through endless bumpy and dusty tracks? To reach remote villages untouched by tourism. Why sleep in the dirt between spiky bushes? Soundless nights are a luxury no money can buy. 

After a few days here, I think this country is one of the most contrasting country l've seen so far. Road thrash is omnipresent, hiding behind a rock in the purest of deserts. Talara is a vibrant fishing port, renowned for its dockyard but also home to a huge refinery polluting the very water being harvested. The main roads are perfect tarmac, buzzing with the most reckless traffic I've witnessed so far but secondary axis are sketchy tracks winding randomly through the rocks. 

We had a great time before my bike broke down and I had to bail out. I loved being at peace again with that slow pace, enabling me to enjoy the curiosities you encounter when you choose the path less traveled. We even stumbled upon a river oasis after days in the sand ! While @gus.worldtour went for a swim, I sympathised with local teenagers who had never met a French dude before. I told them we're not all dirtbags like me of course! They gave us green mangoes for our appetiser that night. 

That was all in one day! Fabulous times riding with Augustin. It makes even harder to be stuck after enjoying myself again but such is life on the road : often brutal, sometimes cruel but mostly rewarding and always epic.

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