How to Talk to Kids About People with Di ...

How to Talk to Kids About People with Disabilities

Feb 03, 2022

How to Talk to Kids About People with Disabilities

Kids are naturally curious, and when they see people who look different than them, they may point it out and ask why. Dr. Ayers, a mom, psychologist, and a person with a disability, shares tips for talking to children about disabilities and valuing differences.

You want to know what?

People with MS get a lot of questions. Here are some tips on how to answer these questions if you feel comfortable, or not answering them.

No, large language models aren’t like disabled people

There’s a tendency I’ve observed where people trying to argue that language models “understand” language to draw analogies to the experience of disabled people (especially blind and Deafblind people). These analogies are both false and dehumanizing. A recent blog post by a Google VP provides a particularly elaborated version of this. In this post, I lay out why and how it is problematic with the goal of helping readers to spot & resist such harmful and flawed argumentation.

I am disabled, queer and proud

Adult disabled people exist. And as exactly as able-bodied adults we are sexual beings able to recognize who we are attracted to, able to fall in love and able to consent to having sex. If we say, we are queer then we are queer. We aren’t confused, we weren’t groomed or manipulated into liking the same gender (or multiple genders) anymore than any other queer person.

When Chronic Illness Changes Your Plans as a Young Adult

"It's not what I planned, but it's my new reality."

Autistic People’s Human Rights Are Not Being Met

A greater understanding of neurodiversity can and should allow more people to live in a genuinely inclusive society.

I applaud your work Dylan Alcott, but we can’t all ‘love’ our disability

As we listen to the new Australian of the Year, don’t forget there are many other stories that might not be quite as heartwarming but that represent the daily reality of disability.

Podcast: The Intersection of Race and Disability

Today we have a special pop-up podcast interview with some folks I met at the CEC Conference in Orlando this week.

Disabled Deaths Are Not Your “Encouraging News”

“Comorbidities” is a weaselly, cruel, violent word.

Podcast: When an Intellectual Disability Means Life or Death

This month: Pervis Payne's death penalty case reveals the convoluted relationship between science and the courts.

Adalia Rose, A Disability Advocate And YouTuber, Has Died. She Was 15 Years Old

In Adalia’s videos, she reminded viewers that she was a teenager with a whip-sharp wit and a keen sense of humor. Millions of people will remember Adalia as an outspoken and vivacious person who advocated for adolescents with Hutchinson-Gilford progeria.

I can’t remember!

My body is forever changing as I get older. But not quite in the way you might be thinking. Everyone’s body changes in different ways, for instance; you might gain or lose a few pounds, your hair changes colour or becomes thinner, your complexion isn’t quite the same as when you was younger and yes even though miner cosmetic work. Whether it’s through growing older or the minor tweaks we might possibly do ourselves there is no question that we never stay the the same, our bodies change.

Sia Became Suicidal Over ‘Music’ Backlash: An Autistic Person Responds

What's your take?

He Lost Fingers in an Accident. Now It’s Inspiring His Art

After a life-changing injury with a table saw blade, John Powers asked friends to help sculpt a solution. His project to regain his craft is the most important art he’s done yet.

Video: Engineers Aim to Make Music More Accessible

These engineers are taking good vibrations to the next level — here's how they're transforming sound waves to make music more accessible & help deaf people better enjoy it.

United States Artists Fellowship in Media (2022)

Critical Design Lab is honored to have received the 2022 United States Artists fellowship in Media, which will support our continued work in disability culture and design!

Yoga apps for chronic pain and disability

Yoga can be tricky if you have pain or have mobility limitations.

Review of the Orcam MyEye

The Orcam MyEye is not only a fascinating piece of tech designed for those who are blind or sight impaired, it is also the perfect design!

Audio Technology Helps Blind People Follow Australian Open Tennis

At the Australian Open tennis tournament, new technology is translating the movement of the ball into sounds to help blind and low-vision fans follow the action.

Nike ACG Gaiadome FlyEase Boot won’t be available for retail

Inclusive design should be available to everyone.

Why Scientific Journals Should Become More Accessible to the General Public

Is there value in making publications more accessible, and how scientific journals can go about making their writing more widely understood.

Accessibility awareness is on the rise, but is it turning into action?

Are organizations finally getting the message on the importance of accessibility?

How AI is being used to improve disability employment

Sammy was diagnosed with Autism at a young age. I first met him through his Microsoft internship application and followed him on his path to becoming a full-time employee. Sammy is not his real name, but his experience is very real. Like many people with a disability, he has felt excluded from society at times, first at school when he wanted to help fellow students with autism, but the administration discouraged him from doing so because of his disability. As he grew up, he worried these imposed limitations would carry over into employment, so he learned to mask his disability to avoid the stigma he might encounter in job interviews.

Google Accessibility leader who seeks to transform the view on people with disabilities

“Disability is not a monolith. The People with disabilities we are all different. My role is that this is known through the stories we tell and the products we manufacture “, he tells TN KR Liu, Director of Accessibility of Google. Diagnosed with severe hearing loss at age three, KR was a strong advocate for using new technologies to improve the way people connect in the world.

How we can ensure EVs are an accessible reality for everyone

This final EV Y podcast episode explores the challenges and the opportunities around accessibility and eMobility to ensure no one gets left behind in the transition to EVs.

This is what happens when inclusive design takes a backseat

Here are 4 tangible ways to make product design more diverse from the outset.

Breaking the Barriers to Online Financial Services Accessibility

Today, more people than ever before are going online to do personal banking, research and apply for loans, and access financial information and toolkits.

8 adaptable clothing brands for people with disabilities

Because everyone deserves to feel and look good.

Broke with Accessible Taste: Understanding the Economics of Digital Access in America

Conversations about digital accessibility are predominantly centered on the technical and monetary expenses of implementation in products and applications. Missing from these conversations are socioeconomic factors faced by people with disabilities that can be significant blockers to digital access more than any design or technical inaccessibility.

Quick accessibility tests anyone can do

Accessibility consultancy with a focus on inclusion. We can help you with knowledge, experience, strategy, assessments, and development.

Testing is a scary word

Can you keep a secret? Here’s why you should keep testing your product with users, but not say that’s what you’re doing. Basically – how to test with users without anyone knowing!

Creating empathy with users who have accessibility needs - Accessibility in government

This is for everyone: documenting how we rebuild inclusive digital services across government.

New free Accessibility and Inclusive Design Guide features AbilityNet

The Business Application Software Developers Association has announced today a free aid to help businesses support their accessibility agenda.

Making IT accessible for all!

Recent experiences have demonstrated that University staff and students expect to use online resources with a variety of devices, making full use of accessibility features such as reflow, captions, and text-to-speech. Such features benefit everyone, but especially the increasing proportion of university students who self-report a disability. University Information Technology departments know they must commit to accessibility; indeed, they have a legal obligation to do so, but how can they take this ambition and embed accessibility within their policies and processes?

Accessibility and Developer Experience

On this episode, our hosts Sarah and Bryan are chatting about accessibility with Kitty Giraudel. Kitty is a front-end developer and accessibility specialist who is currently leading the front-end team at Gorillas. Before this, they have led the front-end team to rebuild the web platform at N26, with a strong focus on accessibility.

View accessibility features as customization - Think with Google APAC

Here’s why technology designers should think of accessibility features as customizable options that benefit everyone in an effect known as the curb-cut effect.

Teach and Advocate Overview

The Website of the World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Accessibility Initiative.

Accessibility as a design pattern

Getting started with accessibility-driven testing and test-driven accessibility.

Use Mozilla DeepSpeech to enable speech to text in your application

One of the primary functions of computers is to parse data. Some data is easier to parse than other data, and voice input continues to be a work in progress. There have been many improvements in the area in recent years, though, and one of them is in the form of DeepSpeech, a project by Mozilla, the foundation that maintains the Firefox web browser. DeepSpeech is a voice-to-text command and library, making it useful for users who need to transform voice input into text and developers who want to provide voice input for their applications.

A Guide to Social Media Accessibility

For decades, people with disabilities have been unable to navigate social media platforms due to a lack of accessibility. Unfortunately, many fail to realize that no matter how inclusive the content of their social media posts, the posts themselves could still be inaccessible, and therefore, aren’t inclusive of people with disabilities. The good news is, with the help of such features as alt text, captions, and CamelCase hashtags, businesses and private citizens alike can give their socials an accessibility makeover.

As a disabled person, social media has been a lifeline

The internet bypasses what keeps us apart: inaccessible transport, a lack of appropriate care, pain and fatigue.

Why Assessing My Screen Time Is Complicated as a Disabled Person

"I have to acknowledge the accessibility that is provided to me through screens."

Against Access

An autographed game-used baseball—bearing personalized inscriptions by two players on the Minnesota Twins, Chuck Knoblauch and Hall of Famer Kirby Puckett—is the sole surviving physical evidence of a childhood consumed by sports. Although it’s not inaccurate to say I was born DeafBlind, since I have the progressive-blindness condition known as Usher syndrome, it’s often more helpful to say I was born Deaf and gradually became blind, growing into my DeafBlind identity. As a kid, I had tens of thousands of baseball cards that I would strain my eyes to read. My shrines to that time are all gone now, save for this one baseball. I never thought I would entertain the idea of giving it away, but here I am. Should I keep it? It doesn’t take up much space. But what does it mean to me now? It’s like a moon rock, a lonely object out of space and time.

Abu Dhabi publishes 'Our Sheikhs, Our Role Model' in braille

A new book for students with vision disabilities detailing the inspiring role of the UAE's leadership has been published in braille by the Department of Culture and Tourism - Abu Dhabi.

New initiative to strengthen cooperation between Arab and EU countries on disability rights

To push for greater economic and social inclusion of persons with disabilities, the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA), in cooperation with the Ministry for Inclusion, Social Wellbeing and Voluntary Organizations (MIWV) of the Republic of Malta and the UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities announced the signature of a Letter of Understanding with respect to  the “EU-Arab Cooperation Forum on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities”.

Interview with Japan’s First Person with a severe Disability in the Member of the House of Counci…

Eiko Kimura is the first person with a severe disability who is a member of the House of Councillors in Japan. Here’s a little background on Japan’s National Diet for those not familiar with it. The Diet contains two branches of Japan’s legislature. One branch in the lower house is the House of Representatives. The other branch is the upper house, which is the House of Councillors.

British Sign Language to become recognised language in the UK | Deafness and hearing impairment

British Deaf Association says move will give deaf people ‘equal access to education and public services’.

He Was Given 6 Months to Live. Then He Changed D.C.

Brian Wallach was diagnosed with ALS the day his daughter came home from the hospital. In the time since, he’s radically changed how medical advocacy works and how the government approaches medical research.

The Gaps in Mental Health Care Hospitals

“Patients deserve better.”

My disabled life is worthy

Unfortunately, a surprising number of people seem to agree it wouldn’t be so bad if the world population were culled a bit.

What can you learn from the people who cant go back to a pre-pandemic life?

It's worth sitting with the idea of forgetting what we once had, so that we may move forward.

COVID risk can mean something very different for people with disabilities

The roughly 7 million Americans who are immunocompromised — including many people with disabilities — live with much higher risk of COVID-19, and near-constant vigilance.

Omicron Is Terrifying For People With Chronic Illnesses And Disabilities

“It’s not only saying ‘We didn’t consider chronically ill and disabled people when we created these guidelines,’ but ‘We also don’t care if you die.’”

Don’t Forget the Immunocompromised

Vaccines don’t work for everyone, so the government should be buying more doses of treatments that can help.

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