Paraprofessional: Challenging Perception ...

Paraprofessional: Challenging Perceptions Of Learning Disabilities

Nov 03, 2022

Paraprofessional: Challenging Perceptions Of Learning Disabilities

Michelle Steiner is a paraprofessional – a classroom assistant – helping children with learning disabilities, something she herself has. She loves helping students to achieve their potential and in the process is challenging how society perceives people with a learning disability.

I Lived With Undiagnosed Migraine for 8 Years

"These three simple questions could’ve given me a diagnosis earlier."

Insight: My life as an oral deaf person

I recently read quite a lot of backlash from the deaf community regarding an organisation that promoted an exclusive oral and aural approach to teaching deaf children. I felt, as someone who was brought up orally that I wanted to share my experience.

Öffentlicher Nahverkehr: Bund und Länder beschließen 49 Euro Ticket

Bund und Länder haben sich auf die Finanzierung des 49-Euro-Tickets geeinigt. Damit kann einen Monat lang im Nahverkehr pauschal gefahren werden.

Who are the new ENIL Board Members?

Ingrid Thunem: “I believe that independent living philosophy and learning how to take charge in your own life are important principles to make sure we are equal participants in society. As a person I am organised, energized and very engaged within the politics of people with disabilities. I promise to do my best to represent a wide interest and always listen too those who have different experiences than me. As a non-binary lesbian with AD/HD I am used to taking an intersectional approach which I will also bring with me.”

US voters with disabilities face maze of new restrictions | US midterm elections 2022

Nearly 18 million Americans with disabilities voted in the 2020 election, but new laws this year may change turnout.

Commissioner for Equality's speaks at Disability Protest

Speech from EU Commissioner for Equality Helena Dalli at ENIL Conference "Exploring the Future of Independent Living" during the Freedom Drive 2022.

First governments contacted in urgent action against European Care Strategy

The support you already gave made it possible for us to send letters to the governments of Belgium, Germany and Spain. The full list of letters send is published here.

Statement on the European Care Strategy

According to the document, the EU Care Strategy was developed to implement the European Pillar of Social Rights. The new strategy concerns children, older people, but also disabled people, as well as those providing ‘care’ or support. It shows commitment to improving the conditions of workers in the childcare and social sector, as well as the situation of informal workers, and recommends to member states to conclude collective bargaining agreements. The document also highlights the importance of ensuring sustainable financing of social services. To this end, the Commission recommends to member states to promote public and private investment in this area. We welcome these recommendations.

Climate Change and Independent Living – What can we do?

It is true that climate change is real and it is probably the biggest problem we have as humanity right now. It is also true that at ENIL (and at many other organisations in Europe) we were not working much on climate issues and how they affect disabled people. We are a small team, with a specific capacity, and we had to prioritise things. In a continent where our brothers and sisters are denied their human rights and institutions are mushrooming, the green agenda had to wait.

EDS Empower Hour: Special Disability Discussion with Doctors & Lawyers

Unique webinar for patients with hypermobile or other types of Ehlers Danlos syndrome and its comorbidities like POTS. Features guest speakers: Dr. Eric Singman, Ellen Bresnahan from Ben Glass Law and patient advocate and author Christie Cox. Gain tips on what to prepare before you quit work, what to gather before you file, when and what a disability attorney can do for you and how to maximize your doctor appointments to support a SSA or LTD disability claim if you have EDS. Part of the EDS Empower Hour series to celebrate Invisible Illness Awareness Week.

I was an athlete – now I’m 30 and in a wheelchair thanks to long Covid

I know a runner, a fighter, a coach are still in me. But I don’t feel like her any more.

We Are Visible (Too) - Episode 1: Sarah Rightmire

In Episode 1, Sarah Rightmire shares her EDS story. Sarah is a young woman with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, mast cell activation, POTS and many other comorbid conditions who struggles with the stereotypes others have of her as an invisibly disabled young woman. She is 23 years old, currently finishing her psychology and disability studies degree at Chapman University and lives in Santa Ana, California.

A Rare Disease That Underscores the Importance of Abortion Access

Diseases like Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome can make pregnancy dangerous — and abortion access crucial — health advocates say.

Marvel's New Spider-Verse Hero Shows the Struggle of a Real Disease

Marvel's newest Spider-Man variant uses a wheelchair and has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, but she doesn't let it bring her down.

Long COVID Has Forced the U.S. to Take Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Seriously

Only a couple dozen doctors specialize in chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). Now their knowledge could be crucial to treating millions more patients.

Abusing and dangerous interventions against autistic people on the rise

Unproven and dangerous treatment attempts of neurodivergence are spreading, sometimes supported by European Union funds. We urgently need to increase awareness among policy makers and the broader public that those harmful attempts to crack-down on human diversity need to stop.

A Conversation with Tammy Duckworth

ABILITY Magazine interviews Senator Duckworth about Tom Harkin, her commitment to ADA issues and the state of the Senate post-transition.

Bystander Intervention: How To Deescalate Dangerous Situations

What would you do if you saw someone being harassed on the bus, or attacked in broad daylight? Most of us would like to think we know how we'd respond — but intervening in dangerous situations is easier said than done. Here's how to step in.

Transport Minister admits Paris "behind" on transport accessibility

French Minister of Transport Clément Beaune has admitted that "we are behind on our accessibility objectives in transport" with less than two years until the start of the 2024 Paralympic Games in Paris.

Street Fighter 6's game-changing accessibility features set a new standard

Street Fighter 6's recent closed beta test has revealed a swathe of awesome accessibility features bound to greatly help those who need them.

National Autistic Society launches Now I Know campaign to celebrate autistic women and non-binary p…

Now I Know campaign launches, putting a spotlight on the lives of autistic women and non-binary people to redress the balance and improve understanding of autism.

Marking a new era for Accessibility in Qatar

Over the past decade, the nation of Qatar has undergone extensive changes to build the infrastructure and connectivity necessary to support the world’s largest football tournament: the FIFA World Cup™. But more importantly, Qatar has committed to hosting the most accessible and disability-friendly World Cup of all time, with hopes of paving the way for a more accessible country in which all those who live in and visit Qatar – regardless of their abilities – have the means to experience and engage with the world around them on more equitable terms.

Road Map for Inclusion: Changing the Face of Disability in Media

One in four Americans live with disabilities, yet on television and in movies the fraction of disabled people represented is far smaller. When characters with disabilities are portrayed it is often by actors who are not disabled and the portrayals are rife with insidious misconceptions that do not reflect the reality of the lives of disabled people. Behind the scenes, the situation is no better; disabled people are vastly underrepresented as directors, producers, writers and more. The new wave of attention to diversity, representation and inclusion in the entertainment industry has not yet extended to people with disabilities. Though the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act and many other measures prohibit disability discrimination in the U.S., it remains pervasive. Media reflects society and vice versa. People with disabilities are depicted on screen as pitiable, nefarious, or drains on society — depictions at once insulting, false and harmful. These toxic representations seep into mainstream society and shape public discourse on disability.

Supporting is now easier than ever: Our urgent Action against the EU Care Strategy

Last week we called on you, our members and supporters, for your help with our campaign on the European Care Strategy. In its draft Council recommendation the European Commission treats of long-term care. Long-term care implies that there so no more hope for a person to participate equally in life. That is the opposite of what we have been fighting for in the Independent Living Movement. We want equal participation for disabled people in all areas of life and the support services which are necessary to achieve this.

John is disabled, but he can’t access his pension. Why? Long Covid isn’t on the list

As a union rep, I’ve seen many people who are falling through the cracks, says UCU regional official Lydia Richards.

My Body Is Not a Prayer Request

Much of the church has forgotten that we worship a disabled God whose wounds survived resurrection, says Amy Kenny. It is time for the church to start treating disabled people as full members of the body of Christ who have much more to offer than a miraculous cure narrative and to learn from their embodied experiences.

Children Are Bearing Brunt Of Intensifying Crisis Ukraine

How UNICEF is meeting urgent needs of children and families impacted by years of conflict as the situation escalates in the eastern region.

What we learned from the NBC News Fetterman interview

Fetterman's interview with NBC News touched on a spate of topics including his stroke recovery and the policies at stake in his race.

DREDF Condemns the Unabashedly Ableist Response of Mainstream Journalists and Politicians to NBC's …

DREDF is outraged by the ableist criticisms directed at Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman in the wake of his recent NBC interview. During the interview, which aired on Tuesday's "NBC Nightly News" and Wednesday's "Today" show, Fetterman used closed captions to answer questions in real time.

HHC Emergency Meeting Petition

Talevski v. HHC, an Indiana nursing home case, is headed to the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) that could roll back an individual’s ability to sue to enforce their civil rights in the United States, harming tens of millions of Americans, especially disabled Hoosiers, Medicaid members, and those of us enrolled in other social safety net programs!

The Health & Hospital Corporation of Marion County is poised to roll back legal protections for mil…

An Indiana nursing home case is currently before the U.S. Supreme Court that could roll back civil rights law in the United States, harming tens of millions of the most vulnerable citizens across our country.

Kentfield students meet civil rights activist, author

Judith Heumann, a noted advocate for disabled people, chatted with Kent Middle School students who had read her book.

This is what hearing loss looks and sounds like

After a hearing test, you’ll be given a chart called an audiogram, which gives you detailed information about your hearing in both ears.

NSW emerging filmmakers with disabilities in the lens

The Screenability Filmmakers Fund offers up to three teams $30,000 each in production finance. An Executive Producer will be appointed to oversee all three projects, and a NSW-based mentor will be engaged for the practitioner with disabilities.

Women with autism show signs of depression and anxiety during pregnancy

Women with autism are more likely experience depression and anxiety during pregnancy, according to a new British study.

Bus Users welcomes initiative from First Bus to build tolerance and understanding

First Bus is launching a ‘Month of Inclusion’ on Tuesday 1 November to coincide with Purple Tuesday, a social movement to improve the customer experience for disabled people and their families.

Signs of Disability

We see indications of disability everywhere: yellow diamond-shaped “deaf person in area” road signs, the telltale shapes of hearing aids, or white-tipped canes sweeping across footpaths. But even though the signs are ubiquitous, Stephanie L. Kerschbaum argues that disability may still not be perceived due to a process she terms “dis-attention.”

COVID-19 Activates Same Brain Inflammation As In Parkinson’s Disease

The study findings show that COVID-19 affects the brain in a similar way to some dementia diseases.

IDD Services Still Haven’t Rebounded From COVID Shutdowns

When state officials approved Devon Geiger for the most comprehensive benefits Pennsylvania offers for adults with autism and intellectual disabilities, her mother, Deb Geiger, had peace of mind. She thought her daughter would get the services she needed.

It's OK to Accept Help When Parenting a Child With a Disability

"I can handle quite a lot on my own, but why should I, if I don't have to?"

This sci-fi vest combats winter cold with phase change materials

Instead of using batteries and electronics, this vest will make you feel warm and fuzzy thanks to some infinitely reusable chemical magic.

The Future Perfect 50: Joy Buolamwini, founder of the Algorithmic Justice League

How a personal experience with facial recognition tech sparked a broad campaign for algorithmic justice.

Duolingo says its English language tests for visas are cheap and secure

The founder of the language app is in talks with the UK government about offering its online test to visa applicants, at less than £50 a time.

5 Essential Considerations to Simplify Daily Life as a Disabled Individual

Life as a disabled individual can be difficult. Everyday tasks such as getting dressed, cooking meals, or brushing teeth can become a little more challenging. However, with a bit of organization and forethought, it is possible to simplify daily life. In this blog post, we will discuss four essential considerations that can help make life easier for those who live with a disability.

Teenage entrepreneur Mariella Satow tells us about SignUp, sign language interpretation for Disney+…

My name is Mariella Satow, I am 18 years old and I have British-American citizenship. I am hearing and have been studying American Sign Language (ASL) for two years.

Stephanus Pretorius: Working hard and discovering my deaf identity

My name is Stephanus Pretorius. I am Deaf. I was born in South Africa but moved to the UK with my family when I was eighteen years old. Therefore, I use different sign languages, namely SASL, BSL and I’ve also been learning some ASL.

Helping the Well-Spouses and Family Caregivers in Your Life

"Here is what would help the most."

Easy Ways to Support the Caregiver in Your Life

"This is an opportunity to reflect and reset how we care for the caregivers in our life."

Three Wheelchair-Using Realtors Share Ways to Find an Accessible Home

If building an accessible home sounds like too much work, you can always seek out a home on the real estate market.

Dreaming Big About Little Spaces

When I was a kid, I dreamed of living in an ancient stone castle, filled with winding narrow stairways and secret passageways.

Sex Work and Disability: Introduction To The Special Issue

When thinking of disability, sex workers rarely, if ever, come to mind despite growing evidence that many sex workers have disabilities (Tastrom 2019, 2020; Hacking//Hustling 2021, Jones 2021; Disabled Women's Network of Canada 2014). There is a paucity of published academic research about sex workers with disabilities (Erickson 2015; Fritsch et al. 2016; Piper 2019; Tastrom 2020; Jones 2020). Thus, this special issue of Disability Studies Quarterly on Sex Work and Disability aims to advance academic and public understanding of disabilities and sexualities, emphasizing the labor experiences of disabled sex workers.

Blind people amongst those worst affected by cost of living crisis

The Royal National Institute of the Blind (RNIB) conducted a survey recently, asking 125 blind and visually impaired individuals to explain how the cost of living crisis was affecting them.

Disabled Subway Riders Sue MTA Over 7-Inch Platform Gaps

A new class-action lawsuit is demanding the MTA do something to actually fix them.

The Ugly Laws

The murky history behind municipal laws criminalizing disability.

Designing for people of different abilities

As the world becomes more connected, it’s important to design for everyone. The web is no exception, and that includes people with different abilities. This includes individuals who are dyslexic, ADHD or have a learning disability like ASD. Designing for these groups can be tricky: they may not understand what they see on the screen or how to interact with it. Here are some tips for designing websites and apps that will help all users but especially those with disabilities.

Microsoft Releases New Adaptive Computer Accessories

Microsoft has released a line of versatile and customizable peripherals designed to make using Windows PCs easier for individuals with disabilities.

Add accessibility to your Unity games

Learn how you can make your Unity games accessible on Apple platforms using our open source Accessibility plug-in. Follow along as we add support for assistive technologies like VoiceOver and Switch Control to a sample Unity game project. We'll show you how you can automatically scale text with Dynamic Type, support interface accommodations like reduced transparency or increased contrast, and more.

New Adaptive eSports Program is Changing the Game

Thanks to a generous grant from the Craig H. Neilsen Foundation, the Atlanta chapter of United Spinal Association has launched the first community-based adaptive video game and eSports program in Georgia. The chapter is conducting gaming clinics and workshops to introduce the sport to the SCI/D community. It also shares its knowledge of accessible gaming and technology with rehabilitation professionals and others who are interested in establishing eSports programs in their areas.

By Being Your Own Advocate, Amazing Things Can Happen

When Mighty contributor David Anthony faced an uncertain health scare, he did the only thing that made sense to him: he started writing.

New Plays: Japan

Join us for a series of staged readings, bringing brand new plays from three of the most exciting new voices in Japanese theatre to the Royal Court.

Have your say on Ageing and Disability Commissioner legislation

“The NSW Government first introduced this legislation in 2019 to promote and protect the rights of older people and adults with disabilities,” Mrs Maclaren-Jones said. 

Fund launched to help New Zealanders with disabilities campaign for Parliament

A fund to support candidates with disabilities to participate in parliamentary elections is now open for applications.

Building an Accessible Home to Fit Your Life

Five fellow wheelchair users about how they designed and built homes that worked for them and, ultimately, changed their lives.

Kitchen Hacks

A well-designed kitchen can make cooking easier and more enjoyable.

Home Renovation: 21st Century Laundry and Kitchen

My husband, Ali, and I bought a 2,100 square foot, rambler-style home in Bellevue, Washington, a few years ago. It is the perfect size for us and sits on a flat piece of property in a good school district. The house was built in 1963, though, and needed work. Most of the floors were covered in carpet — my manual wheelchair’s nemesis. The kitchen was falling apart. When I opened a drawer, wood pieces would sprinkle down all over the utensils in the drawer below it. And the washer and dryer were in the garage. Rolling down a ramp with a basket of dirty laundry on my lap and then back up it with the clean clothes, which I sometimes dropped, was super annoying.

Bathroom Hacks

An accessible bathroom that works for your specific needs is an essential part of any well-planned home remodel. Whether you want a roll-in shower, an accessible tub or a wet room, putting a little extra thought into the layout and products that go into your redesign can go a long way toward making it a room where you can truly take care of yourself.

Accessibility at 2022 True Colours Festival Concert (with Katy Perry!)

Amelia and I always say, if there is one singer that we would love to take Braeden to meet, it’s Katy Perry. The sheer spectacle of her performance would have him dazzled. Plus, when we watched the documentary on her, we loved the way she interacted with the various people doing the meet and greets. She seems so genuine and inclusive. It might be a while until Braeden can meet Katy in person, but in the meantime there’s a pretty awesome inclusive event in Tokyo. And while we’re not packing our bags, sadly, there is a way to be involved.

8 Tips for Traveling With Catheters During the Holidays

The fall holidays are meant to be a relaxing time spent with family and friends, but if you have to travel to get together with your loved ones, then you know that this can be a hectic time.

Inaccessible Cities: An interactive web experience by AJ Contrast

Three women living with disabilities in New York City, Lagos and Mumbai tell us what it is like to navigate their cities.

Building a Sense of Belonging at Google and Beyond

Learn how we create a sense of belonging by building an inclusive culture with diverse perspectives to better the workplace, society, and our products.

10 Things I’m AMAZED You Can Actually See!

Learn how Google is is building for a world where everyone can belong at https://Belonging.Google

Disability Justice

Doha Debates has original videos, artwork, live shows, and more to help you learn more about disability justice.

Free Podcast Transcription: How To Transcribe On a Budget

Don't have the money to transcribe your podcast? In this blog, we cover options and best practices for free podcast transcription.

To Be Seen — Buoy's Chronic Illness Campaign

To Be Seen is Buoy's first ever brand campaign and it spotlights the silent battles those with chronic illnesses face.

Blindness and vision impairment

WHO fact sheet on blindness and visual impairment providing key facts, definitions, causes, who is at risk, global and WHO response.

Mastercard introduces accessible card for blind and partially sighted people

Mastercard extends its commitment to inclusivity by introducing a new accessible card standard for blind and partially sighted people, called the Touch Card. There are few effective ways for the visually impaired to quickly determine whether they're holding a credit, debit or prepaid card, particularly as more cards move to flat designs without embossed name and numbers. Mastercard is addressing this challenge with a simple yet effective innovation.

Nothing About Us Without Us - Disability Justice

On this episode of “Gathering Ground,” Mary was thrilled to talk to Rahnee Patrick, Director of the Division of Rehabilitation Services for the Illinois Department of Human Services, and artist Sandie Yi. They discussed Rahnee’s experience at Access Living and the Department of Human Services and Sandie’s experience as an artist and disability culture worker.

Crip Magazine

We are delighted to present, on the occasion of the 17th İstanbul Biennial, the fifth edition of Crip Magazine, an intermittent publication initiated and edited by Eva Egermann.

When health care policy started catching up to intersex justice

Intersex advocates have seen a surge of support of their calls for compassionate and humane medical care. Health care institutions are finally starting to take note.


Capitalism & Disability

Best in Disability Awareness in Social Media

The nominees for the Best Best in Disability Awareness in Social Media Shorty Award.

Smart Caption Glasses

In collaboration with the Institute on Disabilities at Temple University and The National Theatre of Great Britain, we are the first theatre in the United States to offer Smart Caption Glasses (SCG) to our audience.

A Better Museum Experience for Color-Blind Visitors

At the Dallas Museum of Art, visitors with red-green deficiencies can now check out a pair of color blindness alleviation lenses at no cost.

The Liberatory Potential of Teaching Design from a Body in Pain – Eye on Design

“As disabled folk, we are designed out of the classroom, and so designed out of applying our particular knowledge to the designed world.”

Woman with rare muscular disease sings to exercise her lungs

Songwriter Tabitha Haly loves to sing but her singing serves another purpose. It's a technique that helps keep her lungs strong as she deals with spinal muscular atrophy, a degenerative condition that affects muscle movement and respiration.


Singer-Songwriter, Motivator, Disability Rights Advocate’s New Album Release Oct. 15, as Part of Disability Month.

Tabitha Haly

Tabitha Haly is a singer-songwriter in NYC whose musical career aligns with her advocacy for people with disabilities as she inspires those who feel different.

The Bookseller

Lead Story: The Disability Issue.

New book aims to make hiking more accessible for all bodies

Syren Nagakyrie has always loved nature, but hasn't always been able to enjoy the outdoors.

The Disabled Hiker's Guide to Western Washington and Oregon: Outdoor Adventures Accessible by Car, …

The Disabled Hiker’s Guide to Western Washington and Oregon is the first book of its kind to consider the diverse needs of disabled people in the outdoors. This groundbreaking guidebook includes 60 outdoor adventures, including drive-up experiences, verified wheelchair accessible trails, and foot trails suitable for disabled hikers. This guide removes one of the barriers to access — a lack of information — by utilizing a rating system and detailed trail information designed for the disability community. Each trail is personally assessed according to Syren’s skilled and detailed review and established accessibility guidelines.

Disabled Hikers

Building Disability Community and Justice in the Outdoors.

How Communities Offer Joy, Belongingness to Disabled People

The difference between the ways disabled and non-disabled people experience the world, can create a vast empathy gap between them.

What’s At The Heart Of Black Disability Politics? with Professor Sami Schalk - Getting Curious wi…

In 1977 more than 100 disabled activists in San Francisco took over a federal building for 25 days. It was the longest non-violent occupation of a federal building in United States history. As they advocated for their rights, they found an ally in the Black Panther Party, which understood that disability rights were connected with their own anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist racial justice work. This week, Professor Sami Schalk joins Jonathan to discuss how Black cultural workers have approached disability as a social and political issue in the U.S. from the 1970s to the present, and what it looks like to honor Black disability politics through language, legislation, and beyond.

Bed Zine Issue Three

Bed Zine Issue Three is a curated selection of art and writing by disabled creatives from around the world. It explores the complex relationships that the contributors have with their beds through poetry, nonfiction writing, ceramic and textile works, illustration, painting, and more.

Refugees criticise disability sector gaps | St George & Sutherland Shire Leader

Disabled refugees and carers have told the Disability Royal Commission that services such as the National Disability Insurance Scheme are alienating people rather than helping those most in need.

Ukraine project stories

Learn more about our work through the voices of its protagonists.

Updates from the EDF/CBM Ukraine Project

On 20 and 21 September, we met our donor CBM International to discuss about the progress we have made since the beginning of the “EDF/CBM Ukraine Project”, in March 2022.

UN experts call for urgent action to protect Ukrainian children with disabilities in residential ca…

UN human rights experts are gravely concerned about the thousands of Ukrainian children with disabilities who were living in residential institutions and have been evacuated from war zones to Western Ukraine or to other countries, as well as those who have remained in unsafe areas. In particular, the experts draw attention to children with high support requirements* who are negatively affected by institutionalization.

Full article: Assistive technologies are central to the realization of the Convention on the Rights…

Assistive technologies (ATs) promote participation and inclusion in society, and support access to health, social services, education, work and other important life experiences for persons with disabilities, older people and those with chronic conditions. The Global Report on Assistive Technology, launched in May 2022 by WHO and UNICEF, calls for concrete actions to improve access to AT globally, and recognizes AT as both a means to, and an end itself, in the achievement of rights of persons with disabilities. The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD, 2006) is the most widely ratified human rights convention, affirming the right to participation in society on an equal basis with others.

The Case for Investing in Assistive Technology

In this new report, ATscale describes the enormous gains that access to assistive technology (AT) can have in health, for the community and the economy. The figures are dramatic: investment in the provision of four assistive products - hearing aids, prostheses, eyeglasses, and wheelchairs - will result in a return on investment of 9:1.

Global Report on Assistive Technology

There is a large, unmet need for assistive technology worldwide. The Global Report on Assistive Technology was developed in response to the World Health Assembly resolution (WHA71.8) on improving access to assistive technology adopted in May 2018. The Global Report is expected to play an instrumental role in setting the global roadmap for improving access to assistive technology for everyone, everywhere.

Developing a framework for inclusive and resilient assistive technology policy

Dr. Emma Smith has recently joined EDF as a Marie Sklowdowska-Curie Research Fellow, in partnership with the Assisting Living and Learning (ALL) Institute at Maynooth University (Ireland). Researchers at the ALL Institute work extensively on policy issues, including partnership with civil society organizations, using participatory research approaches to ensure the work is grounded in the experiences of people with disabilities.

European Day of Persons with Disabilities 2022 - Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion

The European Commission organises this annual conference in partnership with the European Disability Forum to mark the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. This 2-day event brings together more than 400 policy-makers, high-level experts and disability advocates. The wide participation of persons with disabilities allows for hearing their concerns and aspirations and to establish a dialogue with public authorities and other stakeholders.

Increasing cost of living: Persons with disabilities hit harder

Prices are higher while disability allowances and salaries diminish or stay the same. Assistive technologies have become more expensive, pushing persons with disabilities deeper into poverty. Elevated energy costs limit the use of heating, aggravating chronic pain and health issues.

Mental health and social media: tips from young people on how to take care of your mental health in…

On 7 October 2022, ahead of World Mental Health Day and in the framework of the European Year of Youth, we organised an event to discussed and learn how social media impact mental health, especially for young people.

Breast cancer: persons with disabilities receive late diagnosis

October is breast cancer awareness month. It is essential to understand that persons with disabilities are not only at higher risk of developing cancer but also of receiving a late diagnosis and treatment. This leads to a higher mortality rate than people without disabilities. Women with disabilities are no exception.

Gender Equality Week: outsized discrimination against women with disabilities

European Gender Equality Week 2022 runs from 24 to 30 October. During this week, several European Parliament Committees and Delegations organised sessions addressing gender equality issues in their policy areas. The European Institute for Gender Equality also held the first Gender Equality Forum.

Interview with MEP Katrin Langensiepen – "Independent living is still one of the key fights when …

This is the seventh of a series of interviews with Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). In this interview, we spoke with MEP Katrin Langensiepen about the expectations regarding the future AccessibleEU centre, which report was recently debated and approved with 611 votes. We also spoke about her intersectional approach to political reports, papers and debates and about her takeaways from the Conference of State Parties to the CRPD, which she attended last June.

CRPD Committee announces countries for review in 2023

The United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD Committee) published the countries that will be reviewed in 2023.

"The future will be accessible": Parliament votes on AccessibleEU Centre

On 4 October, the European Parliament discussed and approved MEP Langensiepen’s self-initiative report on the AccessibleEU centre. The report was overwhelmingly approved with 611 votes (out of 623 voters).

Artificial Intelligence Act needs to protect human rights

Twelve civil society organisations, including the European Disability Forum (EDF), have signed an open letter calling the Czech presidency of the Council and EU ministers to ensure fundamental rights protections in their position on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act. The letter, released on 17 October, draws attention to several essential elements that are missing from the Council’s draft position.

Disability rights and inclusion in the new EU Global Health Strategy

EDF and the International Disability and Development Consortium (IDDC) have submitted a joint position paper in response to the European Commission’s call for evidence regarding the new EU Global Health Strategy.

DisabilityHub Europe. The 2030 Agenda, SDGs and Disability

The seventh anniversary of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals was recently celebrated in a scenario marked by a severe global systemic crisis. The consequences of COVID-19, a strong energy crisis, high inflation and scarcity of raw materials, in addition to the climate emergency, highlight the need to change the pace and model of development. In such a complex international context, sustainability, inclusion and climate action stand as strategic pillars on which to sustain the present and build the future of our society. In this regard, Fernando Riaño, Director for Institutional Relations and Sustainability at ONCE Social Group, recalls: “The 2030 Agenda and the SDG constitute an essential pillar to build a more sustainable and inclusive future, in which persons with disabilities ¾more than 1 billion people around the world, the “largest minority”¾ cannot be left behind. Disability is part of the equation when it comes to achieving Sustainability in its three ESG dimensions”.

Ableism in the Workplace

Workplace opportunities for people with disabilities have greatly expanded, but there are still problems with ableism in the workplace.

First show in 100 years of disabled Victorian artist Sarah Biffin opens in London

Accomplished miniaturist and a household name in 19th century was born without arms and hands.

How I Cope With the Hardest Things About Living With Fibromyalgia

"Despite these challenges, I’ve come a long way on my journey to recovery from my chronic pain."

Horror Stories From The Ableist Society

There’s a chill in the air that shocks the crunchy autumn leaves towards the ground, letting us know Halloween has arrived in the Appalachian Mountains. The Halloween Season kicks off one of the best times of the year, but as we are immersed in festive fun we can’t help but be haunted by the fact that the horror which comes with living disabled in an Ableist Society isn’t just a seasonal “trick”. It’s ALWAYS “Fright Night” when a culture built upon a false sense of superiority dictates your entire being as a disabled person.

Down Syndrome advocacy, competitive swimming, modeling and more

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, and I'm excited to host my first podcast guest who is talking about Down syndrome! Mary Borman is an ambassador for Down syndrome and 2018 Self-Advocate of the Year for the National Down Syndrome Society. We recorded this episode a few weeks ago, while Mary was preparing to compete at the Down Syndrome World Swimming Championships in Portugal this month.

‘I get yelled at a lot’: can TikTok help wheelchair users reclaim the streets of Hanoi? | Globa…

Hieu Thi Luu has had millions of views on her videos showing how hard it is for disabled people to negotiate everyday life in the Vietnamese capital.

Vulnerability, caring and accidents or illness - my latest experience

Caring for a loved one with a disability is complex and knowing how vulnerable you become if you are ill or have an accident is such a worry.

Jordan News Agency launches weekly sign language news bulletin

The Jordan News Agency (Petra) launched a weekly sign language news bulletin to serve people with hearing disabilities on October 22.

One of the World's Biggest Killers Is on the Rise Again

There were an estimated 10.6 million cases and 1.6 million deaths caused by tuberculosis last year, a WHO report has found.

Designing Facilities For Crime Victims With Disabilities

Designing the prototype for the Adults Advocacy Center of Ohio required JCJ Architecture to speak to a number of stakeholders from both the disabilities and criminal forensics worlds.

Suella Braverman’s decisions led to diphtheria and scabies at migrant hub

Decisions made by Suella Braverman led directly to overcrowding and outbreaks of scabies and diphtheria at a migrant processing centre in Kent, The Times has been told.

New Brutalism and web accessibility: what you need to know

New Brutalism is a trend that has been growing in popularity over the past several years. A rejection of the sleek and modernist style of buildings that came out of the post-war era, Brutalism is more raw and unrefined. In its rejection of glamor, Brutalism creates an almost industrial aesthetic, often with exposed concrete and other materials reminiscent of factories or warehouses.

Included: The Disability Equity Podcast

A podcast from the Johns Hopkins University Disability Health Research Center that challenges stereotypes of disability by sharing stories, data, and news.

Power not pity

A Podcast for Disabled People of Color Everywhere.

Down to the Struts

A podcast about disability and design, where we uncover the building blocks for a more inclusive world. Hosted by Qudsiya Naqui.

Barrier Free Futures

Episodes reflecting health, home/community living, arts/entertainment, legislation, technology, sports and recreation, education and employment activities, events and resources affecting persons with disabilities from a wide range of ages, ethnic and economic backgrounds.

Disabled Comedians

Today’s episode is damn funny with comedians Maysoon Zayid and Danielle Perez. Maysoon and Danielle share how they got started in comedy, the barriers they face in the entertainment industry, what they find funny, and the role of comedians in resisting oppression.

Disability Etiquette

Etiquette is strange, man. Disability just makes it stranger, right? Doesn’t it? Let’s talk about it. A transcript for this episode can be found here.

Disabled Writers

Increasing disability diversity in journalism.

8 Disability Podcasts That Are Well Worth A Listen

Podcasting offers a unique and particularly enriching way for disabled people get information, emotional enrichment, and a more personal sense of connection, all from their own homes and devices.

One Thing is Certain in Life – You will Have a Disability

Whether you were born with a disability, acquired one throughout your life, have had a temporary disability due to a broken arm requiring special accommodations for a period of time, or are just getting older — I’m pretty sure everyone on the planet, at one time or another, has had to deal with hardships requiring specialized solutions to help you adapt to your life.


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