Disability News Digest: "Down's Syndrome ...

Disability News Digest: "Down's Syndrome Awareness Week 2023"

Mar 22, 2023

Airbnb Introduces New Adapted Listings To Support Accessible Travel (babyboomer.org)

Airbnb’s new ‘adapted’ category includes some ‘magical’ homes.

Video and Audio Recording of Feminism, Ableism, and MAiD (biopoliticalphilosophy.com)

The video and audio recordings of the outstanding symposium, “Feminism, Ableism, and Medical Assistance in Dying,” which took place last week as part of the Feminist Legal Studies Lecture Series at Peter A. Allard School of Law, UBC, are now available.

NDIS provider pursued financial growth over client safety, disability inquiry finds (theguardian.com)

Royal commission also criticises federal disability watchdog for its handling of complaints centred on provider Afford.

Cyberbullying Faced by New Disabled Parents (disabledparenting.com)

We need to talk about the online response to two new high-profile disabled parents.

Lost Voice Guy: I'm Only in it for Parking (itv.com)

This debut hour of cutting edge material combines the political and personal with razor-sharp observations about disability and daily life.

Metavorhabens Inklusive Bildung (forschung-inklusive-bildung.de)

Herzlich Willkommen auf der Online-Plattform zur Information und Vernetzung zum Thema inklusive Bildung einem Angebot des Metavorhabens Inklusive Bildung – gefördert vom Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung.

Mediability Promo Short (youtube.com)

Mediabilitiy.pro Marketing Agency Lookbook featuring disabled actors, models, athletes, speakers and other media professionals from around the world.

War forces thousands of disabled Ukrainians into institutions (washingtonpost.com)

Thousands of disabled Ukrainians, many of them elderly, are being institutionalized after being displaced by the war. Social service providers are overwhelmed.

Meet the Stamford woman devoted to ending restraint and seclusion (ctinsider.com)

Latisha Johnson, whose son Christian was frequently restrained and secluded, is among the...

The new Lego Friends characters have physical and invisible disabilities. Here's why parents and experts say that matters. (yahoo.com)

Playing with inclusive toys has benefits for kids whether they have a disability or not, experts say.

Get the Real Story on Developmental Disability Awareness (meriahnichols.com)

Learn about developmental disability awareness through these insightful interviews with experts in the field and find out why they will not stop!

Durable Accommodations: A Story of Accessibility, Struggles, & Love (dianapastoracarson.com)

This article is about Joaquin Carson, a 53-year-old autistic man, and his family, and a life-challenging access need. I am his sister Diana Pastora Carson, writing with his permission to share this story. 11 years ago, our family won a 3-year court battle and was able to bring my brother home from 15 years of institutionalization. Joaquin continues to heal from the physical and emotional wounds inflicted on him during his many years of segregation and dehumanization.

What are the major benefits of group therapy for the treatment of anxiety? (urevolution.com)

Thinking of starting group therapy? These are some of the benefits of group therapy for the treatment of anxiety.

Monash funds $3m for epilepsy drug trial (disabilityinsider.com)

Epilepsy affects over 150,000 Australians, and 50 million globally, with one-third struggling to control their condition with currently available anti-seizure medications. These patients with drug-resistant epilepsy have high rates of disability, mental health and thinking problems, and injury and death rates.

Newsom proposes bond measure, sweeping mental health reform in California (latimes.com)

Gov. Gavin Newsom calls for sweeping mental health reforms to generate billions for behavioral health facilities throughout California.

Americans divided over whether pre-Covid normal will return (nbcnews.com)

There are significant partisan, gender and socioeconomic divides when it comes to Covid outlooks.

A letter to my loved ones about COVID-19: You've moved on, but I'm still here (eu.usatoday.com)

Three years after COVID-19 hit I'm still afraid – and angry. People are still dying from the pandemic. Why is everybody moving on?

GPT-4's new capabilities power a 'virtual volunteer' for the visually impaired (techcrunch.com)

Be My Eyes, an app that lets blind folks ask people to describe what they see, is getting a 'virtual volunteer' for AI-powered help any time.

In Florida, showing mental health struggles could get a child detained (washingtonpost.com)

Advocates say the Baker Act, designed a measure of last resort, is not used that way. The result: Kindergarteners can be forcibly committed to psych centers for exams.

Long COVID linked to higher mortality rates and long-term heart problems, new study finds (euronews.com)

New research reveals the alarming effects of long COVID, including higher mortality rates and long-term health risks including heart problems.

'I'm blind and an amazing mum - my biggest challenge isn't that I can't see' (mirror.co.uk)

Dr Amy Kavanagh opens up about life as a mum with a visual impairment and the obstacles she faces daily - from reading her initial pregnancy test results to attending regular baby health checks.

Covid Politics Leave a Florida Public Hospital Shaken (nytimes.com)

Staff members of Sarasota Memorial Hospital are bewildered by critics who continue to wage a campaign against federal guidelines on Covid treatment.

Beyond 6 Seconds: Neurodivergence and Giftedness – with Emily Kircher-Morris (sites.libsyn.com)

After working as a gifted education teacher, Emily Kircher-Morris became a clinical mental health counselor who supports gifted and twice-exceptional (gifted + neurodivergent) children. She is also the host of The Neurodiversity Podcast and the author of several books, including "Teaching Twice-Exceptional Learners in Today's Classroom" and the revised edition of "A Parent's Guide to Gifted Children." She has three neurodivergent children and is neurodivergent herself.

Down's Syndrome Awareness Week 2023 (dancesyndrome.co.uk)

Down’s Syndrome Awareness Week is a national campaign to help people to understand what life is like for people who have Down’s syndrome.

A winter of the mind: how to escape survival mode (theguardian.com)

For many of us, it has been a cold and traumatic year. But, as one reader found, difficult times can lead to new and revolutionary ways of thinking.

Why is depression considered hard to treat? (urevolution.com)

Clinicians, researchers, and health experts have been trying to identify the best treatment for depression for at least two decades without finding an answer. This is why depression too often gets deemed as too hard to treat.

An Interview with Raw Material Mixtape Podcaster-in-Residence Alice Wong (sfmoma.org)

For this season of Raw Material, SFMOMA is collaborating with activist, writer, mischief- and media-maker, and self-described “cyborg oracle” Alice Wong to share five episodes from her Disability Visibility podcast that bring listeners to the intersection of art and disability.

El cripwashing de la Guardia Nacional en el Metro de la CdMX (yotambien.mx)

Las críticas a la presencia de militares detonó una campaña en redes para ‘limpiar’ esa percepción, donde los uniformados se muestran apoyando a pcd.

Disabled people begin protest in Polish parliament seeking rise in benefits to level of minimum wage (notesfrompoland.com)

Disabled adults receive an allowance of 1,588.44 zloty (€339.06) a month before tax, less than half the statutory minimum wage.

Show Me the Money: Marching Together for Accessible and Inclusive Currency (acb.org)

Nearly 5 decades of broken promises to the blind and low vision community has left the United States an outlier in the developed world – the only country whose paper currency is inaccessible to those with disabilities. But together we can push the Biden Administration and US Treasury to put us on a course to accessible and inclusive currency for all.

We Need Your Voice (nationaldisabilityinstitute.org)

We're gathering feedback from one-on-one interviews to better understand the financial health of Americans with disabilities.

The Alzheimer’s Crisis in Indian Country (newrepublic.com)

The disease is growing exponentially among elders.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams is telling stores to have customers remove their face masks (npr.org)

"We are putting out a clear call to all of our shops: Do not allow people to enter the store without taking off their face mask," the mayor said. A flurry of questions ensued.

Mercyhurst University student whose unattended wheelchair was pushed down stairs hopes incident can bring change (abcnews.go.com)

Sydney Benes, whose unattended wheelchair was pushed down stairs in a viral video, hopes her story can be used for change and be an advocate for others in her situation.

Vicious Attack on Black Autistic Teen Has Us Questioning Humanity (theroot.com)

The New York subway incident has resulted in one arrest.

Who killed Paris Moffett? Paralyzed man shot dead at Oakland care facility (newsweek.com)

Police said two men entered the long-term care facility in Oakland, California, and shot the 23-year-old in his room.

California enters a contract to make its own affordable insulin (npr.org)

Under the $50 million deal, the state is partnering with drugmaker Civica to start making the new generic insulin later this year, Gov. Gavin Newsom said.

Congress Could Make Waiting Lists For Disability Services A Thing Of The Past (disabilityscoop.com)

A proposal in Congress would do away with Medicaid's institutional bias and guarantee people with developmental disabilities access to services in the community.

In Historic Shift, State Looks To Abolish Subminimum Wage (disabilityscoop.com)

Reflecting a growing trend nationally, lawmakers in the state with the highest percentage of people with disabilities earning less than minimum wage are working to put an end to the practice.


A couple of major academic publishers have recently approached me about putting together a Neuroqueer Theory anthology. I’ve taken this as a good indicator that the time is ripe for such a thing—though I’ve decided to publish it through the worker-owned indie publishing collective Autonomous Press (of which I’m a founding member), because academic publishing is a scam and I want the book to be affordable to college students.

Doctors, pharmacists afraid to prescribe opioids for pain relief (sfchronicle.com)

People living with chronic pain say it's increasingly difficult to get prescription opioids.

Disneyland Reopens Completely Redesigned, More Inclusive Toontown (diverseabilitymagazine.com)

We made Toontown more inclusive, approachable and appealing to those that may have more sensitive auditory, visual processing and other disabilities.

"Revolution of easy (to understand)" (inclusion-europe.eu)

Milan Šveřepa was invited to speak at a conference by Plena inclusión, Spain. The conference was about cognitive accessibility. Cognitive accessibility is making sure people can understand information. Milan shares some of his impressions and thoughts from the conference.

The Disability Collective (thedisabilitycollective.com)

The Disability Collective is a not-for-profit organization and community of disabled artists dedicated to celebrating and showcasing disability in the arts. TDC strives to de-stigmatize disability and challenge perceptions of what disability looks like through promoting disabled artists in a variety of forms.

Congress Could Make Waiting Lists For Disability Services A Thing Of The Past (disabilityscoop.com)

A proposal in Congress would do away with Medicaid's institutional bias and guarantee people with developmental disabilities access to services in the community.

Texas Shorts winner ‘Breaking Silence’ casts light on deaf incarcerated (spectrumlocalnews.com)

“Breaking Silence” won the Texas Short Jury Award.

Citing staffing issues and political climate, North Idaho hospital will no longer deliver babies (idahocapitalsun.com)

Idaho's Bonner General Health, the only hospital in Sandpoint, announced that it no longer has the staff to deliver babies.

Review: XBOX Series X, including Accessibility impressions (victordima.net)

Hello everyone! Today I have a very special article waiting for you. Those of you who follow me on social media or on Patreon already know that two weeks ago the nice people at Xbox Nordics have sent me a brand new Xbox Series X, a Limited Edition Forza Horizon 5 controller and a voucher for one year of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership. Of course, I am forever grateful for the opportunity to start this partnership and I am looking forward to creating content based on my experience with these awesome products.

Accessible but never boring (wise.design)

Wise Design is the Wise design system. It helps our team create a distinct, accessible and consistent Wise experience that works for everyone, everywhere.

A step-by-step guide for Dragon Users - Part 1 (udemy.com)

How to dictate text at speeds of 120 words a minute - in less than 60 minutes!

20 Useful Apps for Kids with Dyslexia and Learning Disabilities (wizcase.com)

Children with learning disabilities face unique struggles in education. These apps are an excellent starting point, especially for parents of younger children.

How eBay Made Its New Accessibility Tool — And Made It Available to All (tech.ebayinc.com)

Several eBay teams worked together to create a plug-in that makes it easy to include accessibility in a design right from the start.

New GPT-4 app can be ‘life-changing (thenextweb.com)

Be My Eyes is the first digital visual assistant powered by OpenAI's headline-grabbing GPT-4 model.

AV Essentials: a guide to assistive listening technology (avinteractive.com)

Assistive audio is the lifeline that connects people with hearing loss to the wider world, and a vital part of ensuring that workspaces and public places are accessible to all, writes Paul Bray.

TransPennine Express launches two new innovations to make rail travel more accessible for customers (news.railbusinessdaily.com)

TransPennine Express (TPE) has launched two new tech innovations that will make rail travel more accessible for passengers who are blind, visually TransPennine Express (TPE) has launched two new tech innovations that will make rail travel more accessible for passengers who are blind, visually impaired, autistic or anxious.

The Question We Ask as Our Children With Disabilities Grow (themighty.com)

"When our oldest started high school, I found myself hesitating to email his teachers."

Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month 2023: Supporting Kids With Developmental Disabilities (kit.org)

Are you interested in how your organization can work towards being more inclusive of kids with developmental disabilities? Take a look at our full article here.

AXSChat Podcast (axschat.buzzsprout.com)

AXSChat Podcast with John Hicks, Atos Head of Accessibility & Digital Inclusion for France

Introduction to the Duty to Accommodate People with Disabilities (youtube.com)

Lecture by Osgoode Hall Law School visiting professor David Lepofsky: "Duty to Accommodate People with Disabilities 101 – An Introduction to the Duty to Accommodate People with Disabilities in Canadian Law."

Microsoft Enables ChatGPT To Bring Real World Accessibility Through Robots (insidexpress.com)

Last week, Microsoft researchers announced an experimental framework to control robots and drones using the language abilities of ChatGPT, a popular AI language model created by OpenAI. Using natural language commands, ChatGPT can write special code that controls robot movements. A human then views the results and adjusts as necessary until the task gets completed successfully.

Hull tests smart tech for bus stops and crossings (ukauthority.com)

Hull City Council has begun a trial of smart technology aimed at making its bus stops and pedestrian crossings easier to use for people with visual impairments and other disabilities.

Introduction to Cognitive Disability and Accessibility Testing (tpgi.com)

Read an overview about how the web can be inaccessible for people with cognitive disabilities and how accessibility testing can help.

Over 14,000 people in England and Wales died with Covid after hospital infection (mirror.co.uk)

Over 14,000 people in England and Wales died with Covid after catching the virus in hospital - these were all people who had attended for another reason, be it surgery, cancer treatment, or following an accident.

DanceSyndrome Animated Magazine Feature (dancesyndrome.co.uk)

As they celebrate 10 years as a charity, Sue & Jen Blackwell, the mother/daughter duo who formed DanceSyndrome, share their journey with Animated magazine.

GitHub celebrates the ingenuity of developers with disabilities in new video series (github.blog)

Learn how developers with disabilities are pushing the boundaries of accessibility with ingenuity, open source, and generative AI on The ReadME Project.

‘Heartless’ reforms to disability benefits ‘defy logic’ (disabilitynewsservice.com)

“Heartless” government reforms that will eventually scrap the “fitness for work” assessment “defy logic” and pose significant risks to sick and disabled people who cannot work, say activists who have fought for years to highlight the test’s fatal flaws.

Inclusive Language Guide - Oxfam Policy & Practice (policy-practice.oxfam.org)

Language has the power to reinforce or deconstruct systems of power that maintain poverty, inequality and suffering. As we are making commitments to decolonization in practice, it is important that we do not forget the role of language and communications in the context of inequality.

‘Inclusion is a family’: Arsenal’s sign language change is spreading the love (theguardian.com)

The incorporation of British Sign Language at the Emirates is life-changing for deaf fans. Every club should follow suit.

Mr. Premier, do you care? (abilities.ca)

Francis knows they work harder than their colleagues at work, often putting in extra hours over lunch or in the evening. Despite this, Francis performs at the same level as their colleagues. Francis has dyslexia. It takes them considerably longer to read work documents than most others. The solution that will equip Francis to work as efficiently as their colleagues is relatively simple: a screen reading program that will equip them to listen to, rather than read, the large volume of documents at work. Yet there are two problems. First, to access this technology, Francis must disclose their disability to their employer. They, like hundreds of millions of others with invisible disabilities globally, know that doing so often leads to the perception they are less effective than their colleagues. This will work against their upward mobility. Second, even if Francis is provided with screen reading technology, most documents are poorly constructed for screen reader use. This is despite over 17 years of legislation promoting accessibility in Ontario. Francis thus avoids disclosing their disability, does not receive the technology that would allow them to meet or exceed the productivity of their peers, and struggles to have their extra effort for the same result rewarded in the workplace.

Türkiye and Syria 3/17/2023 Update - World Institute on Disability (wid.org)

In the weeks since the earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria, government agencies have not made resources available to meet the needs of disabled survivors, and there are no policies that directly address their disability and accessibility related needs and support their inclusion throughout response, recovery, and reconstruction. The need is tremendous, but so is the expertise of the local disability-led organizations (DLO). They need partners and supporters to join them in their work to meet the urgent needs of their community. Disabled people in this region, and the DLOs who are assisting them need allies around the globe. GADRA’s rapid response Emergency Operations Center has received many applications for assistance and has selected four outstanding disability-led organizations who need resources immediately and in the difficult months ahead. GADRA stands with these organizations, and is conducting a global search to connect them with the resources and support they have requested.

Rocking down the electric avenue! (ablemagazine.co.uk)

I’m not afraid to admit, I’m a bit of a hypocrite! About a year ago, I wrote an article about how wheelchairs are liberating and how people often feel that they don’t want to use a one out of a fear of ‘looking or feeling more disabled’.

EE and BT Sport present Ep2 of New Signing - Chelsea v Fulham (ablemagazine.co.uk)

The series follows the journey of two British Sign Language users as they train with BT Sport this season, working toward presenting on BT Sport broadcast events including the UEFA Champions League Final, marking a major commitment to making football more accessible by BT Sport and EE.

New rules on voter ID could become a barrier between disabled people and the democratic process (ablemagazine.co.uk)

With local elections in May 2023, it’s time for anyone registered to vote to make sure they have an acceptable form of identification (ID), or face being turned away from polling stations.

Sproutflix (sproutflix.org)

Sproutflix, founded in 2009, hosts the largest and most diverse collection of films featuring people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) on the marketplace. With over 280 titles, Sproutflix hopes to reinforce accurate portrayals of individuals within this community, help breakdown stereotypes and promote a greater acceptance of differences and awareness of similarities. We believe film can inspire, inform and spark change.

Look the Part (sproutflix.org)

Sam is a cleaner working in a large theatre who has a passion to be a dancer, but is too shy to realize her dreams. When Peaches (her magical inner-diva-cum-drag queen) materializes on one night, Sam’s dreams transform into reality. She rips up a daring dance-number, to the rhythm of The Cat Empire’s beats. “Look The Part” shows us that talent comes in all shapes and sizes, and can often defy expectations.

Why is there hostility towards describing autism as a superpower? (ablemagazine.co.uk)

Media coverage of autism seems to have become far more positive in recent years. The inclination to view it in a purely pejorative sense certainly has not gone away but it does appear to be less prevalent.

Finding My Community (ablemagazine.co.uk)

As I’ve got older, I’ve become more aware that I am quite alienated from the disability community. After realising this I wanted to fix it and embrace my disabled identity more. However, it’s harder to find a defined community with disability being such a broad spectrum – and geographically, the community aren’t all in the same place; so using social media, I embarked on a mission to find my people.

Remembering Judy Heumann: ‘Changing the Face of Disability in Media’ (documentary.org)

Over the past week, IDA collected tributes to Judith "Judy" Heumann from those who knew her and were influenced, advised, or galvanized by her disability rights activism, mentorship, and relational world-building. These written memorials are introduced by Jim LeBrecht, who wrote a piece that places Judy's interest in documentary film and the representation of people with disabilities in context within our nonfiction film ecosystem.

Model 'exposes' controversial designer's body-shaming environment during fashion show fitting: 'This is insane to me' (uk.news.yahoo.com)

Controversial German fashion designer Philipp Plein is in hot water again after a model accused him and his staff of body-shaming her during a recent fitting.

World Down Syndrome Day (worlddownsyndromeday.org)

For WDSD 2023, the Down Syndrome International network is campaigning for the right to legal capacity. They will be live from the United Nations on 21 March, discussing this important subject.

Woody Harrelson Can Play Anyone. It’s Being Himself That’s Hard. (nytimes.com)

Actor Woody Harrelson, who just starred in "Champions" with a group of actors with intellectual disabilities, doesn't understand that his anti-mask mandate, anti-vaccine mandate views could harm his co-stars. He told The New York Times that he believes on set Covid protocols are absurd: "The fact that they’re still going on! I don’t think that anybody should have the right to demand that you’re forced to do the testing, forced to wear the mask and forced to get vaccinated three years on. I’m just like, Let’s be done with this nonsense. It’s not fair to the crews. I don’t have to wear the mask. Why should they? Why should they have to be vaccinated? How’s that not up to the individual? I shouldn’t be talking about this [expletive]. It makes me angry for the crew. The anarchist part of me, I don’t feel that we should have forced testing, forced masking and forced vaccination. That’s not a free country." He also doesn't understand that the unions of members of the film crews fought for Covid safety protocols on set and wanted them to continue, but Covid protocols go away in the U.S. entertainment industry April 1, 2023.

Commentary: The ripple effect of our home health staffing crisis (timesunion.com)

The whole medical system feels the effects of a shortage of home health care workers.

Why You Can't Skip Accessibility When Marketing on Social (adweek.com)

Brands could be missing out on nearly a quarter of their audience.

'Nowhere for him to go': Ontario parents of son with autism struggling to find care (toronto.citynews.ca)

An Ontario couple is frustrated by a lack of options for their son with autism, who has spent the last eight months in the psychiatric unit.

How Selma Blair Is Helping to Make Shopping Easier for People with Disabilities (people.com)

QVC named actress Selma Blair, who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2018, its Brand Ambassador for Accessibility.

The Creator Economy: Democratizing Access to Employment for Disabled People (rollingstone.com)

For many Disabled people, traditional employment opportunities can be limited due to physical, communication, attitudinal and social barriers.

Artist Conversations (3arts.org)

The Disability Culture Leadership Initiative (DCLI) includes online video conversations and in-person convenings with Deaf and disabled artists in Chicago. The participants are alumni of the 3Arts/Bodies of Work Residency Fellowships, a program that is centered on the creation of new work, professional development, and advocacy for Disability Arts & Culture.

Judy Heumann helped so many of us with disabilities to be out and proud (washingtonblade.com)

‘Like the color of my eyes or the color of my hair, it is a part of who I am’.

Inside the Private Group Where Parents Give Ivermectin to Kids With Autism (vice.com)

“I have been applying Ivermectin liquid to my granddaughter’s feet, belly button, and swabbing her ears for six weeks now. She complains of sporadic blurry vision and sometimes headaches.”

On Our Terms (buzzsprout.com)

Welcome to On Our Terms, a podcast of the European Network on Independent Living featuring diverse perspectives on independent living and disability activism. Join disabled podcast host Áine Kelly-Costello for a series of interviews.

Our movement is in mourning (disabilitydebrief.org)

Remembering Judy Heumann, and how she changed us.

Mindset Matters: How The Tribe Of Accessibility Is Fundamental To Scaling The Disability Economy (www-forbes-com.cdn.ampproject.org)

This column explores the idea of The Tribe of Accessibility as new way to think about the changing culture of accessibility and its impact on the growth of Disability and Digital Economy of the 21st Century.

Disability Reporting Handbook (mediadiversityaustralia.org)

A journalism resource to guide better reporting of people with disabilities. It outlines key matters and concepts regarding disability, the all-important Golden Rules for reporters, interview and accessibility tips, plus useful contacts.

How to talk to kids about people with facial differences and disabilities (carlyfindlay.com.au)

Today I had a wonderful experience in the post office, very soon after I gave a talk where I received the question “what can parents do to help educate their kids about people who look different?”

Mother of disabled woman who killed herself wins appeal for new inquest (theguardian.com)

Jodey Whiting of Stockton-on-Tees died in 2017 about two weeks after her disability benefit was stopped.

Koalaa wins Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Frontier Challenge (posabilitymagazine.co.uk)

London startup, Koalaa, whose ‘world-first’ soft prosthetics aid inclusivity and comfort for individuals with limb differences, has been crowned the winner of a global competition launched by leading fashion brand, Tommy Hilfiger.

How the Oscars Embraced Accessibility and Inclusion With Asl Interpreters and More (Guest Column) (imdb.com)

IMDb, the world's most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content.

How the Oscars Embraced Accessibility and Inclusion With ASL Interpreters and More (Guest Column) (variety.com)

One year after the landmark success for Best Picture winner “CODA” at the Academy Awards, the 2023 Oscars presented the latest opportunity for Hollywood to show the world where it stands on inclusion and diversity.

New online map highlights accessible playgrounds in New York City (bronx.news12.com)

The map features a green dot that marks a city park or playground with accessible features.

Civil rights leaders talk voting rights, accessibility in SXSW session (thedailytexan.com)

Along with her peers, Arndrea Waters King’s 14-year-old daughter — the only grandchild of Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King — sits with fewer rights today than when she was born.

Oklahoma Strikes Down Bill Aiming To End Corporal Punishment For Disabled Students (huffpost.com)

The bill would have banned school personnel from hitting, spanking and slapping disabled students as a form of discipline.

Blindness and injuries reported after US recalls eyedrops (bbc.com)

Patients lose vision and have eyes surgically removed after using eyedrops now recalled in the US.

Lauren Spencer Was Given 5 Years To Live. 20 Years Later, She's Inspiring Others With A Beautiful Life. (huffpost.com)

No one debunks the outdated, sad-disabled-person trope quite like the "Sex Lives of College Girls" actor and activist.

eBay just created a shortcut for building accessible websites (fastcompany.com)

Include is a Figma plug-in that helps designers build more accessible digital tools from the start.

eBay Wants To Make Inclusive Design More Accessible With New Include Design Tool For Developers (forbes.com)

The plugin, designed to work with the popular Figma web-based framework, is meant to help developers prioritize accessibility from the earliest stages, from conception to fruition.

Making websites accessible: adventures in alt text with the Amon Carter Museum of American Art (museumnext.com)

Michelle Padilla and Peggy Speir explain to MuseumNext how their museum, the Amon Carter Museum of American Art, has expanded its Disability, Equity, Accessibility and Inclusion (DEAI) work by undertaking a large-scale alt text program to better serve the community.

These 2 Accessibility Initiatives Will Change the Way You Think About Travel (travelandleisure.com)

The honorees are pushing for more inclusive journeys for all.

One Man Is Increasing Wheelchair Accessibility in Iceland a Ramp at a Time (mymodernmet.com)

"I immediately saw that there were stairs. Just one but it was quite tall. Too tall for me to get it on the wheelchair. For the next five minutes, I sat alone outside the shop while [my family] went inside. I sat and looked at this step. That one step that separated me from my family."

Level Playing Fields: Celebrating 25 years of audio descriptive commentary (mancity.com)

For the past 25 years, Paul Raffo has delivered our audio descriptive commentary so the Club’s blind and partially sighted supporters can understand what’s happening on the pitch.

These adaptive fashion designers are making personal style more accessible (thestar.com)

Adaptive fashion isn’t a new buzzword, but how much progress have we really made in accessible clothing? GTA designers share where we’re at.

How Studio Hyte balances “visual ambition”, accessibility and low-carbon design (designweek.co.uk)

From friendship to a community-focused studio, Studio Hyte is forging a new space beyond an aesthetics vs purpose divide.

The Netherlands is still lagging behind in accessibility for wheelchairs (nltimes.nl)

The Netherlands lags behind in accessibility for people with physical disabilities, informed the association de Zonnebloem. They are further advanced in England and Belgium, where people in wheelchairs can often travel completely independently. However, there is a lot of catching up going on, as Efteling presented the plans for the new wheelchair-friendly attraction Danse Macabre this week.

Hip-hop artist Mattmac continues to innovate with accessible clothing line (cbc.ca)

Manitoba-based hip-hop artist and producer Mattmac has unveiled his latest project: a line of merchandise that features braille.

Accessible Writers' Lab gives its case study report (newswire.ca)

TORONTO, March 14, 2023 /CNW/ - Accessible Media Inc. (AMI), in partnership with ReelAbilities Film Festival Toronto and the Miles Nadal JCC, and sponsored by the Canada Media Fund (CMF), has revealed the results of its first-ever Accessible Writers' Lab case study report.

1 in 8 Indians at risk of developing irreversible blindness: Clinical expert (mid-day.com)

Recent statistics by National Health Portal reveal that nearly 40 million individuals, or every eighth person, in India have glaucoma or are at risk of developing it.

The doctors selling bogus treatments to people facing blindness (bbc.com)

A BBC reporter goes undercover and confronts doctors offering bogus treatments for his genetic condition.

ACCESS 2023 Registration (go.3playmedia.com)

Register for ACCESS 2023 to learn, grow, and collectively create a better and more inclusive world for everyone.

Adamorobe, the deaf community in West Africa that developed its own indigenous sign language (face2faceafrica.com)

Adamorobe, a village in the West African nation of Ghana, is known as deaf community. This is because of the high incidence of hereditary form of deafness. But, in the wake of this mishap life placed on them, the community have found an innovative of normalizing their hereditary condition. They have developed their own sign language that have been adopted by both the deaf and hearing people at Adamorobe.

Enabling support for Ukrainian refugees with disabilities in the Republic of Moldova (who.int)

To promote a disability-inclusive response to the refugee crisis in the Republic of Moldova, a WHO-led joint project funded by the United Nations Partnership on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNPRPD) has been launched in Chisinau.

1 in 4 British TV Offices Inaccessible to Disabled Talent: Industry Survey Sheds Light on ‘Abysmal’ Failings in Accessibility (variety.com)

A virtual panel organized by Channel 4 has shed light on the findings of the recent Access into Action Industry Access Survey. The Wednesday panel was moderated by Channel 4 journalist Jordan Jarrett-Bryan, and included well-known industry figures like screenwriter Jack Thorne and producer Bryony Arnold.

Renters and Homeowners with Disabilities Struggle with Financial Security and Housing Accessibility (freddiemac.com)

More than one-quarter of all adults​ in the United States have some type of disability. Individuals with disabilities may have special requirements or need accommodations to live fully and comfortably within their home. According to a recent Freddie Mac survey, renters and homeowners with disabilities are less financially secure than the general population and they struggle with accessibility in their homes.

How inclusive design and intelligent video are addressing the accessibility challenge | Architecture & Design (architectureanddesign.com.au)

A big help in designing truly inclusive systems is in understanding the needs of the end-user — and what’s really meant by ‘disability’.

ACCESS 2023 (3playmedia.com)

ACCESS 2023 takes place on April 27 and 28. Register for this free online accessibility conference featuring accessibility thought leaders.

A Deaf Person’s Dream of Seeing Captioned Broadway Show Realized … Or Was It? (equalentry.com)

I came to New York to see my first-ever captioned live Broadway show. I’ve seen captioned movies at the theater. But I had never attended a live show that had captions. Once, I tried wearing captioned glasses to a show at a local theater. Unfortunately, they didn’t work well. Part of the problem is that the Bluetooth microphone needed to be by the speaker. That wasn’t possible.

Hearing Loss: Life Lessons and Observations Of a Hearing Instrument Specialist (jewishlink.news)

A few years ago, I had a bit of an epiphany. After spending the bulk of my career (and youth) selling advertising for trade magazines in the music industry, I had to face some hard truths. Print magazine budgets were slowly becoming obsolete in favor of much less expensive digital offerings. My industry as a whole had consolidated and changed in a way that constantly left me feeling like I was rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. I decided it was time to jump ship.

Ability Summit (abilitysummit.event.microsoft.com)

Ability Summit may be over for this year but your accessibility journey doesn’t need to stop—in case you missed a session, or any sessions we have them available on demand, along with resources for you to imagine the possibilities of building a more inclusive world for all.

A guide to local accessible activities for Developmental Disabilities Month (myrecordjournal.com)

March is National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month (D.D.A.M.), a nationwide event to raise awareness about overall inclusion of people with developmental disabilities. This month is about understanding the myriad ways that members of the disability community navigate challenges, and the promotion of equity in society at large. While many public spaces have a long way to go in the way of accessibility, there are currently a number of spaces and events designed specifically to cater to the all-ability population.

How Do You Add Alternative Text and Metadata to glTF Objects? (equalentry.com)

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines require all non-text content to have a text alternative provided. Though this requirement has existed for over 20 years, there is no official way to add it to 3D content. This article proposes a method for providing and embedding the alternative text into the metadata of the file and having various software platforms recognize it. Here’s how to do that using the glTF file format.

Think of Accessibility as a Gateway to Creativity (adweek.com)

It's time to embrace inclusion as a sublime differentiator that elevates your work.

Why Web Accessibility Is Crucial for Brand Customer Experience (cmswire.com)

A discussion on the importance of web accessibility and the common trouble spots and trends that marketers and brands need to know about.

How Your Brand's Digital Accessibility Can Impact its Reputation (prnewsonline.com)

In this brief Q&A, we caught up with Matisse Hamel-Nelis, VP of Communications, AbleDocs to discuss how a brand's digital accessibility can impact its reputation.

Four Myths Employers Have About People with Disabilities. (globaldisabilityinclusion.com)

Diversity in the workplace pays huge dividends. Period. That fact has been proven by dozens of sophisticated studies. Including this study, “Delivering Through Diversity” from McKinsey.

Tour the Google Accessibility Discovery Centre in London (applause.com)

Take a tour of Google's Accessibility Discovery Centre in London, where the general public can learn about assistive technologies for people with disabilities.

Revolutionizing Accessibility: The Story of Purple Lens (houseofventures.io)

Accessibility solutions are critical for people with disabilities to navigate the digital world. I was eager to learn more about what Purple Lens is doing differently.

Guide for Students with Disabilities: Challenges, College Support, Tips for Parents (ivypanda.com)

Transitioning from high school to college can be a big challenge for students, especially when they start that new chapter in their life independently, without friends or family. When college kids get involved in classes and extracurricular activities, their stress levels often skyrocket. However, students with disabilities usually face even more challenges.

Adult Autism Waiver (AAW) Provider Resource Guide Now Available (paproviders.org)

ODP Announcement 23-026 announces the release of a new Adult Autism Waiver (AAW) Provider Resource Guide. The guide is available online.

How Will AI Change the Web Development in The Future? (sociobits.org)

AI is evolving in every sector like finance, IT, and many more. Here you will get the full description of how AI Change the Web Development in The Future.

ChatGPT on Accessibility Scanners vs Manual Testing (convergeaccessibility.com)

The Open AI's ChatGPT artificial intelligence engine provides input on using accessibility scanners verse manual accessibility testing.

ADA and Website Accessibility Recap (blog.usablenet.com)

Read insights, and news on ADA, website accessibility, digital accessibility, and WCAG from the first few months of 2023 - all in one place.

Case Study - Video Case Study: Employers Focus on Accessibility (askearn.org)

Learn how companies like Microsoft and T-Mobile are managing, measuring, and communicating about accessibility.

More like persecution than support (disabilitydebrief.org)

Protests in Poland, ways to cheat inclusion, and news from over 50 countries.

Digital Accessibility Legal Update (youtube.com)

Kristina Launey will provide an update on developments and trends in the law governing website accessibility, lawsuits, demand letters, court decisions, and more.

Be My Eyes Announces New Tool Powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 to Improve Accessibility for People Who are Blind or Have Low-Vision (businesswire.com)

Virtual Volunteer™ is the first-ever AI-powered digital visual assistant powered by OpenAI’s new GPT-4 language model.

Samsung Electronics Rises in Global Rankings for Digital Inclusion and Accessibility Commitments (pickool.net)

Samsung Electronics has been ranked seventh out of 200 companies in the World Benchmarking Alliance's (WBA) 2023 Digital Inclusion Benchmark.

Equalize Digital Raises Pre-Seed Funding for Expanding Accessibility Checker Plugin Development (wptavern.com)

Equalize Digital, a WordPress accessibility products and consulting company, has received an undisclosed amount of pre-seed funding from Emilia Capital, the investment company owned by Joost de Valk and Marieke van de Rakt. The investment will be used to accelerate the growth of Equalize Digital’s Accessibility Checker plugin, a tool for auditing websites for WCAG, ADA, and Section 508 accessibility errors.

Clinical Trial Shows Wrist Device Significantly Reduces Tics in Tourette Syndrome (neurosciencenews.com)

A new wrist device designed to help control symptoms of Tourette syndrome reduces the severity and frequency of tics.

Sony Exhibits at the World's Largest International Conference on Accessibility (yahoo.com)

Sony Group Corporation (Sony) announced today that Sony will have an exhibit at the world's largest international conference on accessibility, the "CSUN Assistive Technology Conference 2023", taking place in Anaheim, California, March 13 to 17, 2023.

A Microsoft 365 accessibility assistant will make content easier to see (pcworld.

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