Are Your Organization and Its Board “Acc ...

Are Your Organization and Its Board “Access Able”?

Jul 02, 2021

Are Your Organization and Its Board “Access Able”?

Charity to people with disabilities dates back millennia, but meaningful input from those served is a recent phenomenon. Here are some ideas for “doing good” better.

Why Digital Accessibility Should Be Part of Your Brand’s DNA

Digital accessibility should be integral to your organization. Read our blog for the 5 R's that explain why this is so important.

Binghamton research aims to improve accessibility for soda machines

The Coca-Cola Freestyle machine uses a touchscreen that allows users to select from over 100 different types of soda, but does it need larger text or buttons?

Spain’s Banco Santander adapts 3,000 ATMs for customers with vision disabilities

Banco Santander has integrated a Voice Guidance system into 3,000 ATMs, making them user-friendly for people with vision disabilities.

AI Improves Restaurant Accessibility and Inclusivity

The landmark Americans with Disability Act (ADA) requires restaurants to ensure that their premises are accessible for people with disabilities. While the law marks one of the most important victories for the rights of those with disabilities, much more can be done to accommodate this community with its ever-evolving needs, including utilizing advanced technology.

Five incremental ideas for accessible transport

Not all problems require big ideas to solve. Here are five innovations imagined by people with a disability that would reduce barriers to travel. Some build upon new technology whilst others take existing ideas and add an inclusive twist.

Autonomous vehicles for Independent people

Living independently has many components, one of the ones most taken for granted is freedom of movement, access to independent mobility is a great enabler for people with a disability in seeking access to education, employment and in daily life. Accessible and Inclusive public transport, along with usable vehicles for personal use have been a considerable barrier for many for decades.

Startups to improve accessibility and walkability

Smart Mobility generally refers to real-time traffic information or reducing traffic congestion. No wonder Google acquired Waze, an Israeli startup that crowdsources traffic data, for US$1.3 billion in 2013. However, to improve road safety is actually equally important to our daily lives.

Spain to train assistants for tourists with accessibility needs

Many people with disabilities have an unique set of needs and challenges in regards to travelling and enjoying tourist destinations.

Reinventing the Platform Lift as a Design Statement for Accessibility at Home: Aritco | ArchDaily

Platform lifts. Swedish manufacturer ARITCO shows how architects can integrate them into residential properties without them looking like an...

When ‘Accessible’ Doesn’t Mean Accessible for All

"Accessibility must be universally applicable."

The Benefits of Speech-to-Text Technology in All Classrooms - EALA

This article was published on KQED by Caroline Smith on June 9, 2021. During in-person instruction, Vikram Nahal would correct console grips in his role as a Resource Specialist Program (RSP) teacher in Northern California. Learning console grips helps students develop the hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills necessary to correctly form shapes on a page. He […]

TikTok Reaffirms Its Commitment To ‘Inspiring Creativity And Joy For All’

TikTok, the mega-popular short-form social network, recently launched a dedicated page on its website detailing its commitment to the disability community and accessibility.

Apple Accessibility Wins We Saw Announced At WWDC 2021

Apple has launched a number of new features that improve accessibility during its 2021 WWDC conference and here's everything you need to know.

Accessibility by design: An Apple Watch for everyone

Discover how Apple creates products that work well for everyone. Learn from a few of the engineers and designers who helped build Apple Watch as they share stories that highlight our approach to accessible design, constant iteration, and community engagement.

Apple’s latest accessibility features are for those with limb and vocal differences

Apple announced a batch of accessibility features at WWDC 2021 that cover a wide variety of needs, among them a few for people who can’t touch or speak to their devices in the ordinary way. With Assistive Touch, Sound Control and other improvements, these folks have new options for interacting with an iPhone or Apple Watch.

At WWDC 2021, Apple Showed Yet Again Accessibility Truly Is For Everyone in Many Marquee Features

Following last month’s unveiling of new discrete accessibility features, Apple on Monday showed off a slew of mainstream, marquee features spanning Apple’s five operating systems—iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, macOS, and tvOS—that are eminently useful as de-facto accessibility features, whether you’re dis...

To Build More-Inclusive Technology, Change Your Design Process

Lessons from Microsoft, Airbnb, and Oracle.

Microsoft Is Enabling Its AI-Based Technology To Be Disability-Inclusive

The lack of machine learning datasets that include people with disabilities has proved to be a major roadblock for developing technological solutions customised to their needs. This is often referred to as ‘data desert’. It is a common practice for organisations building technology products and services to use data at an aggregate level, which leads to stereotyping and being exclusionary in the process.

Dona Sarkar gets a new role leading Accessibility tech for Microsoft

We first came to know Microsoft engineer Dona Sarkar when she took over the role of head of the Windows Insider program back in June of 2016, taking over from Gabe Aul. Since then, she moved on to work on the Azure team as an advocate for the Power Platform, Microsoft's foray into low-code / no-code programming.

Xbox Series X Promises More Accessibility With Indicators for Visually Impaired Players

Microsoft is trying to get everything right woth the Xbox Series X and Series S to remain the better of the two competitors.

Inclusive design: how to make packaging more accessible

Inclusive design and accessible packaging create a better user experience for everyone. So why aren't more companies doing it?

Learning life skills via VR: a game-changer for children with intellectual disabilities

Learning to become independent is a crucial developmental milestone for all children, but for children with an intellectual disability, mastering everyday activities can be an uphill battle.

Videos: Accessibility Training

Learn how to use the built in accessibility features in G Suite and Chromebooks.

Coding with voice dictation using Talon Voice

Earlier this year, I lost the ability to use a keyboard and mouse for extended periods. Fortunately, this wasn't as catastrophic as it sounds! This article chronicles my experience using adaptive tools like dictation and eye-tracking as my primary mechanisms for writing code.

Audism and the ethics of childhood cochlear implants

Cochlear implants are more likely to be successful if fitted in early childhood, but many Deaf people view the devices as perpetuating audism.

Why are hearing aids so expensive?

Larry Hicks was diagnosed with severe deafness about 6 months ago. He’s a little embarrassed to say it’s because he exploded crazy high-pitched music in the car.

'I am not ashamed': Disability advocates, experts implore you to stop saying 'special needs'

In our daily lives, we may encounter phrases like "I am disabled" or "My child has special needs." And to someone who is not part of the community, this wording may seem synonymous. But it's not.

Disabled not 'special needs': Experts explain why we shouldn't say it

Many experts and advocates vehemently oppose the term \

Invisible disability and self-imposed stigma we learn from others

I read a post called The Bizarre Prevalence of Invisible Illness Imposter Syndrome and the author uses different terms and language to describe what I have felt as well.

Work Won't Love You Back: Naomi Osaka Took A Stand

In her refusal to bend to the tournament’s outdated rules, Osaka demonstrated her understanding of a lesson that more of us could stand to learn: Work won’t love you back.

What I’ve Learned About Succeeding in Life With Learning Disabilities

"Often, finding out what works means falling down and getting back up yet again."

In debate over Down syndrome/abortion bill, disability groups struggle with how to respond

The abortion question challenges the general public, but discussion in the disability community presents even more tangled ethical questions.

When I Felt Alone as a Young Disabled Lesbian

Lauren Gerken discusses growing up lonely and struggling with accepting her sexual orientation as a woman with cerebral palsy.

I Am Black, Disabled And Beautiful. Here’s Why I Speak Up For Others With Disabilities

"As a disability advocate, I want Black people with disabilities to be seen, heard and respected as human beings."

What It Was Like Growing Up Black, Female, Autistic and Undiagnosed

"Those who really care about you and value their relationship with you will believe in you and your dreams."

Andraéa LaVant Is an Inclusion Consultant With Style

The first visibly disabled Black woman to attend the Oscars on what comes next.

Podcast: "Inner Hoe Uprising": LG, DOMME, SWITCH, & BAD B*TCH

Extreme baddie Vilissa Thompson, joins us to talk all about the sexual liberation journey of a Black disabled woman, Kink and navigating the lifestyle as both an LG and a Domme, the journey transitioning from a social worker to sex therapist and so much more.

Podcast: "‎Be Antiracist with Ibram X. Kendi": Ableism & Racism: Roots of The Same Tree

Rebecca Cokley is one of the country’s leading voices on disability rights, and centers race in her analysis and advocacy. She is the founding director of the Disability Justice Initiative at the Center for American Progress, and served in the Obama administration from 2009-2013. Dr. Kendi sat down with the California native for a frank conversation on the intersections of ableism and racism in America, the historic civil rights legislation governing both, and what we can all do to advocate for a better future for people with disabilities.

The Intersections and Divergences of Disability and Race

What can the longest sit-in ever to take place in a federal building teach us about the intersection of racism and ableism?

How STEM Can Be More Inclusive of Scientists with Disabilities

The culture of academia can make disabled scientists wary of disclosing their conditions or needs. Molecular biologist Justin Yerbury suggests how the system might become more inclusive.

This Woman's Wheelchair Was Broken By Delta Airlines

"Flying is always scary for us...because we have heard [or] experienced the horror of getting off a plane and seeing our metaphorical legs broken."

Making a more accessible NYC subway system for all

If the last time you rode the bus or subway was before the pandemic, you might not recognize the transit system as it exists now more than a year later. There have been visible improvements, like our unprecedented disinfecting program, but not all the changes are so obvious.

Why the ADA was Naive

You’d think that more than thirty years after the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act, there’d be no more closed doors for disabled folks. That isn’t the case.

Clubhouse and its clones have an accessibility problem

Since Clubhouse took off last year, a number of platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Discord, and Reddit, have announced similar social audio features. Some are more accessible for disabled people than others.

Honda develops Shoe-Based Navi System for people with vision disabilities

Honda Motor announced a new firm called Ashirase, Inc. It’s the first startup that came from Ignition, Honda’s new business creation program.

New Voice Assistant on MyPermobil app is a great tool for those who use wheelchairs

For wheelchair users with limited hand mobility, using a smartphone can be challenging.

What Stevie Wonder can teach the world about accessible design.

Stevie Wonder's an incredible artist, and an equally amazing advocate for accessibility. In this comprehensive guide, we look at the tools, tips and techniques you can use for more accessible design and development practice.

Why getting more people with disabilities developing technology is good for everyone

Developers with disabilities are in the best position to build accessible technology, but they face a Catch-22 – most technology design tools themselves are not particularly accessible.

Design tools have improved dramatically. But they're still failing use

It’s not enough to observe how people with disabilities use tech. They need to be in the design process.

Should I Show or Hide My Disability in Profile Pictures?

"Am I really sharing my true self?"

Meet the Twitch streamer with no hands who's better at 'Apex Legends' than you

Humphrey 'NoHandsNZ' Hanley has carved his own path on Twitch; Platforming a need for greater accessibility in the video game industry.

These disabled streamers & advocates are helping to tackle accessibility issues in gaming

Disabled streamers and gamers like RattleHead and charities work with big game companies fix accessibility barriers in playing video games.

How ‘Rising Phoenix’ Became a ‘Global Anthem’ for Rappers Living With Disabilities

When composer Daniel Pemberton was tasked with putting together the soundtrack for Netflix's film about the Paralympics he enlisted rappers Georgetragic, Toni Hickman, and Keith Jones to create the perfect theme song.

Author: Haben Girma, The Deafblind Woman Who Conquered Harvard Law

Haben Girma speaks on disability access and advocacy, and the importance of interdependence. The first Deafblind person to graduate from Harvard Law School, Girma is a human rights lawyer advancing disability justice.  ASL interpretation and live captioning will be provided.

New NYC restaurant Contento was designed for people with disabilities

At Contento, a new bar opening in New York City's East Harlem, beverage director Yannick Benjamin has created a space that welcomes people with disabilities.

Video: A Crip Camp Love Story

Ann Cupolo Freeman and Sam Freeman recount their love story. Jim LeBrecht (Co-Director of Crip Camp) speaks with them both about identity, acceptance and finding love as a person with a disability.

A Practical Guide To Employing Carers And PAs

Georgina Moore tells us about her experiences employing PAs. She offers helpful advice to disabled care receivers on how to manage PAs.

When Publishers Called My Children's Book About Disability 'Too Niche'

"We need to shine more light on these issues to make the world a fairer and more welcoming place."

Rolling Warrior by Judith Heumann

In this young readers’ edition of her acclaimed memoir, Being Heumann, Judy shares her journey of battling for equal access in an unequal world—from fighting to attend grade school after being described as a “fire hazard” because of her wheelchair, to suing the New York City school system for denying her a teacher’s license because of her disability. Judy went on to lead 150 disabled people in the longest sit-in protest in US history at the San Francisco Federal Building. Cut off from the outside world, the group slept on office floors, faced down bomb threats, and risked their lives to win the world’s attention and the first civil rights legislation for disabled people.

Call for urgent action to prevent learning disability deaths

This group is experiencing huge inequalities and often dying from avoidable causes, a report says.

We must reckon with our ableism if we want healthcare to work for people

People who had COVID-19 may need long-term care — the US healthcare system isn't ready.

How vulnerable groups were left behind in pandemic response

Future preparedness plans should account for socioeconomic and cultural differences, say researchers.

How COVID Made Work Accessible to Me as a Person With Cerebral Palsy

Sarah Jane Ellis explains how the pandemic gave her a chance to work from home after not having employment options as a person with cerebral palsy.

Fighting to Keep Pandemic Changes That Help the Disability Community

"Hope combined with action is the key."

Disability Accessibility Features Added During COVID Are Disappearing

“'Normal' was ableist and inaccessible."

People With Disabilities May Face Greater Challenges When Returning To In-Person Work

The adoption of flexible work arrangements during the pandemic has helped some employees for whom working from home is ideal. Will this trend continue for the post-pandemic work force?

High school is hard enough for disabled students. Don't take away our Zoom classes.

Many students hate virtual learning. But for the author, who uses a wheelchair, it's been a godsend.

11 Pandemic Trends People With Disabilities Want to Keep

Christina Irene discusses pandemic changes that have benefited the disability community and why society should keep them.

The Covid Disability Archive

We are trying to create a snapshot in time, where people in the future can look back and see how we coped and how we managed, whether that's good or bad.

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