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Jul 01, 2021

Avid reader and writer of erotic fiction. What started out as an enticing genre to read secretly in my teenage years, has evolved into an incredibly rewarding hobby. My writing has become my vessel, transporting me through all the ups and downs of my personal sexual exploration. 

Through this exploration, I have learned to love myself, as well as the cornucopia of delights that surround sex-positive thinking and creativity. Variety is the spice of life, and let's just put it out there: I love it spicy. 

Much like food, nature, appearances, cultures, beliefs and experiences, sex has many flavours to offer, and everyone has their own tastes. It is our right to have these preferences, whatever they are. With this right, comes the responsibility to reserve our judgements. It is not our place to criticize one another.

Within this tiny bubble on the World Wide Web, everyone is entitled to enjoy what they like. I encourage it. Comment, share, inquire and interact. I kindly ask that you leave your personal judgments at the door. This is not a place for discrimination in any shape or form.

I humbly welcome you to my space. I am excited to interact with any open-minded souls. Eager to share and learn. Let's spice things up a little shall we?

-Steph XO

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