Two directors of care provider charged w ...

Two directors of care provider charged with criminal neglect over death of Ann Marie Smith

Jun 18, 2022

Two directors of care provider charged with criminal neglect over death of Ann Marie Smith

The 54-year-old, who had cerebral palsy, died in 2020 from septic shock, multiple organ failure, severe pressure sores and malnourishment.

Endometriosis, anxiety and depression

What is like living with endometriosis, anxiety and depression? Loren DeVito, PhD describes how these invisible illnesses affect her life.

‘I’d never seen people treated with such contempt’: Grenfell survivors speak out five years on

Grenfell’s former residents will never forget the fear and chaos of 14 June 2017, or the anger and grief that followed. They talk about the night when everything changed – and their long battles to regain some kind of normality.

Stop congratulating yourself on being a disability ally – do something

For me, being a good ally is calling out discrimination against disabled people.

Justin Bieber Shows the Way We Talk About Facial Paralysis Matters

"ICYMI, Justin Bieber recently confirmed that he has Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, a condition that causes partial facial paralysis."

BFI Adds Inclusion Specialist Clare Baines As Disability Equality Lead

The BFI has named its first Disability Equality Lead. Clare Baines will take the post to further promotion of disability equality within the screen industries and internally at the organization.

How To Help Disabled Ukrainian Children Left Behind During War

While over 2 million children have fled the war in Ukraine, many disabled children have been left behind in overcrowded, outdated orphanages.

First Impressions: Overcoming Our Unconscious Biases

Our brains naturally categorize people but how can we challenge our assumptions and work past our limiting biases?

Just by Looking at Him

From the star of Peacock’s Queer as Folk and the Netflix series Special comes a darkly witty and touching novel following a gay TV writer with cerebral palsy as he fights addiction and searches for acceptance in an overwhelmingly ableist world.

Creating Your Own Access Rider

We ask all our disabled staff members and the artists we contract if they’d like to create an access rider – it helps us know how to support them to do the best work they can – who wouldn’t want that?

Maysoon Zayid & Shadia Amnin Sell New Graphic Novel, Shiny Misfits

Comedian, actress, and disability advocate Maysoon Zayid is writing a new middle-grade graphic novel, Shiny Misfits, drawn by Shadia Amin. Emily Seife at Scholastic Graphix has bought North American rights to the book. "After the boy of her dreams becomes a viral sensation for catching her as she's falling, Bay Ann Musa, a disabled 11-year-old, sets off on a quest for superstardom on her own terms."

Shopfront Theatre's Bus Stop Films rolls into action in the US | St George & Sutherland Shire Leader

Disability production company shoots for global recognition.

Activating Change

Ending victimization, criminalization and incarceration of people with disabilities and Deaf people.

How to Support a Loved One Without Words

"How do you like to be supported?"

‘You don’t need to be funny!’: the art of performing standup in sign language

How do you translate a pun into an entirely different language on the fly? What do you do when there is simply no sign for a joke?

3 Reasons Therapy Isn't Always the Answer

"It's not black and white."

UK govt. research identifies clear links between loneliness and mental health distress

New research published on June 12 by the UK Government has identified direct links between chronic loneliness and mental health distress.

ILO database highlights labour market challenges of persons with disabilities

There are an estimated 1 billion persons with disabilities around the world, or 15 per cent of the global population. Most of them are of working age. New labour market indicators are now available on ILOSTAT that reveal the many challenges faced by persons with disabilities compared with persons without when it comes to the world of work.

Lizzo removes ‘harmful’ ableist slur from new song Grrrls after criticism

Pop star says she ‘never want[ed] to promote derogatory language’ and re-releases song, removing offensive term for spastic diplegia.

12 Disabled LGBTQIA+ Activists & Advocates Who You Need to Know

There is a great deal of intersectionality between being LGBTQIA+ and disabled, with experiences like hiding an important part of your identity for your safety, discrimination, and social isolation often shared across these identities. In addition, cultural, institutional, and systemic factors make it more likely for LGBTQIA+ folks to have a disability. LGBTQIA+ disabled activists and advocates are shedding light on this intersectionality and using their platforms to provide a forum for others to fight for liberation. Here are 12 LGBTQIA+ disabled activists and advocates that you need to know.

How to Add Subtitles to Video in Adobe Premiere & Encore

This free guide provides easy-to-follow instructions on how to add subtitles to video in Adobe Premiere Pro & Adobe Encore software.

British Deaf Association slams ‘sign systems’ such as Signalong and ‘Baby Sign’

The British Deaf Association (BDA) has criticised a rise in “sign systems” such as Signalong, Makaton and Baby Signs which are created and shared online without the involvement of Deaf people.

Fans ask Lizzo to remove song over offensive lyric

The US star has prompted anger after using an ableist slur in her new single Grrrls.

About the Ableism that Conditions Your Criticisms of Zoom

Recently a very accomplished philosopher at an Ivy League university shared a post on Facebook about how they “hate” Zoom conferences and would no longer “pretend” otherwise. Because of the way that prestige bias operates in philosophy and the way that the combination of prestige bias and algorithms operates in the virtual reality of philosophy Facebook, literally hundreds of philosophers chimed in on the post by clicking on smiley face and heart emojis, as well adding to the post their comments about how Zoom conferences are “mind-numbing” (to quote one ableist phrase), “the worst,” etc.

Multimedia Exhibit Explores Intersections of Gender Identity, Disability

June is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Pride Month. In the Western U.S. state of Colorado, multimedia artists are exploring the intersections of gender identity and disability. VOA's Scott Stearns has the story from Denver. WARNING: The video contains a brief depiction of nudity.

What LGBTQ+ people with intellectual disabilities want everyone to know

They are a group often overlooked, described as "invisible," or perhaps assumed not to exist at all.

UK doctors with long Covid say they have been denied disability benefits

Exclusive: some who worked on pandemic frontline may have to sell their house after claims rejected.

The hidden history of “Hand Talk”

The hidden history of an ancient language.

Why the Heard/Depp Verdict Puts Domestic Violence Survivors at Risk

"This verdict sets a precedent, and a dangerous one at that."

Losing Social Security Disability Benefits for Crohn's Disease

"My peace of mind would eventually erode."

Colly Metcalfe: How embracing my deafness inspired my creative practice

Is it odd to realise you’re deaf? It’s a bit strange – I mean, you can either ‘hear’ or you can’t. But being deaf isn’t as simple as that. There are degrees of deafness, different language to describe it, and then there’s self perception.

How to Help People Coping With New Memory Loss and Fibromyalgia

"I have had many humbling moments with my memory loss."

Using Healthy Coping Skills to Help You Accept Your Disability

"Develop coping skills that help you accept your disability."

Long COVID is a new disability affecting millions of workers—and a ‘moment of essential innovat…

What might be legally required accommodations for some—like ergonomic work equipment and flex time—might boost morale and productivity for all.

How a lack of public transportation hurts us with disabilities

A lack of public transit in Arizona puts so many limitations on our lives. But $884 million from the new infrastructure law should go a long way.

Opinion: It’s time for a culture shift where disability inclusion is concerned

Creating the right conditions for persons with disabilities in the workplace.

Overturning Roe would pose severe consequences for disabled people

Advocates fear that if Roe falls, disabled people will struggle to access abortion care, and even be vulnerable to forced sterilizations.

Ryan O’Connell on ‘Queer as Folk,’ His Debut Novel & Disability Representation

With an acting Emmy, two lead roles, and a new novel under his belt, Ryan O'Connell has come a long way from writing viral think pieces.

How TV Makes the World More Accessible to People With Chronic Illness

"The TV screen has been a lifeline when I was too ill to leave my bed or my home."

Important step for community safety as Ann Marie Smith care providers charged

An expert investigation by SAPOL’s Major Crime division and SafeWork SA has led to two directors of the company tasked with caring for Ann Marie Smith to be criminally charged.

Agreement to provide community-based services to children with disabilities

The United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Rhode Island and the U.S. Department of Justice entered into a settlement agreement with the Rhode Island Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) to resolve alleged violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Still too many people with a learning disability or autism in hospital, says Care Quality Commission

The CQC's 2020 report said people with learning disabilities or autism were receiving "undignified and inhumane care"; 18 months on it says little progress has been made.

17. The Right to Communication with Darlene Hanson

In this episode, Darlene takes us deep into the idea of the right to communication and what that means in terms of controversial AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) methods. She directs listeners to the understanding of communication as a right, and that prohibiting these strategies is, in effect, denying people their right to communication, which is an ADA violation. Darlene distinguishes between the more commonly known strategies of facilitated communication, Rapid Prompting Method, and Spelling to Communicate. And she gives practical tips for how to engage with someone from a "presumption of competence" perspective. I personally LOVE this episode so much. I hope that it inspires many people toward inclusivity in communication!

Ryan O’Connell on ‘Queer as Folk,’ His Debut Novel & Disability Representation

With an acting Emmy, two lead roles, and a new novel under his belt, Ryan O'Connell has come a long way from writing viral think pieces.

"You Don't Look Sick" - Why People Hate Those Words

Chronic pain and many chronic health conditions are invisible. People often look well. But they’re not – they might feel ghastly or be in a terrific amount of pain. When they hear the words, “You don’t look sick”, they often feel upset because the phrase can be used in a very derogatory and judgemental way. Of course, it can also be said in a nice way as a compliment and who doesn’t like receiving a compliment?

How to Do Accessibility Testing on Foldable Phones

Foldable smartphones are next generation smartphones. A new analytical report claims that foldable smartphones will hit 50 million units by 2021.

Automated accessibility testing

I think it’s fair to say that every application developer needs to take care of accessibility at some point. Indeed, even if you use an accessible toolkit to create an application, the app isn’t always accessible simply because the combination of accessible parts is not always accessible. In reality, many things can go wrong. Without care the app may become completely inaccessible as complexity increases.

New accessibility features coming to Windows 11

Last year, Microsoft renewed and strengthened its commitment to closing the disability divide; to work toward improving educational and employment opportunities for people with disabilities around the world. And that commitment has been central to the development of Windows 11: the most inclusively designed version of Windows yet.

Two US Government Agencies Warn about Hiring Technology that Discriminates against Disabled Applica…

The unemployment rate for people with disabilities in the United States is at an unacceptable high rate. As the US Bureau of Labor Statistics stated in a February 2022 informational release: "Across all educational attainment groups, unemployment rates for persons with a disability were higher than.

4 digital tools that can help educators create a more inclusive classroom

In these times of continued disruption and uncertainty, schools and universities need agile remote learning tools to meet their new challenges. For educators, meeting increasingly diverse learning needs demands they provide inclusive, accessible learning environments that inspire confidence, support well-being, and encourage independence in non-stigmatising ways.

Triaging WCAG 2.1 Level AAA

Accessibility consultancy with a focus on inclusion. We can help you with knowledge, experience, strategy, assessments, and development.

How to write user stories for accessibility

Accessibility consultancy with a focus on inclusion. We can help you with knowledge, experience, strategy, assessments, and development.

Left behind: the fight for accessible public transport in Victoria

The snail’s pace of upgrades keeps people with disabilities isolated and in poverty, activists say.

I'm attending GoDaddyGoDaddy Pro EMEA (Online)Accessible Website Architecture and UX

Virtual Event - When we speak about website design, primarily we talk about the aesthetics — color schemes, images, layout, text size, & fonts.
Website content architecture improvements such as consistent navigation and clear sitemaps, are features that can improve the browsing experience, especially for those relying on assistive technologies.

Web Accessibility for Newbies. Introductory information and advice on…

Introductory information and advice on how to think about and approach web accessibility.

COVID death tolls: scientists acknowledge errors in WHO estimates

Researchers with the World Health Organization explain mistakes in high-profile mortality estimates for Germany and Sweden.

Brennan Srisirikul, Aisha Jackson, Treshelle Edmond, More Will Be Part of Disabled Down Center Bene…

Playbill presents the evening spotlighting working disabled artists as they perform their favorite show tunes.

Disability rights activists from around the world come to Eugene for training, leadership and siste…

Nearly two dozen disability rights activists from around the world are in Eugene to learn how to be future leaders to advance disability rights in their home countries.

Lawsuit alleges "brutal treatment" of people with psychiatric disabilities at Allegheny County Jail

Lawyers from two advocacy groups and a national law firm have filed a motion in federal court seeking class-action relief for all incarcerated people at the Allegheny County Jail who require mental health care.

Why do students with disability go to 'special schools' when research tells us they do better in th…

Almost 90% of students with disability go to mainstream schools but an increasing number are going to special schools.

‘They were trying to figure out how to stay alive’: Disability advocates slam heatwave response

A dissenting voice on the provincial heat dome review panel says measures for disabled people were minimized in the final report, while Human Rights Watch and others are calling for better protections for the next heatwave.

Justin Bieber says he has Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, which has paralyzed part of his face

Justin Bieber announced Friday that he is taking a break from performing because he is suffering from paralysis on one side of his face.

The Cultural Frontline, Disabled musicians turning up the volume

What’s being done to integrate disabled musicians into the mainstream music industry.

Stories about bullying and exclusion of school students with disability heard by royal commission

The disability royal commission this week examined the experiences of various education settings for students with disability, including special schools.

A New Polio Vaccine Has Now Been Delivered 350 Million Times Across 18 High-Risk Countries

The Global Polio Eradication Initiative has distributed 350 million nOPV2 polio vaccines.

What's Up WID: LGBTQIA and Disability Intersectionality

Shona Louise, a disabled LGBTQIA+ content creator and accessibility consultant discusses the intersectionality of being LGBTQIA+ and disabled.

Pride Lives Within Me

RespectAbility Apprentice Riccardo Ricciardi discusses the importance of LGBTQ+ and disabled people encouraging each other to be proud about who we are.

In best of times, New Orleans is hard on people with disabilities. In hurricanes, it's deadly

Every summer, Sue Bordelon starts to worry.

Disabled Woman Left Stranded on British Airways Plane for 95 Minutes

Wheelchair user Victoria Brignell experienced a "shameful" wait on a British Airways plane at Gatwick Airport, near London, after a holiday in Malta.

Federal workforce participation rate of people with disabilities is increasing, EEOC report finds

However, the rate still falls below the government's goal of 12%. 

5 Accessible Holidays Europe

We recommend 5 accessible holiday destinations in Europe for anyone with a disability. Plus, check out how Starling Bank’s debit card can help you travel with ease.

The Science Museum Group launch their new project, “Signing Science”

John Wilson is working with the Science Museum Group (SMG) on a new project called “Signing Science”. He will be looking at British Sign Language provision for Deaf and Hard of Hearing audiences in the SMG, leading to recommendations for future action.

Review of Delta Airlines Premium Select and Accessibility

A review of Delta Premium Select, the airline's premium economy service offering a competitive price and added comfort.

Disabled people being ‘systematically ignored’ on climate crisis, says study

Governments not listening to people with disabilities despite them being at high risk, say researchers.

Television and Disability Special

If disability and television are your thing, you will have noticed some significant improvements of late. On-screen, we know #RepresentationMatters but behind the camera is equally important.

Disabled people being ‘systematically ignored’ on climate crisis, says study

Governments not listening to people with disabilities despite them being at high risk, say researchers.

Disabled queer people increasingly feel Pride in themselves

Today we’re less often viewed as unsexy invalids and ‘cripples’.

Turning the Page: Meet Rooted in Rights' New Editor-in-Chief, Denarii Grace!

I began with singing. Then I swam in songwriting. By the time I graduated from elementary school, I was riding the waves of poetry and playwriting. I would be in grad school before I dove into screenwriting in earnest, but I’d loved film since high school. And I always knew that I’d write a book one day. (Working on it!)

Review: ‘Mean Baby,’ by Selma Blair

In her memoir, “Mean Baby,” the actor opens up about daily life with multiple sclerosis and the different identities she has juggled all her life.

Diversability® Unplugged: Elevating Culture with Disabled Musicians Tickets, Tue, Jun 21, 2022 at …

Join us as we celebrate Black Music Appreciation Month with a panel of black disabled musicians.

JAPAN — Aging is Changing a Country

Japan has the longest overall life expectancy of any country in the world, and nearly a quarter of its residents are 65 and over. This rising Silver Tide has moved the country’s leaders to explore how to accommodate its aging population. At the same time, Japan is exploring how to create “barrierfree” environments that also benefit those with disabilities. Satoshi Kose is one of the architects of a more accessible Japan. The professor, who teaches in the graduate school of design at Shizuoka University of Art and Culture, recently spoke with Chet Cooper when ABILITY Magazine visited him in Japan.

Severe weather can mean life or death for people with disabilities

When severe weather hits people with disabilities can have a different set of challenges.

Almost one billion children and adults with disabilities and older persons in need of assistive tec…

A new report published today by WHO and UNICEF reveals that more than 2.5 billion people need one or more assistive products, such as wheelchairs, hearing aids, or apps that support communication and cognition.

Nigerians with disabilities seek inclusion in electoral process

People with disabilities in Africa’s largest democracy say they want to exercise their right to vote or be voted for.

Love Island: Tasha Ghouri becomes show’s first deaf contestant

A 23-year-old model and dancer has become the first deaf contestant on the ITV2 dating show Love Island.

5 Things Not To Say To A Disabled Traveller

Check out these 5 awkward things not to say to a disabled person when travelling - and discover how many have been said to you.

Chronic Pain and Mental Health: What Medical School Needs to Teach

It’s important that certain conditions are taught differently and more in-depth than they are right now.

Survey shows growth of in-house accessibility teams

New research conducted by accessibility agency BarrierBreak delves into in-house accessibility teams.

Accessible Vehicles and the Auto Industry: Takeaways from Alan Hejl

Learn about accessible vehicles and the auto industry from Alan Hejl, the Accessibility Strategy Manager at General Motors.

Emma Fearon: Why I curated ‘The Art of Signing Hands: A Bilingual Exhibition’ in Exeter

I am a CODA and have been very lucky to be blessed with parents that let me chase whatever aspirations I may have, whether that be in the form of them trying to stay awake at my orchestra rehearsals or letting me drone on and on about art in every gallery I possibly could.

Bringing Humanity Into the Reality of Chronic Pain Care

"Humanity needs to be brought back into the treatment of chronic pain."

Rose Ayling-Ellis to deliver Alternative MacTaggart lecture on life as a Deaf actress

EastEnders actress and Strictly Come Dancing winner Rose Ayling-Ellis will deliver the prestigious Alternative MacTaggart address at the Edinburgh TV Festival, it has been announced.

Insight: I’m a deaf life coach from the US now living in London

I’m a life coach and reiki practitioner, originally from Michigan in the USA but I moved to London eight years ago. I wear hearing aids and communicate mostly in spoken English and with lipreading but I have picked up a little British Sign Language since being here and I always use this if I ever have a client who is deaf or prefers to use sign for whatever reason. I’m still learning though!

The Benefits Of Peer Support

We speak to members of the Spokz People wellbeing programme about their experiences on the platform so far, how the group peer support has benefited them and how they’d like to see it grow further in the future.

New research shows that disability inclusion creates long-term business value

The Harkin Institute, Voya Financial issue research paper demonstrating that disability-inclusive companies create value for shareholders and society.

Remote Learning Accommodations for Long COVID Could Help Kids With All Disabilities Thrive

One mom of a teen with POTS hopes that accommodations made for kids with long COVID symptoms may lead the way to a more democratic educational experience for all students with disabilities.

Membership opportunities — Critical Design Lab

This is a paid and remote research opportunity, commensurate with skill and availability to work on the archive. Lab members will work collaboratively with Dr. Aimi Hamraie to conduct literature reviews, recruit participants via social media and other networks, collect data for the archive, communicate with contributors to the archive, organize archival data into a presentable online format, and help organize events.

Where Is The Support?

The Star Tribune in Minnesota published an article about the state’s shortage of support staff for people with disabilities. Although I don’t live in Minnesota, it is hard for me to find PCAs in Massachusetts. I went through three PCAs in three semesters of college. This was frustrating and stressful for me.

Meet the Women Making Cycling More Size Inclusive

Through All Bodies on Bikes, Marley Blonsky and Kailey Kornhauser are battling anti-fat bias and discrimination.

Looking at Language: How We Talk About Disability

As parents, we know that language matters. Our children absorb everything that we say and how we say it. Our words shape what they think of themselves and others, and how they view the world.

Activity levels among disabled people have failed to return to pre-Covid levels

Disability and Activity Survey finds 42% have essentially been ‘inactive’ over the past year.

App Helps Drivers With Disabilities Fuel Up

Even though gas is very expensive right now, most people take for granted the simple act of going to the gas station and quickly filling up, but for those in the disabled community, getting gas is more than just a quick trip.

Long COVID is a new disability affecting millions of workers

What might be legally required accommodations for some—like ergonomic work equipment and flex time—might boost morale and productivity for all.

MTS Launches Inclusive Language Guide

At the 2021 MTS Annual General Meeting of Provincial Council, a resolution was passed to ensure that MTS advocate for all divisions and Local associations to use language that is gender neutral and diversity inclusive in all forms, publications, and published materials. In response, the Society was tasked with creating and making available a toolkit to facilitate these language changes.

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