People with disabilities in Ukraine are ...

People with disabilities in Ukraine are being left behind. Here's how to help

May 19, 2022

People with disabilities in Ukraine are being left behind. Here's how to help

With many Ukrainians with disabilities not even getting the chance to evacuate, the international community must start to incorporate inclusion into humanitarian response plans.

Passing as able-bodied

A short story by Moriah Kitaeff on their struggle of passing as able-bodied while growing up with cerebral palsy.

A nonspeaking valedictorian with autism gives her college's commencement speech

A computer keyboard "unlocked my mind from its silent cage," Elizabeth Bonker told her fellow graduates. She urged them to serve others, citing Rollins College's most famous alum: Fred Rogers.

The Effects of Presuming Competence on Students with Disabilities in the General Education Classroom

Ms. B is a teacher at XYZ Middle School. She has 32 students of various abilities in her class, including a student with intellectual disabilities. The student with intellectual disabilities has the support of a paraprofessional who facilitates access to the curriculum. Ms. B is about to plan for an upcoming unit on plants. The grade-level learning outcomes require students to understand the structure of plants and plant biology. She wonders if the topic and content will be too challenging for her student with intellectual disabilities to understand. Ms. B is concerned that the student will become overwhelmed and frustrated when presented with such a complex topic. Should she plan for the student to work with a list of science vocabulary words that were targeted for review in a recent assessment or should she plan to modify the unit lessons for the the student so they can participate in the class lessons and learn the same new concepts as their peers? Ms. B wonders what to do.

TikTok has helped some people with autism feel seen, find community

People with autism are finding connection and community on TikTok, leading some to finally feel seen and heard thanks to the app.

Video: Empathy is not endorsement

Digital creator Dylan Marron has racked up millions of views for projects like "Every Single Word" and "Sitting in Bathrooms With Trans People" -- but he's found that the flip side of success online is internet hate. Over time, he's developed an unexpected coping mechanism: calling the people who leave him insensitive comments and asking a simple question: "Why did you write that?" In a thoughtful talk about how we interact online, Marron explains how sometimes the most subversive thing you can do is actually speak with people you disagree with, not simply at them. Listen to Dylan's podcast, "Conversations With People Who Hate Me", wherever you get your podcasts.

The European Accessibility Act: Everything You Need To Know

The EU believes that this directive will not only help people with disabilities but will also provide businesses with a single set of rules regarding accessibility in the EU.

UIA competition unveils the winning designs for a twenty-first-century symbol of accessibility

A winner has been selected in the recently announced competition to create a new international symbol of accessibility, organized by the International Union of Architects (UIA) in collaboration with Rehabilitation International (RI).

Why accessibility is good for everyone

“What does good accessibility training look like and where can I find it?” This is the question the members of the Technology Taskforce were asking themselves back in 2020.

AAPI Creative Spotlight: Senior Visual Designer Janice Chen

The New York-based changemaker is working to build accessible technology and a strong community of Asians in advertising.

Accessible technology and why it’s important

Accessibility means that all people of various abilities and disabilities can use a technology without being excluded. It's important for users and businesses, and makes products more useable for all.

UX for All: States Push for Broader Accessibility Online

In creating or improving digital assets like websites, government entities often talk about the importance of “user-centered design.” But what does that really mean, and what does it look like in action?

Inclusive user testing - and empathy - are core to inclusive design

Even before the pandemic, so much of our daily lives had become digital. Instead of meeting up in person, we’ve moved to FaceTime and Webex. Rather than go to a movie, we streamed the latest films at home. We moved our banking and food shopping online.

How data can improve your website’s accessibility

Building an accessible and inclusive platform is not just the right thing to do ethically. It can also make your business more successful.

A Different View into Accessibility Overlays

The marketing gimmicks and promises continues at a deeper level than just making a sale for these accessibility overlay/plug-in providers.

Inclusion and Accessibility in the Digital Space

Inclusive and accessible design is a key component for UI and UX. Reaching a broader audience in a way that is effective and meaningful requires considerations of a spectrum of user types, backgrounds and capabilities.

Creating Accessible Social Media Content – GAAD Toolkit

Social media is a critical component of inclusive communications. Here are some ways you can make your social media communications more inclusive and accessible.

Snap Adds Three Assistive Devices To Bitmoji Stickers For Broader Representation

After introducing an augmented reality lens to teach users ASL, Snap recently announced that Snapchat users can now add three most requested assistive devices to their Bitmoji avatars - a cane, hearing aids in several colors, and wheelchairs in 3D poses.

Google makes its AI assistant more accessible with 'Look and Talk'

Google Assistant users will soon be able to activate the feature by looking at a Nest Hub and asking their question instead of saying "Hey, Google.".

Google brings transcripts and auto-translated captions to YouTube on mobile

Google is rolling out auto-translated video captions for YouTube on mobile devices, with support for 16 languages, the company announced during its I/O 2022 keynote today. The feature is live now. Additionally, YouTube video transcripts are now available to all Android and iOS users.

5 Alexa Skills to Help People With Disabilities

The Amazon Echo can help accomplish a number of tasks with a simple voice command.

Envision Glasses for the Blind Can Read Documents, Scan Faces, Aid Navigation

Smart glasses from Envision are built on the enterprise edition of Google Glass.

Microsoft outlines Edge accessibility features at Ability Summit

Microsoft started its Ability Summit today. At the event, the company outlined several ways that its Edge browser improves accessibility to the web.

Understanding accessibility through ABCs

The goal of technology is often to enable us to do things more quickly, more efficiently, or to do them at all.

Q&A: Microsoft’s director of inclusive hiring and accessibility, Neil Barnett

Barnett spoke to HR Brew about the future of disability inclusion at work and the concept of “screening in”.

Dell manager: How tech giant recruits and supports neurodivergent talent

Dell's neurodiversity program manager shares strategy for fostering inclusive culture.

Explore the new languages supported in the latest Teams update

We strive to make classroom tools accessible to every student, helping them feel supported regardless of any challenges they may face. With the latest updates to Microsoft Teams, we continue our work to empower students with solutions designed for their diverse needs and situations. We’ve highlighted our favorite updates for you!

Importance of Accessibility Tech and the Tech Trends Helping Millions of People

Why Accessibility Tech Is So Important and what Tech Trends Are Helping Millions Of People.

Video: GDQ Hotfix presents Accessibility Day - Chicory: A Colorful Tale

Accessibility Day is a showcase of six games and communities that went above and beyond to be as inclusive as possible for players with disabilities or other needs. Accessibility is a lot more than just a difficulty slider, and we will be going into a bunch of different ways developers and communities have helped out to make this hobby enjoyable for everyone! This episode aired on May 7th, 2021.

Disability Representation in Accessibility: Takeaways from Nic Steenhout

Learn key takeaways from Nicolas Steenhout's episode on Allied Podcast about disability representation in accessibility.

How Can a Blind Person Use Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is a very visual medium. It might surprise you to learn there are people who are blind or have low vision who enjoy virtual reality. Jesse Anderson is one of them. Unfortunately, many virtual reality experiences are not accessible for them and other disabilities.

P&G India to make brand ads accessible to people with impairments

The announcement is part of P&G's wider plan to become more inclusive and accessible.

How the first disabled and woman-owned NYSE floor broker is changing Wall Street

In July 2021, DiBartolo’s firm, Tigress Financial Partners, became the first disabled and woman-owned floor broker to become a member of the NYSE.

How entrepreneurs with disabilities are making their own space in the business world

“Most of the technology we have in the mainstream started with a use case to support people with disability,” says Ms. Abraham.

MagnaReady Makes Stylish Apparel Accessible for All with Magnets

MagnaReady's magnetic apparel collections help take the stress out of dressing for the course, the gym and beyond.

Hot Wheels Releases A Remote-Controlled WCMX Wheelchair

This RC wheelchair toy modeled on Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham can do jumps, spins and flips, and keep on going.

Barbie unveils its first-ever doll with hearing aids

In a drive for further diversity, the American doll manufacturer is releasing its first ever Barbie with hearing aids alongside a Ken doll with the skin condition vitiligo.

Brixton illustrator making picture books accessible to blind children

Brixton resident Dapo Adeola has launched a campaign to make picture books accessible for blind children.

The Best Books to Teach Inclusion

Teaching inclusion to your students is SO important, but finding the right books to do it can be difficult. I have done this work for you!

Taking back control: new 3D printed bracelet empowers the hand-impaired to play video games

Researchers have developed a 3D printed bracelet that allows those with hand impairments to more easily use computers and play video games. 

New sensor technology helps blind and visually impaired pedestrians avoid hazards

A new patented technology from Intelligent Material Solutions, Inc. is designed to help pedestrians who are blind and visually impaired navigate busy sidewalks and avoid sidewalk hazards. The sensor tech uses a cooperative guidance system to determine the pedestrians’ precise geolocation and guide them to public transportation, retail entrances, sidewalk exits and other locations.

Document Structure: The Accessibility Feature You Don’t Notice Until It’s Not There

What’s in a document heading? A whole lot, it turns out – especially for those who rely on assistive technology. Learn more about how this design tool ensures equitable access to information for everyone.

Make Space For All: Digital Accessibility Benefits Everyone

If you want to build market share for your app, make sure it works for every customer.

Stroke Survivor Invents Dyslexic Ruler Reading Aid

Stroke survivor and PhD student Bradley Cory has won the Best Eco-Friendly Inventor Entrepreneur Award at the SJL National Start-Up Business Awards for his design of an eco-friendly reading tool - a dyslexic ruler reading aid - for people with learning difficulties, such as dyslexia and ADHD. 

DeafBlind Communities May Be Creating a New Language of Touch

Protactile began as a movement for autonomy and a system of tactile communication. Now, some linguists argue, it is becoming a language of its own.

Video: #LiberatingWebinars Radically Revealing Truth: Accountable Disability Journalism

Please join AWN with Cara Reedy, Finn Gardiner, Alaina Leary, and s.e. smith for a talk on accountable disability journalism.

Episode #4: Critical Comedy with Nina G

This months guest, Nina G, is a comedian, author, speaker, and consultant. Justin and Kennedy ask her about her work, experiences as a comedian with a stutter, and the relationship between disability and humor.

Crippled is a love story from the darkest moment in Paul David Power's life

A finalist for the 2021 Governor General Awards, Power's play is more than a show about someone with a disability.

“Identity isn’t a passport into a community”

An interview with author and disability activist Alice Wong.

Jamie Dupree (1984-2022)

Jamie Dupree passed away unexpectedly on the morning of Sunday, May 8th, 2022 at home in Mobile, Alabama.

Dame Evelyn Glennie: Hitting the right note with inclusion

Dame Evelyn Glennie CH, Robert Gordon University’s Chancellor, discusses widening participation among underrepresented groups and eliminating barriers to higher education, drawing from her lived experiences.

Watch Alex the Astronaut and Dylan Alcott interview each other

Alex the Astronaut and Dylan Alcott have shared an interview with each other they conducted last month in Sydney.

Nobody Tells You How to Be an Adult With a Disability

The path into adulthood is a precarious one for those with a disability. So Samuel Habib, 21, seeks out guidance from America’s most rebellious disability activists.

Video: Tatiana Lee | Disability in Hollywood

To make a difference and #ChangeTheNorm please share and like this video.

Video: Disability in Hollywood Intro Film

For too long, the #entertainment #industry has created negative stereotypes and mockeries of people with disabilities, perpetuating #inequity . We’re ready for new, better opportunities for disabled creatives and creators to show themselves authentically. For the past two years we've interviewed prominent disabled folks within the entertainment industry to get their perspective.

“Mickey Mouse Funhouse” Furthers Inclusion with New Deaf Character

Fans of Mickey Mouse who use ASL to communicate will be seeing themselves represented by a new character, Fig, a gnome friend who is deaf.

No One Does This Alone

RespectAbility's Director of Faith Inclusion Shelly Christensen reflects for Mental Health Awareness Month 2022.

Audience Matters: How Filmmakers Can Prioritise Accessibility in Film

It's important to make your film accessible to all audiences so that it can reach the most people and be inclusive.

Robin Sheppard: How hotels can marry accessibility and sustainability

Robin Sheppard on the importance of evolving your accessibility strategy alongside your sustainability programme.

Airline apps put under the spotlight by Which? magazine

How did easyJet, TUI, British Airways, Jet2 and Ryanair apps fare with our blind screenreader user?

People with disabilities and sports

We want to be spectators. Many of us want to be or are, participants. So why is it that we face so many freaking barriers?

Cane and Able Fitness: Accessible Exercise for People who Are Blind or Visually Impaired

Evan Schwerbrock turned a lifelong passion for exercise into Cane and Able Fitness, a resource for people who are blind and visually impaired.

Braille bombing Melbourne to raise accessibility awareness

Monash University researchers will “bomb” signage across Melbourne with stickers containing braille to highlight the importance of accessibility, as part of this year’s Melbourne Knowledge Week.

Accessibility is about much more than lifts and ramps

I once went into a store on Oxford Street and asked the clerk a question, only for him to ignore me and talk to my mother.

Lack of accessible chargers is a barrier to EVs for many disabled drivers

More than two thirds of disabled drivers plan to make the switch to an electric vehicle (EV) in the next decade, according to the UK's largest study of disabled drivers.

What makes a parish 'accessible'?

One of the most important missions of the local parish is modeling the family love which the baptized are called to share, reflecting God’s love for each one of his children. As part of that mission, parishes often have conversations about “accessibility” and “inclusivity” for Catholics with disabilities.

Using AI to improve the health and wellbeing of people with learning disabilities

A new study led by Loughborough University and the Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust will use Artificial Intelligence to improve the health and wellbeing of people with learning disabilities.

The Man Who Controls Computers With His Mind

16 years ago, Dennis DeGray was paralyzed in an accident. Now, implants in his brain allow him some semblance of control.

‘The vehicle for my feelings’: how sign language helped a deaf author find her voice

Sara Nović on writing a novel amid the current Deaf creative revolution and how ASL allowed her to understand herself.

Rebecca A Withey: what to expect from a new hearing aid, by a hearing aid wearer!

This morning I received an email from a ‘hearing aid expert’ which went into detail about what to expect from a new hearing aid. After conducting a little research (aka google!) I soon realised that this expert was, in fact, a hearing audiologist who didn’t personally wear hearing aids.

Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, and Disability Discrimination in Hiring

This guidance explains how algorithms and artificial intelligence can lead to disability discrimination in hiring.

U.S. warns of disability discrimination in using AI to screen job candidates

The Department of Justice and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) each released a technical assistance document about disability discrimination when employers use artificial intelligence (AI) and other software tools to make employment decisions.

Mental Health Apps; do they actually work?

These days there are tools to help you manage those feelings and they’re available right at your fingertips.

Global Report on Assistive Technology (GReAT) Launch

The GReAT report was developed in response to the World Health Assembly resolution WHA71.8 on improving access to assistive technology adopted in May 2018. The global impact of the WHO-UNICEF Global Report on Assistive Technology will be unprecedented. The Global Report recognizes assistive technology and enabling environments as a precondition for people in need to realize their human rights, and shares evidence-based best practice examples and 10 key actionable recommendations on improving access to assistive technology, for everyone, everywhere.

I watched male loved ones deny their hearing loss. Left untreated, it devastated their lives

The gift I would bestow on all fathers is the courage to address the curse that took the intellect of my father, one grandfather and my father-in-law: age-related hearing loss.

The autistic community is having a reckoning with ABA therapy. We should listen

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is seen as the main intervention for autism–but the costly treatment takes its toll on autistic individuals.

Report reveals access to ophthalmology service did not meet accepted standard of care

Deputy Health and Disability Commissioner Dr Vanessa Caldwell today released a report finding a district health board (DHB) in breach of the Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights (the Code) for failing to provide services with reasonable care and skill.

Poor police training lets down persons with disabilities

Inadequate training has been blamed for a lack of confidence among police officers dealing with hate crimes targeted at people with disabilities.

Disabled workers discuss the return to office

One in four Americans has a disability. So employers risk losing out if they don’t consider how a return to office affects disabled workers.

Disability Activists Crash Pro-Assisted Suicide Press Conference

Last Wednesday, five disability rights advocates surprised assisted suicide proponents with some direct action in Albany, NY. They were Alex Thompson from the NY Assn. On Independent Living, Zach Garafalo from Center for Disability Rights (CDR), and Julie Farrar, Cliff Perez and Aaron Baier from the Independent Living Center of the Hudson Valley.

Exclusive: New poll captures how people with disabilities feel about abortion

People with disabilities themselves have been largely absent from the public debate on abortion rights — until now.

It’s not just the US, Britain needs no-protest buffer zones around its abortion clinics too

Women seeking legal healthcare in the UK also suffer harassment. They should be able to claim that right without fear.

DocsWithDisabilities Podcast

Join hosts Drs. Lisa Meeks and Pete Poullos as they take a deeper dive into the experiences of health care providers with disabilities through critical conversations with the doctors, researchers, administrators, faculty and policy makers that work to ensure medicine remains an equal opportunity profession.

‘After Strictly, people told me they wouldn’t be upset if they had a deaf child’

The EastEnders star on inspiring other deaf actors, her passion for painting, and why missing subtitles make her switch off.

Deaf education vote is latest parents' rights battle in L.A.

L.A. Unified School District is poised to vote on a controversial proposal that may reshape education for thousands of deaf and hard-of-hearing students.

Behind the Scenes of a Must-Watch VICE Documentary on the Nursing Home Industry

On this episode, we go behind the scenes of a must-watch VICE News documentary, “How Nursing Homes Hide Profits While Residents Suffer.” In the interview, Tomas Navia (producer) and Joshua Hersh (correspondent) talk about how the documentary came together, what it was like investigating a nursing home chain that doesn’t want to be investigated, the complex financial arrangements surrounding the industry, and more.

Two Behemoths Dominate the Motorized Wheelchair Industry. Disabled Customers Pay the Price

The mom-and-pop shops of the past are gone. In their place? Skeleton crews, long waits, and endless bureaucracy.

Video: Should physician-assisted suicide be allowed in Massachusetts?

Medical aid in dying has a lot of support right now in Massachusetts, and the issue is once again before state lawmakers. John Kelly, the director of Second Thoughts Massachusetts, which describes itself as a progressive disability-rights group against assisted suicide, and Dan Diaz, an advocate for medical aid in dying debated whether physician-assisted suicide should be made legal for terminally ill patients in Massachusetts.

Young men abused by carer in Sydney never got compensation or written apology, disability inquiry t…

Carer who worked for service provider Afford was jailed for three years for abuse, royal commission hears.

‘Staffing crisis’: Advocates say Alberta disability workers leaving jobs because of low wages

The Alberta Disability Workers Association says the industry is facing a staffing crisis, and it has launched a campaign calling on the provincial government to take action.

I’m Still Masking Because I Care About the Most Vulnerable

We have ignored the fact that we are all still in this together.

Discrimination could be a cause of increased risk of Covid death, says ONS

Some of disabled people’s increased risk of death from Covid could be due to the discrimination they face, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has concluded.

Here Is What One Million Covid Deaths In The U.S. Looks Like

A by-the-numbers look at how Covid-19 has impacted the United States.

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