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Jackie's Journey: Dance of Desire Teaser

Jackie's Journey: Dance of Desire Teaser

Jul 18, 2021

Warm breath caressed her backside and vulva causing her to clench in anticipation of contact. “Go for it.” she moaned in delight while arching her hips upwards. Her request went unfulfilled as the teasing with mere breath continued. “Do it,” she urged with increasing hunger, “I know you want to.” Her lover resisted, only offering the teasing breath. Jackie felt herself being spread open, over and over again, waiting for that moment. The desire within was so strong that she could almost feel the first lick despite knowing it hadn’t yet happened. “I’m begging you, Please.” she said with a hint of frustration, “I need it now.” Her eyes closed, wishing to manifest the sensation but she began to lose focus with the faint background music in the room. “This is a weird song to have on a sex playlist.” she thought to herself as the song grew louder. Pleasure turned to frustration trying to ignore the song until she couldn’t take it any longer. She opened her eyes, ready to ask for the music to be turned down.

As Jackie’s eyes slowly focused, her books came into view, stacked on the shelf within her headboard. She rubbed her eyes in momentary confusion. The bed was hers, the music was her alarm, and reality slowly crept in. It had all been a dream. She quickly silenced the alarm and rolled onto her back. “6:35,” she thought to herself with a sigh, “just enough time to finish what I started.” She reached behind her head for the bookshelf and after shifting her hand from spot to spot, her fingers clutched the object she was looking for. Her womanizer, charged, clean and ready. She brought it beneath her blanket and parted her legs. She got straight to business and parted her labia with her free hand then gently placed the soft cup against her clitoris. “A quickie before I start my day,” she thought to herself as she pressed the button.

From slow and smooth beginnings to full power, the transition did not take long. Jackie’s dream had set her off and she was eager to climax. One leg straight out and the other bent, she gripped the sheet of her bed. Trying to recapture that moment from her slumber. Had it been a man? A woman? She had no idea. All she had to go on was the sensation of soft hands parting her open and warm breath enveloping her sex. Her legs shifted as the pressure began to build. She bit her lip and moaned as she pressed the rubber cup against her clitoris. Jolts of pleasure began to pulse through her body. She gasped as the sensations took over. She could feel the shivers and trembles. She was right there, right on the edge and suddenly it all came crashing over her. Her body convulsed in orgasmic delight and she savoured each and every wave as it washed over her. A parade of micro-tremors shot through her body and she allowed them to pass, one by one as she caught her breath.

A sigh of relief and Jackie paused to savour the results of her efforts. She turned off her womanizer and closed her eyes in hopes of recapturing the beauty of her dream. Any climax under her own hand was deemed a success. Orgasms for Jackie had only ever occurred through masturbation and even then it took a lot of practice to find her groove. At 25 years old, she thought she was broken. Surely something had to be wrong with her. She could fantasize epic scenes for herself that aroused her to no end, but when it came time to bring them to physical realms, she had always hit a barrier. It was frustrating for her. As if she could see the potential looming in the distance. Just like a mirage, each step she thought she had gained revealed more steps to be taken. “Oh well,” she resolved to herself, “least I know how to fuck myself.” Another sigh and she hopped out of bed to get her day started.

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