Becoming A Disabled YA Author – Guest Po ...

Becoming A Disabled YA Author – Guest Post by Chaz Hayden

Oct 05, 2022

Becoming A Disabled YA Author – Guest Post by Chaz Hayden

To celebrate his debut novel, The First Thing About You, Chaz Hayden shares his journey towards becoming a disabled YA author.

9 Fatigue-Friendly Ways To Keep Warm This Winter

People with chronic illness are very susceptible to the cold, but tips to keep warm are rarely fatigue-friendly.

Disability Etiquette - A Starting Guide

Quick tips to help make your workplace and culture more inclusive.

Politicians With Disabilities Are Rare Because of Structural Barriers, Discrimination

For disabled people, attempting to take political office can be a huge gamble.

Episode 108: An Interview with "The First Thing About You" Author Chaz Hayden

We had the pleasure of chatting with Chaz Hayden, author of the new book The First Thing About You. Tune in for real talk about being a disabled author and creating the disability representation you want in the world. Thank you to Candlewick Press for sponsoring this episode!

Fact Sheet: Disability and Economic Justice

Learn more about key statistics that highlight some of the many economic inequities disabled people experience.

How to Invite a Disabled Friend Over

The first time my friend Ann invited me over to her house, I had to pretend I was a spy. As I spotted her front door, up a staircase partially without rails, I knew I couldn’t get to it without a little ingenuity.

Real Stories From People With Disabilities 2022

Real people tell their stories of what it's like to live with a disability in 2022.

Why the COVID-19 Pandemic Isn’t Over

On Sunday September 18, 2022, President Biden declared, in a television interview, that the pandemic was now over. It is true that when walking around


Astriid is the charity helping people with long-term health issues and their carers find meaningful employment or volunteering opportunities.

Heidi Latsky Dance

Heidi Latsky Dance is an NYC based physically integrated company, creating daring work with people with disabilities since 2006.

New York Deaf Theatre

New York Deaf Theatre provides theatrical experiences in ASL and spoken English. A Deaf Theatre inspired by Deaf artists.

Extreme weather derails care delivery across US, Congress finds

A majority of health systems have experienced extreme weather events such as wildfires or hurricanes within the past five years, though just over a third say they’ve implemented a climate action or | Providers responding to a recent request for information reported an average 4.2 extreme weather events during the past five years, the costs of which ran anywhere from $28,000 to $22 million.

Long COVID Has Forced the U.S. to Take Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Seriously

Only a couple dozen doctors specialize in chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). Now their knowledge could be crucial to treating millions more patients.

The research basis of plain language techniques: Implications for establishing standards

This paper discusses three issues. First, we discuss the need for a commonly accepted definition of plain language. Second, we discuss some of the research into sentence-level plain language techniques, and the implications of that research for a technique-based standard of plain language. Finally, we discuss means of testing documents, and advocate a testing-based approach to standards.

New Zealand hopes to banish jargon with plain language law

Legislation will require government communications to be clear and concise, but opposition says monitoring will add more bureaucracy.

State prisons placing people with disabilities in solitary confinement

Lawmakers concerned the state Department of Corrections and Community Supervision is violating the Humane Alternatives to Long-Term (HALT) Solitary Confinement Act.

The Subminimum Wage for Workers With Disabilities Is a Disgrace

"People with disabilities should be treated as equal to other people.”

Report: 16 Million Working-Age Americans Have Long COVID, Keeping Up to 4 Million Out of Work

The annual cost of the lost wages alone is about $170 billion a year, according to the report from the Brookings Institution.

Opening Soon, "W/O Limits" Exhibition Exclusively Features Works by Artists Facing Chronic Illness …

It opens on Sept. 22 at the Artists Archives of the Western Reserve.

Creating Income Opportunities For Artists With Disabilities

Despite the dearth of vocational services for those with disabilities across the US, Art Enables has been trailblazing the way for artists with disabilities. For more than two decades, it has provided valuable opportunities in the metro DC area.

Art studio and gallery Art Enables puts on ‘Outside Forces’ exhibition highlighting various tal…

Art Enables works with and supports artists with disabilities.

Bantering Through Disability and Dislocation

In “Tuesco,” Daniel Poler documents a Venezuelan family’s use of dark humor to remain buoyant in exile.

Jess Thom: Disabled artists now face a risky reality

For many clinically extremely vulnerable artists, a post-lockdown career is even more dangerous than before the pandemic. Co-artistic director of Touretteshero Jess Thom examines these new barriers – and how to move past them.

Preparing for an accessibility test

This is the first article in a series about how to run an accessibility test. The companion video and information on performing an accessibility test are available from the Accessibility Testing project page.

This technology makes data accessible to blind and visually impaired people

NPR's Mary Louise Kelly talks with Mona Minkara, a professor of bioengineering at Northeastern University who is also blind, about a new way to present science data to blind and sighted people alike.

How to build a culture of accessibility, diversity and inclusion in companies

Raising the awareness of teams with internal and simple in order to develop more accessible products and services.

Prioritizing Accessibility in Film Production, Theaters, and Festivals

Lab Fellows learned from panelists about audio description, accessible film festivals, and authentic and accessible casting.

How to help others with your existing tech

A few months ago I got a phone call from my mobile phone provider. They wanted to know if I wanted to upgrade to a newer model of iPhone. "Of course," was my reply.

Mark Davies tells us about his role on the panel at the Research Institute for Disabled Consumers

The Research Institute for Disabled Consumers (RiDC) is a UK charity providing independent research to create accessible and inclusive products and services. They provide consumer advice, research and information for disabled and older consumers.

Alopecia Isn't a 'Cosmetic Issue'—It's a Serious Autoimmune Disease

It took bravery for Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) and Jada Pinkett Smith to reveal their alopecia and rock a shaved head. The two revived the national conversation around alopecia—an autoimmune disease in which the body attacks its healthy hair follicles. 'To be bald as a woman really does disrupt conventional and societal norms of what is appropriate, what is professional, what is attractive, what is feminine,' said Pressley.

Why Disability Representation At Fashion Week is So Important

Disability Representation in the Fashion Industry, and at Fashion Week, specifically, is ramping up and sending an important, powerful message.

10 Celebrities Who Live With Dyslexia

To mark Dyslexia Awareness Week, which takes place from the 3rd to 9th of October, we share 10 celebrities with dyslexia from the world of television, film, music, comedy, sport, science and business. 

ME Long Covid and pacing

I decided to write a post titled ME, Long Covid and pacing and that isn’t ‘me’, it is M.E. because I think that after 25 years of having ME, I have finally got the hang of pacing!

My experience as a disabled consumer: Rick Williams

Disabled people are consumers, clients, patients, students, service users. They are customers.


We invite submissions to a peer-reviewed special issue of Leonardo journal titled, “CripTech and the Art of Access” dedicated to exploring the intersection of art, technology, science, disability, and access. This issue will expand existing scholarship, activism, art, and design practice that centers “aesthetic access” as an animating principle of art, science, and technology to showcase crip innovation and creativity. The issue seeks to document and theorize the work of Leonardo’s CripTech Incubator artists, as well as to chart the emerging field and praxis of CripTech Art.

Alice Wong: I Still Have a Voice

Alice Wong can no longer speak. But she still has a voice.

Physician Bias May Prevent Quality Care for Patients With Disabilities

Many physicians report being ill-equipped to treat people with physical and cognitive disabilities, and some say they try to avoid doing so, a new study has found.

Disability & Health

Vol. 41, No. 10, October 2022


A proud disabled woman makes her own way in the world.

A Guide for Building Safe and Supportive Learning Environments

The Inclusive Schools Network is committed to our mission to encourage and empower parents, schools, and the community to design and implement effective inclusive schools. Inclusion is an action, and we support a proactive culture that models kindness and acceptance.

Evolution Accessible Home Gym Packs Big Functionality Into a Small Package

The Evolution Training System is a simple yet versatile piece of workout equipment for wheelchair users. Its 3-foot-by-3-foot frame gives you many locations to attach workout bands and stabilize yourself for exercises from a variety of angles. Plus with a quick conversion, it doubles as a set of parallel bars that you can use for dips or seated pullups.

How 'God of War' Made Accessibility a Core Part of Its Game Design

For the 'Ragnarok' sequel, Santa Monica Studio incorporated regular feedback from disabled gamers, hosted public conversations on social media, and more.

Anosognosia: Helping Those Who Don't Realize They Have Mental Illness

"It's not an easy problem to solve, but educating people about anosognosia and developing plans for dealing with it are vital."

A Glimpse of What Life Is Like With Bipolar

Can you relate?

Language Matters

Disability is a set of barriers that society places on people whose bodies work differently. While disability is an extension of the human experience and spectrum of human abilities, the stigma and negative expectations of the disabled body contribute to othering. Inclusive employer policies are an important aspect of the rehabilitation of disabled people into the workforce. Many disabled people are able and willing to work but face unsurmountable stigma and non-inclusive policies from employers.

Ralph & Katie: A Love Story About A Married Couple With Down’s Syndrome

Ralph and Katie, two disabled characters from the hit BBC One series The A Word, are set to appear on our screens in their very own spin-off show.

Disney Music Group Teams up with Deaf West Theatre to release ASL Music Video

Disney Music Group has teamed up with Tony Award®-winning Deaf West Theatre to release an American Sign Language (ASL) version of the Billboard chart-topping song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” from Walt Disney Animation Studio’s Encanto, in celebration of International Day of Sign Languages, on September 23rd.

Coffee Closet With Barista Jake Is A Business Run By Autistic Man With A Mission Of Inclusion

Jake always loved to bring coffee to his dad at his record store in Norristown, PA. As his interest in coffee grew, he started researching the process of making coffee and learned about all the types of beans, blends, temperatures, and milk needed to make good coffee. When the pandemic hit and the record store closed and Jake couldn’t follow the routine he had set for himself, he started a curbside coffee cart outside the record store through which he got overwhelming support from his community. During the enforced shutdown, Jake and his family were able to hold two curbside coffee cart fundraisers. With the donations, he constructed a custom cart called “Coffee Closet with Barista Jake” which now permanently stays inside Vinyl Closet Records, his parents’ record store.

What the war means for Ukrainians with disabilities

Rights activists and carers are filling the gap as the war creates huge challenges in accessing disability support.

The Challenges of Dating With Chronic Illness

Deciding if and how to share health information can leave daters on a tightrope between vulnerability and vigilance.

The Squeaky Wheel Shows How Disability Humor Works

“The Squeaky Wheel” makes fun of the real life absurdities of living with disabilities and encountering everyday ableism.

October 2022 Issue: Disability Culture

There have been very few issues of art magazines devoted to disability. There ought to be more. As Art in America associate editor Emily Watlington, who took the lead on this issue, writes in her essay “Our Work Is Working,” disabled artists have been crucial to progress in disability justice and the art world in general, whether through storytelling, empathy-building, or outright activism. These artists place disability where it belongs: at the heart of creativity itself.

Yes, accessibility is also a backend concern

Accessibility is a holistic practice that touches every aspect of creating a digital experience. This means it is also a backend web development consideration…

Beyond 6 Seconds: Destigmatizing Tourette Syndrome through storytelling

"You can choose to keep living your life in isolation... Or, you can break yourself out of that isolation and start to own the things that make you, you. One of which is having Tourette's, right?"

Nondisabled People Always Win the “Hunger Games” of Academic Publishing and Tenure

This year, only one department lists “disability studies” amongst its desired areas of specialization; namely, California Polytechnic State University’s AOS is “Technology Ethics, as related to Feminist Ethics and/or Disability Studies.” No department is looking for a specialist in critical disability theory or crip theory. Based on a keyword search, the word “disability” appears in only one other listing; State University of New York’s AOC is described as “open, but desirable in social ontology, social epistemology, disability studies, gender and sexuality studies, and/or critical race theory.” Philosophers generally profess that they want to hire more disabled philosophers, but then decline to search in the one area of specialization in which disabled academics are most concentrated, and in which we contribute the most original scholarship, mentoring, and unpaid service work. Indeed, the amount of service work that we have contributed to conferences, workshops, and departmental operations without compensation or adequate recognition is a massively overlooked source of worker exploitation.

New campaign seeks to reduce abuse of older Australians

Encouraging perpetrators of elder abuse to understand the impact of their actions is the focus of a new awareness campaign from the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Hidden care workforce report reveals workforce shortfall

The previous government failed to release and act on the Care Workforce Labour Market Study conducted by the National Skills Commission, which found the care and support workforce is facing significant workplace issues and staff shortages.

When you run out of spoons

The theory is that most non-disabled people have an unlimited number of “spoons” in their day (spoons in this context representing units of energy).

Australia’s caring economy to face shortage of over 200,000 workers by 2050, study finds

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Half of Adults Have Heard Little or Nothing About New Covid Boosters, Survey Finds

The latest shots, which target Omicron and its subvariants, could offer protection against a winter surge in cases. But many people are unsure if they’re eligible.

‘Unforgivable’: UK government errors denied thousands disability benefits

Campaigners hit out after data reveals majority of successful appeals were due to Department for Work and Pensions mistakes.

Superfest 2022 Festival Page

Watch these at any point from 12:01am PT on Thursday October 20 until 11:59pm PT on Sunday October 23! Once you begin a screening, you will have 96 additional hours to finish so just make sure to sign in by Sunday night.

Abled-Bodied Leftists Cannot Abandon Disabled Solidarity to "Move On” From COVID

There must be support for disabled activists who are doing lifesaving disabled activism, mutual aid and survival work.

Anti-Vaccine Parents Go From Welcome to Ostracized in Marin County

The wealthy California county just north of San Francisco has one of the nation’s highest Covid-19 vaccination rates after years of being known for parents who opposed shots for childhood diseases.

‘I Did All I Could’: As Floodwaters Rose, She Fought to Save Her Disabled Brothers

Darcy Bishop for decades has cared for her two brothers, who have cerebral palsy. Hurricane Ian was her biggest test yet.

Why is there a Braille message on my e-scooter?

No, blind people aren’t riding the increasingly popular devices.

Accessibility in the Arts: A Promise and a Practice

Accessibility in the Arts: A Promise and a Practice is an accessibility guide geared toward small-scale arts nonprofits and the potentially expansive publics these organizations serve. It details specific ways in which disabled people are excluded from cultural spaces and offers possible solutions to those barriers. Moving away from historical and juridical definitions of accessibility, this guide considers the unique capacity of small scale arts organizations to meet the needs of disabled communities. It engages principles of disability justice to think through what can urgently be done to create more equitable and accessible arts spaces.

Cooper Hewitt Guidelines for Image Description | Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum

Museums provide robust content for people to interact with across digital platforms. As cultural organizations continue to develop more advanced experiences, it is essential that they consider all audiences during the creation of digital resources and tools. Digital accessibility ensures that people with disabilities have access to our online collections, website, and materials.

DanceSyndrome Founders Celebrate Best Businesswoman Award

Everyone at DanceSyndrome is celebrating after our Founders were announced as the winners of a national business award at the high-profile Best Businesswoman Awards ceremony in London.

Disney Debuts New Adaptive Roleplay Costumes: Photos

The inclusive new options include wheelchair-friendly and otherwise adaptive costumes that allow children with special needs to enjoy dressing as their favorite Disney characters.

My brain is shrinking – and so is my world. Could I find out what’s wrong with me?

First, the veteran Guardian foreign affairs correspondent found himself lost for words; then he started falling while out jogging. He and his wife Helen Harris try to make sense of a life-changing year.

Later-Life Autism Diagnosis with Lauren Ober

This episode, Judy chats with journalist and podcaster, Lauren Ober. They discuss Lauren’s new podcast called The Loudest Girl in the World. This is a narrative limited series podcast about Lauren’s journey to discovering she is autistic at the age of 42. Enjoy this episode and please check out the description to find The Loudest Girl in the World and more podcasts with Lauren Ober.

Disability Voting Rights Week 2022 with Lilian Aluri, Dessa Cosma, and YT Bell

Next week, September 12th to 16th, is Disability Voting Rights Week. Learn more about it through this episode with Lilian Aluri from AAPD's REV UP Campaign, Dessa Cosma from Detroit Disability Power, and YT Bell from the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights.

New FEMA Resources Vary In Helpfulness To Disabled Employees

Deadly storms are coming and there are still weeks left in peak wildfire season. I wondered, what’s changed at FEMA for people with disabilities?

Lauren Ober on Neurodiversity

Lauren Ober is a podcaster, journalist, and the host of The Loudest Girl in the World – a new podcast from Pushkin Industries that tells the first-person story of Lauren’s journey in understanding what it means to be on the autism spectrum. Before this, she hosted Spectacular Failures from APMStudios and more recently, Fine Gorilla Person from Topic Studios/Audible. Ober also hosted and produced NPR’s The Big Listen, a nationally distributed broadcast about podcasts. In a life before hosting, Ober was an award-winning audio reporter and has been heard on shows like This American Life, 99% Invisible and Criminal, as well as all of NPR’s flagship programs. She is a graduate of the Transom Story Workshop, Syracuse University and American University. A proud Pittsburgh native, Lauren currently lives in the 51st state.

Tiger Talks #1: The Form of Memory With Stephanie Foo, Esmé Weijun Wang, and Jonny Sun

Part of a series of community conversations with writers and creatives to celebrate Alice Wong's 2022 memoir, "Year of the Tiger," organized by the Disability Visibility Project, the Longmore Institute on Disability, and the Disability & Intersectionality Summit.

Deaf mother awarded £36,000 after suing British Deaf Association for discrimination

A Deaf mother has been awarded more than £36,000 from the British Deaf Association (BDA), after the charity refused to reduce her hours in 2019 so she could care for her newborn daughter.

Anger as research paper claims sign languages have ‘very limited set of words’ and grammar whic…

A conference paper published by a group of Indian researchers has come under fire after its abstract claimed sign languages are used by “the deaf and dumb community”, have a “very limited set of words” and use a grammatical structure which is “difficult to understand”.

Platform for app accessibility

Appt is a new platform for making apps accessible. Founded by Abra and Q42, Appt's goal is to help organizations and developers create apps for everyone. This beta version with data on accessibility features, code samples, guidelines and more will be expanded in the coming months.

The White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health Perpetuates Weight Stigma

"They are trying to solve one so-called crisis only to replace it with another."

Michele Coele obituary

Other lives: Co-founder of the Disabled Parents Network whose work helped shape government policy.

"No institution and nothing else can replace a proper family." interview with a self-advocate at Eu…

Kudlicka is a Czech self-advocate who talks about his experience in moving out of an institution and becoming independent-living in the community.

"People with disabilities must have a choice and must decide on their lives." Europe in Action 2022…

Several speeches about the accessibility in the workspace and the importance of being able to work for people with disabilities.

Why Multiply Marginalized People with Disabilities Should be Prioritized Before, During and After D…

Multiply marginalized people with disabilities are those who, in addition to being disabled, also belong to another marginalized group. This includes those who belong to marginalized genders, races, ethnicities, sexualities and/or economic backgrounds. As we observe Preparedness Month, it’s a fitting time to consider what preparedness should look like for multiply marginalized disabled people, who are often the worst off during and after disasters and emergency situations.

Making Voting Accessible to Everyone

Nearly 1 in 3 Arkansans has a disability. Jonathan Taylor, executive director for the Arkansas Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities, discusses what his group is doing to make voting more accessible for everyone.

How Expanding Voting Accessibility Helps All Voters

We're talking about voting accessibility for people with disabilities, and how making elections more accessible makes casting ballots better and easier for ALL voters.

'A slap in the face,' Waltham pushes for accessible mailboxes

There are dozens of USPS drop-boxes around Waltham, but none are able to be driven up to.

'Abbott Elementary' Opens Second Season with Emphasis on Accessibility

The beloved sitcom's focus on accommodating the needs of all students tugged at Twitter's heartstrings.

I’m Lovin It: McDonald’s Remasters Jingle In Sign Language For Hearing-Impaired

Making customers who are hard of hearing feel more welcome during International Week of the Deaf.

My Parents Are Hackers Out of Necessity - The New York Times

Both skateboarding and navigating daily life with a disability involve surprisingly similar ways of engaging with the built environment.

Hundreds of disability lawsuits might be fraudulent, according to attorneys

One side calls the lawsuits “a monumental fraud.” The other side says the new claims...

Unilever Goes Back to the Drawing Board With Accessible Deodorant Design

The prototype, the winner of design and innovation awards, was deemed unsuitable for mass production after further testing.

2022's Best & Worst Cities for People with Disabilities

When searching for a new home, people with disabilities often have a longer and more complicated list of considerations compared with other individuals. In addition to common wish-list items, such as reliable public transportation and diverse entertainment options, people with disabilities also must think about things like the accessibility of facilities or even the cleanliness of the air. They’ll also need to consider how well the city is handling COVID-19, since they can be more at risk for serious symptoms.

U.S. Midterm Candidate Websites Lacking In Basic Accessibility, Blind Charity Says

Research undertaken by the Miami Lighthouse for the Blind demonstrates that key accessibility barriers prevail across many of the candidate websites of those vying for office in the November midterm elections in vital swing states.

Midterm Campaign Websites Aren't Accessible to Blind Voters

“It just is a great concern when access to communication is denied to a certain population.”

On resilience. Impressions from Europe in Action conference

Resilience rooted in individual strengths, and augmented by the support from other people. Milan Šveřepa about his impressions from the Europe in Action to End Segregation conference.

How Australia Post embraced accessible marketing to make a difference

“As a brand that serves all Australians, it's imperative that we put accessibility at the forefront of our marketing."

Making houses fully accessible should be a given, not a nice-to-have

The demand for accessible homes far outweighs the supply, but funding and the building code remain obstacles to finding a solution.

‘Pedestrians should be our priority’: Toronto man voicing accessibility concerns

A Toronto resident says a Bike Share unit sits beside parking spots designated for those who are disabled, forcing them to go around the rack and putting pedestrians at risk.

Public and private sector failings on digital accessibility revealed in new report

Online Recruitment magazine for HR Directors, Personnel Managers, Job Boards and Recruiters with information on the internet recruitment industry.

The Workshop Survival Guide

Whether workshops are your whole world or just a small part, this book will equip you with the tools to design and run a brilliant session, every time, with no stress or drama. And you won’t even need to turn into a charismatic superstar to make it happen. Folks tend to think a successful workshop is all about the facilitation (which does matter, and we’ll cover that too), but the real magic is in the design you do ahead of time. It’s a simple process that anyone can learn, and which will get you to the real goal: a happy, smiling audience who walks away with more than they arrived with.

Hearing the Voices of those with Communication Differences

The ONSIDE project is a cross border project created to address the social isolation experienced by disabled people. ONSIDE’s aim is to enable disabled people to create community connections - both locally and online.

World-first online cinema focused on audio description launched - with help from TPT

My Sound Cinema is focused on giving blind and partially sighted film lovers the opportunity to enjoy movies in an accessible online environment.

Download the Atkinson Hyperlegible Font

A new typeface – greater legibility and readability for low vision readers Atkinson Hyperlegible font is named after Braille Institute founder, J. Robert Atkinson.  What makes it different from traditional typography design is that it focuses on letterform distinction to increase character recognition, ultimately improving readability.  We are making it free for anyone to use!

Be an Inclusive Leader

Each week, Karen Catlin shares five simple actions to create a more inclusive workplace and be a better ally.

Access to Work not suitable for the workplace

Hundreds of thousands of people across the UK rely on Access to Work, the government scheme that helps people with disabilities into the workplace.

Fractured, fighting, fixed: adventures in hospital

Why medical systems struggle with inclusion.

Customer frustration over chatbots as companies fail to test accessibility for vulnerable customers

Customer frustration with chatbots is harming customer satisfaction and undermining business productivity, according to a large-scale study from The Institute of Customer Service released today.

Twenty Twenty-Two Is the First Default Block Theme to Get Tagged as Accessibility-Ready

After a seven-month long effort across multiple contributor teams, the Twenty Twenty-Two (TT2) default theme will be tagged as “Accessibility-Ready” when WordPress 6.1 ships in November. It is the first block theme to meet the requirements for gaining this distinction. During its development the theme was also tested and found to meet WCAG AA level accessibility requirements.

International Day of Sign Languages: how business can make a difference

Recognizing the diverse sign languages landscape and improving accessibility for employees and clients is an essential part of creating inclusive workplaces.

The importance of being accessibility-first for effective UX design

Today’s designers must approach all projects with an accessibility-first mindset to benefit all users.

Using Hide-and-Seek as a Survival Strategy From Abuse

"I was the best hider. I had to be."

How Social Media Can Be More Accessible for Blind Creators

Last week, Twitter rolled out reminders to encourage users to add alternative text, or a written description, to images or GIFs they post. This is important for social media users who are blind or visually impaired and may rely on screen readers or text-to-voice software to navigate social media. Other platforms such as Instagram also offer what’s known as an alt text feature.

Can earbuds work like over-the-counter hearing aids?

Here are the best headphone and earbud options for people with hearing loss.

How I build inclusivity as an accessibility researcher at Meta

Being an accessibility researcher at Meta means making an impact on products used by billions of people around the world. This opportunity to be hands-on with a community I care about drew me to Meta from academia, where I developed a passion for accessibility early in my career. After studying the effects of technology on older adults as an undergraduate, I was inspired to pursue a PhD focused on accessibility and universal design, followed by a postdoctoral program. I saw firsthand how technology empowers people with disabilities to connect and express themselves in new and different ways, and I knew I wanted to work with people driven by the same mission.

Framing an ICT Accessibility Policy During Procurement

Microassist CEO Sanjay Nasta and digital accessibility expert Jeff Kline discuss the role of ICT Accessibility Policy in procurement.

OEMs could improve vehicle accessibility thanks to EV shift

The EV transition could lead to greater vehicle accessibility for the over six million Canadians with disabilities — will automakers respond?

Wheelchair User Was Forced to Drag Herself to the Bathroom on Flight

The woman said a cabin-crew member from AlbaStar told her people with disabilities should wear diapers on planes to avoid using the bathroom.

E-commerce Is Failing Disabled People, Say Experts

65% of consumers with a disability have abandoned a purchase due to poor accessibility. For our Evolution of E-commerce Deep Dive, accessibility experts from across the marketing industry tell us what needs to be done.

World Cup makes Qatar more accessible for disabled people

Qatar’s hosting of the FIFA World Cup is playing a transformative role in making the country more accessible for disabled people.

Improving accessibility for Deaf Canadians

With a focus on inclusiveness and the passing of the Accessible Canada Act, it’s time for organizations to provide equal access for Deaf Canadians.

Inside Indonesia's grassroots fight for accessibility

Despite Indonesia's mandated level playing field for people with disabilities, they struggle to find employment in the formal sector.

Is Africa a good choice for clients with disabilities?

Those who operate on the continent say the tourism industry there is stepping up its accessibility efforts.

Proposed accessibility law is useless without enforceable standards

Are we happy with the fact that disabled people have to plead with, and petition the Government just to get basic access to TV and media?

Accessible? You’re Joking

It’s hard to depend on and survive in a system that isn’t built to cater for your physical needs. Our provisions implemented to ensure equitable access for disabled peoples have only shown themselves to be political checkmarks to acclaim the title: ‘helper of the disabled’ that in a practical sense, has little to no real world impact. It’s been quite demonstrable that this is the case with the Accessibility Bill only working to establish a committee that has no legal powers but only provides recommendations to the minister for disabilities. These will then be passed on to the House Of Representatives as a ‘measure of awareness’ and knowledge base for all the accessibility barriers facing disabled people. However, the lack of any structural measure of undeviating accountability that will address the growing accessibility problem has presented the government's processes regarding accessibility as far too opaque - shrouding them in a cloud of mystery brings the character and integrity of the proposed bill into question.

International Week of the Deaf [curated content]

Read the latest updates on digital accessibility and International Week of Deaf People 2022.

The Accessibility in government blog returns

You might have noticed that the Accessibility in government blog had grown a little quiet over the last couple of months but we are pleased to announce that we are now back and the new blog owners - Samantha Merrett, Accessibility Lead at the Food Standards Agency and Jessica Eley, Accessibility Officer at the Government Digital Service - are ready to share their plans for the future of the blog.

CreakyChats: “Accessibility Anxieties”

Our patient community shares the challenges surrounding accessing consistent and quality treatments for chronic health conditions.

COVID-19 Accessibility Recommendations

Changing what it is to be blind today.

Guidelines on mental health at work

An estimated 15% of working-age adults have a mental disorder at any point in time. Depression and anxiety are estimated to cost the global economy US $1 trillion each year driven predominantly by lost productivity. People living with severe mental health conditions are largely excluded from work despite participation in economic activities being important for recovery.

Android Accessibility videos

Some short videos demonstrating the accessibility features of different Android phones and their benefits for blind and partially sighted people.

Accessible Televisions

Most mainstream televisions available today have accessibility features built into them which help to make TV for visually impaired users accessible.

Amazon extends Alexa accessibility features to Fire tablets for users with speech disabilities

Amazon has extended its Tap to Alexa function, which allows users to interact with Alexa via touch instead of voice, to Fire tablets.

May Mobility, Via launch wheelchair-accessible autonomous shuttle service

May Mobility and Via are deploying an on-demand shuttle service with five wheelchair-accessible, autonomous Toyota Siennas.

Microsoft launches 2022 update of Windows 11 with improved accessibility

The new Windows 11 2022 update delivers the critically important new security features and new management tools for increased IT efficiency.

25 Free Tools to Test Your Website

Regular testing of the health and vitality of an ecommerce site will ensure optimal performance. Here is a list of tools to test sites for download speed, user experience, accessibility, and more.


A wheelchair add-on that allows you to traverse stairs and take longer walks by yourself.

From SDI to IP: How Broadcasters Can Simplify Captioning in the Cloud

Discover how Ai-Media can provide an end-to-end solution to help you easily transition from SDI to IP captioning workflows.

Partially Compensated: A stop motion short film about a Dyslexic child discovering her difference

Stop-motion short film about inspired by my experience growing up with Dyslexia. This has been seen in film festivals around the world and has afforded me many opportunities to advocate for Dyslexic children.

Do Dyslexia Fonts Actually Work?

Specialized fonts for students with dyslexia are gaining in popularity. But they’re based on a key misconception, experts warn.

12 Children's Books With Dyslexic Cha

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