Helping My Daughter With Down Syndrome N ...

Helping My Daughter With Down Syndrome Navigate Challenges at Preschool

Oct 12, 2022

Helping My Daughter With Down Syndrome Navigate Challenges at Preschool

"I could not have been prouder of my strong, sassy little girl."

Not another UX designer

Why we don’t need more UX designers. Not a single one more.

How Accepting My Bipolar Disorder Is Healing My Sibling Relationship

"Recently I have decided to let go of the envy I have held onto for so long."

MIND Institute hosts ‘Learning Together’ virtual Spanish conference

The UC Davis MIND Institute’s Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities(CEDD) is hosting a conference for the Spanish-speaking community. The focus is on improving life for individuals with developmental disabilities such as fragile X syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, intellectual disability and Down syndrome.

Global Coalition on Deinstitutionalization

The Global Coalition on Deinstitutionalization (‘GC-DI’) calls on all bodies and agencies of the UN to support the implementation of the UN Guidelines on Deinstitutionalization, including in Emergencies (‘the Guidelines’). We further call on States parties and regional integration organizations to align reform processes with the authoritative guidance being provided to them by the adoption of the Guidelines. We urge all stakeholders to ensure that deinstitutionalization processes conform to the letter and spirit of the Convention, and prioritise the leadership of persons with disabilities.

Who is Most at Risk of Being Bullied - And What Can We Do About It?

Some folks have an outdated, inaccurate sentiment around bullying: that it’s a right of passage and just part of growing up. It’s a dangerous ideology that downplays the severity of bullying and puts kids at continued risk of being tormented. The reality is that bullying is everywhere and is a significant cause for concern. That’s why we spend October talking about it openly: to prevent it from happening to more kids.

Birmingham NHS Trust fined over failure to obtain consent to treat Deaf patient

University Hospitals Birmingham (UHB) NHS Foundation Trust has had to pay £8,000 in fines after they failed to obtain consent to care and treat a Deaf patient.

Six in 10 teachers believe deaf children will continue to underachieve without changes to school sy…

Six in 10 teachers believe deaf children will continue to underachieve at school unless changes are made to the current system, a new survey has revealed.

Disability Arts Now

How art became a primary tool of the movement for disability justice.

Voting challenges shared by Native and disability advocates

The panel of speakers was part of a larger federal effort to understand discrimination and denial of legal protections through the voting process.

Meet the Woman Fighting for the Rights of Voters Who Can’t Read

Olivia Coley-Pearson offered help to voters who struggle to read. For taking on one of America’s oldest forms of voter suppression, she got threats, a trip to jail and a reminder of the nation’s long legacy of weaponizing literacy.

New Hampden art exhibit shines spotlight on artists with disabilities

Make Studio is a Baltimore-based workspace for artists with disabilities founded more than a decade ago.

Review of No Magic Pill: A funny, fierce show about disability activism

It isn’t often that you experience a show that is completely refreshing, but this play, written by Christian O’Reilly, is so brilliantly packaged that the result is an evening of transformative theatre that compels as much as it entertains.

Drum Head: Playing Through My Chronic Pain

But pain and pleasure intertwine in playing the drums, much as they do elsewhere in life.

It is crucial to better involve self-advocates in deinstitutionalisation - László Bercse

Deinstitutionalisation in Czechia was a session during the Europe in Action to End Segregation conference. As part of the session.

Do you want to be our next film star?

Calling blind and partially sighted young people, aged between 16-25 who are in an apprenticeship or work experience - could you be our next film star?

It's everyone’s human right to live in a home of their choice, in a community they choose, close …

But I have also heard some inspiring stories about people and organisations across Europe campaigning and acting to end segregation.

How To Get Paid To Take Care of A Family Member With a Disability

If you or a loved one suffers from a physical or mental disability, then an application may be submitted to the Social Security Administration (SSA) for benefits through the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) programs. These are federal programs that provide monetary benefits to those who are rendered unable to work due to a disability.

Six tips for creating great accessible web content for everyone

The average reading age of adults in the UK is 9 years old. Joe Chidzik, AbilityNet accessibility expert, offers 6 top tips for creating web content that is accessible and easy to understand.

Three reasons why a disability inclusive workplace is a good idea

We discuss three reasons why disability inclusion is vital for your organisation, and the next steps to take.

International Plain Language Day

Start planning now for International Plain Language Day on October 13.

Disability: Part of the Equity Equation

Observed annually in October, National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) celebrates the contributions of America’s workers with disabilities past and present and showcases supportive, inclusive employment policies and practices. In recognition of the important role people with disabilities play in a diverse and inclusive American workforce, the theme for NDEAM 2022 “Disability: Part of the Equity Equation.”

Crushed by the Cost-of-Living Crisis: The time to act is now - Real Video -Caroline Wheeler

Caroline Wheeler discusses her worries in relation to the Cost of Living Crisis as the mother of a disabled child.

5 tips to help you begin your recovery from foot drop

Did you know that 1 in 50 people experience foot drop? This common neurological disorder can make walking and performing everyday activities difficult. Thankfully, some exercises and strategies can help improve your mobility and quality of life.

Hearing to examine endemic violence and abuse against people with disabilities in public spaces

At its twenty-eighth public hearing, the Disability Royal Commission will hear evidence from people with disabilities who have experienced various forms of violence and abuse in public places, often at the hands of strangers. An expert witness will also highlight the extent of this problem, describing it as endemic in the lives of people with disabilities.

Quieting Your Quit

"Fast forward to when I was 22 and became a paraplegic. I believed because I went through this hardship because life didn’t go in my way, I was entitled to goods from companies, I was entitled to the support of people on my journey, I was entitled to all of the things just because I was a wheelchair user just because I experience tragedy."

Woman of short stature tells inquiry how men yelling abuse triggered ‘trauma reaction’

Insults caused woman to lose control when walking on roadway, she says, while another witness says public harassment is common.

Animating Disability with Disney Junior’s Firebuds

Join Firebuds voice actress Lolo Spencer and series creator and executive producer Craig Gerber for a conversation about disability representation in the new animated series.

Share your Media Related Articles with FilmDis

We're looking for guest posts from disabled, BIPOC, and 2SLGBTQIA+ writers and TV enthusiasts. Send us your ideas to be featured on FilmDis.

'The Future Is Disabled': Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha on Creating a More Humane Social Order

Writer, disability-justice activist and performance artist Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha knows that it’s possible for society to become more equitable. Piepzna-Samarasinha’s latest book, The Future Is Disabled: Prophesies, Love Notes and Mourning Songs, lays out a bare-bones agenda for what is needed to make the U.S. more socially just. Piepzna-Samarasinha and Ms. contributor Eleanor J. Bader communicated about the book, the disability justice movement and the ways that activists can support each other in the fight for a more ecologically sustainable and humane social order.      

Federal prosecutors say city and NYPD have duty to keep NYC sidewalks clear for pedestrians

The new filing from Manhattan federal prosecutors, which could have broad implications for parking enforcement, comes in a suit brought by disabled residents of a Bronx neighborhood who say the NYPD and other city agencies refuse to enforce parking laws.

The Unseen: Blind and partially sighted people's experiences of domestic abuse (TW: Themes of abuse)

Vision Foundation have partnered with domestic abuse charity, SafeLives on #TheUnseen, the first ever research report on the shocking scale and nature of domestic abuse among blind and partially sighted people.

A Gen Z Remote Worker Is Quiet Quitting for Health, ADHD, Disability

Gina Cobb used to log 12-hour days and take on extra tasks. But after a change in her health, she was upfront with her team about her new boundaries.

What Counts as Seeing

A conversation between Alice Wong and Ed Yong.

America Is Choosing to Stay Vulnerable to Pandemics

All of this will happen again.

How Insurers Exploited Medicare Advantage for Billions

By next year, half of Medicare beneficiaries will have a private Medicare Advantage plan. Most large insurers in the program have been accused in court of fraud.

Leveraging Social Media & the Web as a Black Writer w/ Tinu Abayomi-Paul

Writer/activist Tinu Abayomi-Paul teaches participants how to leverage social media and the web as a Black writer.

‘They yell at you’: woman with dwarfism reveals ‘deeply offensive’ abuse received in public

Artist, academic and psychologist Debra Keenahan tells disability royal commission she is harassed by strangers once a month.

From BTS to Zoom therapy, why Korean Americans are seeking more mental health help

The COVID-19 pandemic and the shifting attitude on mental health in Korean culture pushed more Korean Americans to seek therapy for the first time.

Jordan Hogg: ‘In 15 years, I’ve never come across another disabled director’

The TV director talks about his new BBC series Ralph & Katie, why every business should employ people with disabilities, and moving back home to Scarborough.

Google AI Video Transcription Add-on

Add-on for automatic video transcription.

What is Universal Design for Learning (UDL)?

The Universal Design for Learning framework seeks to engage all students with accessible, relevant, and meaningful learning.

New speech datasets, software target greater inclusion

The UIUC project is an initiative to make voice biometrics and speech analysis systems more inclusive of diverse speech patterns.

Rulemaking Proposed For Commercial Touchscreen Accessibility

On September 21, 2022, the U.S. Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board (Access Board) issued an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPRM) as the first step in a process toward establishing regulations that would create scoping and technical standards for a wide variety of touchscreen devices in commercial applications.

YouTube’s Testing a New Process to Crowd-Source Feedback on Automated Caption Accuracy

YouTube’s trying out a new way to improve the accuracy of its automated captions, by letting users recommend updates and revisions based on the captions displayed.

Are Captions More Accessible on the Top of the Screen?

Where should the caption window be located for the best accessibility? I had not given this issue much thought until my recent visit to Washington DC.

Accessibility + AI: Enabling Content for the Visually Impaired

Being able to access the internet and gather content from it has become a necessity for many aspects of our lives. But, if you are blind or in some other way visually impaired, being able to view web pages and read and interact with the page content can be extremely difficult. Part of the syntax of a web page include the capability of adding captions and descriptions to tag/label images to which help the visually impaired understand the page content, but many web sites have not yet added that capability.

Accessibility in a Virtual World Before Oculus | Equal Entry

Accessible virtual worlds existed before virtual reality (VR) headsets. Virtual Ability has been designing accessible virtual world spaces for over 15 years. The team at Virtual Ability offers a tour of a mature virtual world environment that highlights accessibility details of the build.

How Accessibility Options Help Disabled Gamers Beat The Last of Us: Part I

"I can finally understand why it was critically acclaimed"

Robert Jolly talks about cognitive impairments and complex interfaces

Robert says: “The message I had to give folks if it was just one is don’t make assumptions about how people with disabilities use the web”.

Making Events Accessible

Helps presenters, participants, and organizers make events inclusive, particularly to people with disabilities and to international participants.

Virtual reality shows promise in diagnosing learning disabilities

Virtual reality technology may offer promising new opportunities in diagnosing vision problems and learning disabilities such as dyslexia in children, according to a presentation at Vision Expo West.

Accessible Navigation With Smooth Scrolling + Focus Management

Ever wonder how your users can navigate to a section smoothly and not lose their keyboard focus?

Course List

Lists publicly-available accessibility courses around the world. You can filter to find courses matching your specific interests.

BBC Inside Out

Accessibility in London

Disabled Black Detroiter Facing Eviction from Prominent Nonprofit

Housing justice and anti-police brutality groups stand with a Black Detroiter fighting an unjust eviction by a major nonprofit in Detroit.

Doctors urge U.S. FDA to add miscarriage management to abortion pill label

Obstetricians, gynecologists, other medical professionals, and abortion rights advocates petitioned the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Tuesday to urge Danco Laboratories to seek approval of mifepristone, a pill used in terminating early pregnancies at home, for miscarriage management.

Poorest families would lose £400 a year under Liz Truss benefits plan

Linking with pay rather than inflation would leave households worse off – but ministers must get measure past their own MPs.

‘Electrifying’ book about women with disabilities sells for six figures

Who Wants Normal?, a ‘memoir, handbook, celebration and call to action’ by Frances Ryan has been bought by Fig Tree after a nine-publisher auction.

Long COVID may be linked to a totally different and common virus, new study finds

A virus that causes a common cold may be a factor.

COVID cases rising in Europe point to a coming U.S. surge

Here we go again. The virus is starting to surge in many European countries and there are early signs a wave may be starting in the U.S. too.

Speech Accessibility Project Aims to Make Voice Recognition More Inclusive

Tech giants are teaming up with researchers at the University of Illinois to improve speech recognition for people with disabilities.

Tech Titans Join Forces With The University Of Illinois To Launch New Speech Accessibility Project

Tech heavyweights Amazon, Apple, Meta, and Microsoft have come together in a way that would make Voltron blush in a joint effort to make voice-first user interfaces more accessible to those with speech disabilities.

Mental Health, SUD Orgs Fail to Offer ASL Language Accessibility Services

New data in Health Affairs found that 40 percent of mental health orgs and 60 percent of SUD orgs do not offer American Sign Language language accessibility services and interpreters.

OTC Hearing Aids Increase Accessibility for Patients with Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss

OTC hearing aids will be available nationwide on October 17, 2022.

US official lauds Qatar for making World Cup more accessible to all

Special Advisor on International Disability Rights at the US Department of State has lauded Qatar’s initiatives in making FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 more accessible to people with special needs.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 to be the most accessible football tournament

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 will be the most accessible tournament in the history of the game, which could be a major legacy of the event, a renowned speaker and disability rights expert Dr Victor Pineda told an audience at a Qatar Foundation (QF) Education City Speaker Series Monday.

Accessibility rights, disability justice discussed at QF’s Education City Speaker Series

Doha: The importance of building a more inclusive and accessible future that does not replicate existing accessibility barriers – both in the physical and digital worlds – was emphasised at the latest edition of Qatar Foundation’s Education City Speaker Series.

Qatar Foundation: bridging the accessibility gap at the FIFA World Cup

The World Cup is set to mark a new era of accessibility in Qatar, which fans with disability needs are hoping will catch on in future mega sporting events worldwide.

Street art to the heart

Street art to the heart. Murals, wall art, it is the most inclusive form of art. It is always accessible, for everyone to go to, to enjoy it.

Expanding accessibility of vision correction with spectacles for children with cranial abnormalities

Novel glasses, designed for children with cranial dysotosis, help doctors provide functional eyewear for children in underserved communities, says Donny Suh, MD.

Gabby Giffords — Won’t Back Down

Gabby Giffords, once a rising star in the U.S. House of Representatives, is the subject of a recently released documentary on her life and recovery from a gunshot wound to the head she sustained from the 2011 assassination attempt during an outdoor constituent meeting at an Arizona grocery story.

Cherylee Houston — Writers and Performers with Disabilities & EDS

Cherylee Houston is a British actress known for her roles as Izzy Armstrong in BBC’s Coronation Street and as Maz, a character in Houston’s BBC Radio 4 comedy series Tinsel Girl. Both characters show the power of authentically cast disabled in the entertainment industry and bring awareness to their audiences, especially young actors with disabilities.

China’s Zhou Yuchen — Expanding Her Life in Music

Zhou Yuchen was born in Sichuan in 2002, an accident at the age of 5 leaving her blind in the right eye and reducing the already-poor vision in her other eye to somewhere between 20/200 and 20/100. She has been playing piano since early childhood and is skilled with traditional Chinese musical instruments, such as pipa, zhongruan, liuqin, and guzheng. She has won more than 50 music awards, including the “gold prize in the China Finals of the 3rd International Mozart Piano Competition”. She was also selected for a warm-up show as a reserve instrumentalist at the Beijing Winter Paralympics Yanqing Awarding Ceremony in March 2022. Currently she is studying the International Preparatory Course at the School of Music and Recording Arts, at the Communication University of China.

From Exclusion to Inclusion: My Chevening Journey with Cerebral Palsy

It was a small living/double-bed room with a four-pane window that looked out over a small courtyard covered in dirty snow – part of an old China Railway community tucked at a remote corner of north-western China. A dim fluorescent light bulb shone inches above our heads, weakly sending its power to the farthest corner of our old one-bedroom flat, a train whistling in the distance. We had had dinner; Father was sitting at a desk fiddling with his favorite tools, and I was sitting on Mother’s lap, ready for her to make an announcement. I looked up. Something on her face told me that whatever she was going to say would change the course of my life.

Beyond the Chair - Traveling the World on Two Wheels

When Andrew Shelley decided to quit his job and backpack around the globe, he didn’t plan to have cameras tag along. But his friend Dusty Duprel realized that Shelley’s journey could make a powerful story. So the first-time director/producer pulled together the team to shoot, edit and produce the 91-minute film Beyond the Chair.

Art of Diverse Dancing-Candoco

“We believe this is partly because of the many artistic possibilities that come from working with and celebrating difference—different bodies, different perspectives, different experiences, different ways of doing things,” said Joanne Lyons, who has served as general manager of Candoco Dance Company for the last seven years.

Here’s How New EU Accessibility Rules Affect UX Design

New accessiblity regulations will largely concern UX design, as well as trading of products and services. Vertical Leap’s Rick Toovey shines a light on what we know so far.

Is Your Site Delivering a Good User Experience?

This article explains what UX is, why it matters, and four tools anyone can use to gain insights into their own website’s performance.

Websites that violate disability laws squeezed for financial settlements

A Florida man who claims he is legally blind has filed more than 600 lawsuits against websites he says he can’t access, including the Dash clothing site operated by the Kardashians.

Cell Phone Accessibility: Improving, but Gaps Remain, CACP Researchers Find

Cell phones are becoming more accessible, but gaps remain — including fewer features for people with cognitive disabilities, emerging issues such as vehicle connectivity, and surprising roadblocks such as poor battery life, according to the latest biennial analysis of cell phone accessibility by Georgia Tech’s Center for Advanced Communications Policy (CACP). 

It's personal for Tammy Duckworth

Protections for people with disabilities haven’t kept pace with the digital age, especially when it comes to ensuring online accessibility and ease of use for devices.

The Disability Paradox

By underestimating our resilience, we enable ableism.

Why Multiply Marginalized People with Disabilities Should be Prioritized Before, During and After D…

Multiply marginalized people with disabilities are those who, in addition to being disabled, also belong to another marginalized group. This includes those who belong to marginalized genders, races, ethnicities, sexualities and/or economic backgrounds. As we observe Preparedness Month, it’s a fitting time to consider what preparedness should look like for multiply marginalized disabled people, who are often the worst off during and after disasters and emergency situations.

Subminimum Wage: What It Is, Why It’s Unjust, and Why It Needs to End

Many are familiar with the push to increase the United States federal minimum wage above $7.25. However, most are unaware of an 84-year-old law that allows businesses to pay disabled workers just pennies for each hour of work.

WID History

WID has worked on a wide range of projects, legislation, and collaborations over the past 40 years, more than we could hope to cover here! Here are some highlights of the work we have done.

Charity research finds that only 1% of disability hate crimes end with a charge

Research by two charities finds that only 1% of disability hate crimes results in a charge.

Registration Now Open for WP Accessibility Day, November 2-3, 2022

WP Accessibility Day 2022 is taking place next month on November 2-3. The one-day virtual event features 24 hours of talks on building accessible websites in WordPress.

Digital Accessibility Jobs, Employment

An accessibility job board for people who work in digital accessibility software industry.

Five Months Worth Of Takes On The Digital Accessibility Space

A lot happened in the five months I was out on leave that signals to me the growing importance of creating experiences that are accessible to all. 

How to Make Web Content More Accessible for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Discover ways to make your website, videos, social media, and live events accessible to the Deaf and hard of hearing (HOH) community.

The moment is now: shaping the future of accessible technologies

This week, Microsoft announced the Speech Accessibility Project to further address the data desert in speech technologies. This one-of-a-kind cross-industry collaboration is rooted in the belief that inclusive speech recognition should be a universal experience.

Getting the IDEA: Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility

Many Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI or EDI) programs and slogans leave out Accessibility as a separate principle.

Guest commentary: ADA website reform legislation needed

Although life may seem to be getting back to normal as the pandemic is diminishing, one unexpected result of COVID-19 is that some attorneys found working from home to be much more satisfying because it can allow them to scour hundreds of business websites to look for conditions which they think can support a lawsuit.

How lockdown helped universities become more accessible to disabled students

Bethany Handley Disabled students have been calling for universities to offer teaching both online and in person for years. Over lockdown, universities did what was “impossible”. Disabled students, for the first time, had the resources we needed to learn at home at our own pace, and we proved what is possible when learning is accessible.

An architect is making heritage accessible for the disabled, one monument at a time

Meet Siddhant Shah, the Mumbai-based architect who made City Palace, Jaipur accessible for the disabled and has not stopped once in his journey towards creating an inclusive world.

Travellers with disability question operators' language on 'inclusive' and 'accessible' holidays

Travellers with disability are questioning tour operators' language on 'inclusive' and 'accessible' holidays, as some find out the hard way that many tourism operators are not as accessible as they claim.

People with disabilities blocked from enjoying ‘new normal’ vacations

Commentary: Inaccessible attractions include Saint John's Area 506.

How can esports be more accessible?

British Esports' Bryony-Hope Green writes for Esports Insider to break down the key barriers faced by people with disabilities in esports.

Sask. farmer donates accessibility equipment to younger farmer with disability

Merle Malin came across the photo of a young farmer using a mobility assist purely by accident in a local newspaper.

Font adaptive cutlery collection combines aesthetics and accessibility

Australian studio Hop Design has used 3D printing to create a cutlery set called Font that can be tailored to people with different disabilities while maintaining a strong and cohesive aesthetic.

Job Accommodation Network

If you have a question about workplace accommodations or the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and related legislation, ask us.

Google Calendar gets a new accessibility feature for its web client

The Announce Shortcuts feature for Google Calendar has already started rolling out and is expected to reach all users before October. This new feature.

How Amazon is building a more accessible future

Amazon’s latest campaign helps customers learn how accessibility features make our devices and services more accessible to everyone—especially people with disabilities.

Podcast: Attract Top Talent with Inclusive Hiring Practices

Meryl Evans, accessibility expert and LinkedIn Top Voice in Disability Advocacy 2022, discusses the top small steps that hiring managers can take to impact inclusion in talent acquisition. Companies often miss opportunities to hire skilled workers because of barriers in the hiring process. Sharing her own experiences as a person who is deaf, Meryl offers tangible tips to create more inclusive hiring practices for everyone.

Building a Future That Works

Our mission is to foster collaborations in the technology space that build inclusive workplaces for people with disabilities. Our vision is a future where new and emerging technologies are accessible to the workforce by design.

AskEARN | Federal Exchange on Employment & Disability (FEED)

This group supports inclusion of people with disabilities in the Federal Government.

Disability Employment Resources for Staffing Firms

The American Staffing Association is working swiftly to provide staffing companies with the information they need regarding COVID-19.

ODEP | U.S. Department of Labor

Disability: Part of the Equity Equation
Celebrate National Disability Employment Awareness Month.

Partnership on Inclusive Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship programs help employers train their future workforce and enable individuals to gain paid work experience and training. The Partnership on Inclusive Apprenticeship (PIA) helps design diverse and inclusive apprenticeship programs that are accessible to all.

Pop star Olly Murs releases ‘BSL’ video for ‘deaf fans’ – except it’s not BSL, it’s M…

Deaf Instagram users have pointed out a major error in an Instagram video Olly Murs has released for his ‘deaf fans’ of him signing along to his new song.

GreeNVision: Stewart Avenue Complete Streets

The project will transform Stewart Avenue from 6th Street to Nellis Boulevard into a space that is safe and comfortable for all users.

Google, Apple, Meta, Amazon & Microsoft Join To Improve Voice Recognition

The new Speech Accessibility Project brings together five technology companies to bring voice recognition to those with non-standard speech patterns. Rather than work separately, all five companies are joining forces to improve voice recognition.

U.S. Access Board Seeks Public Comment on Accessibility Guidelines for Self-Service Transaction Mac…

The U.S. Access Board is a federal agency that promotes equality for people with disabilities through leadership in accessible design and the development of accessibility guidelines and standards for the built environment, transportation, communication, medical diagnostic equipment, and information technology.

360-Degree Accessibility Model: Create Better User Experiences

The 360-degree accessibility model for interactions ensures a company's digital and non-digital processes are in sync.

U.S. Access Board Issues Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking For Self-Service Kiosks

Seyfarth Synopsis: The U.S. Access Board published an ANPRM on September 21, 2022 requesting public comment on nine questions as it prepares draft regulations addressing the accessibility of self-service kiosks.

U.S. Access Board issues proposed rulemaking on self-service kiosks

Among the questions the agency is seeking public input on is whether updates to ATM accessibility requirements are needed.

Access Board Issues Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Touchscreen Devices in Commercial Sett…

On September 21, 2022, the U.S. Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board (Access Board) issued an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPRM) as the first step in a process toward establishing regulations that would create scoping and technical standards for a wide variety of touchscreen devices in commercial applications.

Guide to accessible online banking

An RNIB guide considering online banking accessibility and how blind and partially sighted people can use their services.

Accessible smart energy meters

Blind and partially sighted people can now request a free Accessible In-Home Display (AIHD) from their energy supplier.

Accessible health information

Being able to access health information is vital to people with sight loss living independent lives.

Apple accessibility videos

Some short videos demonstrating the accessibility features available on Apple iPhones and iPads, and their benefits for blind and partially sighted people.

Everybody Dance Twirls to On Demand in October

Dan Watt's directorial debut aims to bring awareness to special needs communities through five inspiring children putting on a show.

Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research

Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research is an international peer-reviewed journal aiming to disseminate innovative, high quality, social research on disability, which enables critical reflection on the position of people with disabilities in different societal contexts.The journal’s defining characteristic is a focus on the relationship between people with disabilities and their environments. It is multi-disciplinary in scope, incorporating research from a variety of perspectives - such as sociological, historical, cultural studies, health and social policy - which share a commitment to recognising that disability is not a property of the individual person, but something shaped by social relations and structures.The journal was established by the Nordic Network on Disability Research (NNDR), an association who actively facilitate the sharing and dissemination of social research on disability in the five Nordic countries.Read more about the journal here.

How a select few people have been cured of HIV

Scientists have cured a handful of people of HIV by piggybacking on treatments they received for blood cancer. But does that bring a widespread cure any closer?

The COVID pandemic may have had lasting impact on personality traits

A study finds small but meaningful declines in personality traits that help us navigate social situations, trust others, think creatively, and act responsibly. Young people were especially affected.

I run a domestic abuse charity. Some staff don't even last a week

My staff and I hear gruelling accounts of human cruelty and provide a safe space, but constant funding pressure means we may not be here in five years’ time.

‘I'm Dropping My COVID Hubris,’ Vows a Top Immunologist

After the virus harmed Chris Goodnow’s heart, he joined a growing chorus against reinfection complacency.

A drug based on psychedelic LSD relieves anxiety and depression in mice

Scientists have made a drug based on LSD that seems to fight depression without producing a psychedelic experience.

Judge Pick With Disability Raises Hopes for a Group Often Unseen

The nominee for a Washington federal court would be one of only a handful of federal judges open about living with a disability, expanding President Joe Biden’s push to make the judiciary more accurately reflect the US population.

A quarter of Americans will qualify for disability insurance before retirement : The Indicator from…

Social Security Disability Insurance helps support millions of Americans, but it's a slow-moving program that rejects most people who apply. This Jobs Friday: The 10 million working-age people who are neither working nor seeking a job — and they're living with a disability. For sponsor-free episodes of The Indicator from Planet Money, subscribe to Planet Money+ via Apple Podcasts or at

A Talk with the Violence Interrupters of Beatties Ford Road

In November 2020, as the city of Charlotte surpassed 100 homicides for the second year in a row, local government began to take action. The city invested $1 million in local anti-violence nonprofits through a new SAFE Charlotte plan and invited the Chicago-based violence-interruption program Cure Violence in to assess how it might work with people on the ground to put a stop to the killing.

A Better Way to Break 'Bad' Health News

"What a difference those extra words would make for me now."

The Truth About How People With MS Feel About Selma

Love her or not, if you have MS, chances are you have an opinion about Selma Blair and her impact on MS awareness.

There’s no easy way to cope with a loved one’s degenerative illness

Letters: Readers respond to Ian Black’s article about how he and his wife deal with a devastating diagnosis.

Juliet England’s Deafie Diary: The difficulty of getting through to energy companies when you’r…

Do hearing people have any idea of just how difficult it can be trying to get through to an energy company in these dark days of skyrocketing bills? Or trying to get some sense out of a mortgage provider as interest rates climb off the scale?

Finding My Footing: Entering the Nonprofit World as a Disabled Professional

"My experience at RespectAbility and American Friends of the Israel Philharmonic have helped me find my footing as I navigate this next path in my career."

Putting Faith to Work: How Congregations Can Support Employment for People with Disabilities

A practical approach for tapping into the incredible social capital that exists within faith communities to support people with disabilities in finding meaningful work.

Disability news and talk, The mystery of the missing disabilities minister

Super sleuths Nikki Fox and Emma Tracy, look at who the new disabilities minister might be.

Mental health of Texans affected by climate change and extreme weather

Tens of thousands of coastal Texas residents have survived repeated extreme weather events including Hurricane Harvey. For many, it has taken an emotional toll, and researchers warn that climate change could be “catastrophic” for our mental health.

Miami man hopped a bus to start a new life. Things got intense

On July 4, Independence Day, Alejandro Suarez packed his laptop, camera and some clothes into a book bag. He placed a handwritten note in the glove box of his blue Honda Civic and left the car in the parking lot of a Kendall church. He then hopped a Greyhound bus to Chicago to begin a new life.

Medical Care Alone Won’t Halt the Spread of Diabetes, Scientists Say

Now experts are calling for walkable communities, improved housing, and access to health care and better food, particularly in minority communities.

The Supreme Court Will Decide a Significant Special Education Case

The justices will decide whether families must exhaust special education proceedings when they seek money damages under other federal laws.


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