Alishba from Pakistan

Alishba from Pakistan

Oct 26, 2022

Alishba from Pakistan

My name is Alishba, I am a 21-year-old artist from Pakistan and art is not just my passion, it is my identity!

Digital Accessibility: The Next Frontier of Disability Rights

Digital platforms and media are used to share ideas, start movements, and enact real change in the effort for a more equitable world. Digital activism and accessibility often work in tandem, mutually strengthening their effectiveness and impact.

Making Your Events More Accessible

While incorporating accommodations like a sign language interpreter or a wheelchair-accessible venue might seem like a learning curve, implementing these access improvements will open up your event to new audiences and communities.

Disabled and Inked: The Stories Behind Tattoos of Disabled People

Disabled people share their stories about their tattoos' meanings.

Documentary spotlights deaf culture and live entertainment access

Bay Area native and self-taught filmmaker Cat Brewer latest project is "Sign the Show." The film sheds light on deaf culture and the challenges they and the Hard of Hearing community face accessing live entertainment.

Scholar Sami Schalk Seeks To Merge The Worlds Of Black Activism And Disability Advocacy With Her Ne…

"There is no Black liberation without disability justice, and there is no disability justice without Black liberation," says the author of Black Disability Politics.

Making the joys of surfing accessible to kids with disabilities

On the beaches of Little Compton, Rhode Island, a nonprofit is knocking down barriers to surfing for children with disabilities. Justin Kenny reports.

Persons with disabilities integral players in determining innovative solutions to fully inclusive s…

Ten years ago, the Asia-Pacific region came together and designed the world’s first set of disability-specific development goals: the Incheon Strategy to “Make the Right Real” for Persons with Disabilities. Last week, we meet again to assess how the governments have delivered on their commitments, to secure those gains and develop the innovative solutions needed to achieve fully inclusive societies.

Tens of thousands of disabled Texans are waiting years for essential services from the state

A Houston Chronicle investigation looks into the ballooning waitlist for Texans with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are seeking services through Medicaid waiver programs.

Confronting Ableism on the Way to Justice

To build a society that advances the human rights of all people requires the social justice movement to be intentional in including intersecting identities and diverse equity struggles.

Introduction to Web Accessibility

Get a strong foundation in digital accessibility to make your websites and apps work well for people with disabilities, meet international standards, and provide a better user experience for everyone.

The Most Common Learning Disabilities: Part 1; How to Identify Them & How to Help

We work hard to make learning an enjoyable experience, but for some students, it’s inherently complicated. Whether creating an inclusive classroom setting, leading a summer camp, or running an after school program, it’s imperative that you recognize and respect the needs of children with learning disabilities who may be in your care. 

New AI solution empowers students with learning challenges to read and learn confidently

OrCam Technologies has launched OrCam Learn, an interactive assistive solution that offers students vital practical reading support.

Robotic sleeves can provide arm control to kids with cerebral palsy

Scientists are building robotic sleeves that could offer arm control to children with cerebral palsy, not to mention others with mobility issues.

Amazon announces new Fire HD 8 tablets with 'Tap to Alexa' accessibility feature

They're available for preorder immediately and will begin shipping in October.

Connected and automated mobility 2025: realising the benefits of self-driving vehicles

The government’s plans for connected and automated mobility technologies.

Accessibility Insights with Heather Dowdy of Netflix

In this webinar, Robin Christopherson chatted with Heather Dowdy of Netflix about the ways they are improving accessibility.

Subtitles can be terrible: Netflix's head of accessibility explains how growing up with deaf parent…

Heather Dowdy's job is to make Netflix accessible to people with disabilities. TV subtitles are now used by 80% of its viewers, the platform said.

Apple's ingredients for accessible innovation

Clive Gilbert, freelance research consultant and specialist writer in public policy, social affairs and technology takes a deep dive into Apple and how their accessibility has developed over the years.

Advocating for People With Myasthenia Gravis Became My Life’s Purpose

"It has been a meaningful journey, though not always a smooth one."

Queensland family fights to stop schools from determining children’s education based on disabilit…

Unable to get Taylor Lloyd, 15, included in mainstream classes at his high school, his mother says she had to turn to home schooling.

Laughing in the Face of Disability | Tuesco | The New Yorker Documentary

A disabled young man thrives alongside a family that doesn’t hold back their dark humor, in a documentary by Daniel Poler.

What are anxiety attacks and how to handle them

Anxiety attacks can be terrifying. For some people, they may only experience one or two anxiety attacks in their lifetime. But for others, anxiety attacks can be a regular occurrence.

Carolyn Lazard on Illness, Intimacy and the Aesthetics of Access

As their first solo institutional show opens at the Walker Art Center, Carolyn Lazard speaks with Edna Bonhomme about avant-garde film, Blackness and disability.

Welche Label für Leichte Sprache gibt es?

Welche Label für Leichte Sprache gibt es und sind diese Siegel eine Garantie für qualitativ hochwertige Leichte-Sprache-Texte?

Wie sieht Einfache Sprache aus?

Wie genau sieht Einfache Sprache aus? Was sind die Unterschiede zu Leichter Sprache?

Commission to hear from culturally and linguistically diverse persons with disabilities

This week, the Disability Royal Commission is holding a public hearing about experiences of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation for persons with disabilities from culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) backgrounds.

How to Create an Inclusive Work Environment for People with Disabilities

Employment provides income and a sense of purpose for many people, including those who are disabled. The United Nations reports that in developing countries 80% to 90% of disabled people of working age are unemployed, whereas in industrialized countries the figure is between 50% and 70%. According to a recent report by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, 19.1% of people with disabilities are employed. However, disability discrimination is one of the most commonly reported types of employment discrimination – with nearly 25,000 claims filed across the United States in 2020. Across the globe, disabled people face discrimination due to ableist beliefs that are deeply ingrained in society.

Off-road wheelchairs to be trialled across SA to boost tourism

Wheelchairs and e-trikes will be trialled across regional locations so those living with a disability can experience the beauty of SA first hand.

Iowa artist Jill Wells makes art accessible with 'the power of touch'

Local artist Jill Wells uses 'the power of touch' to discuss making art accessible for people with disabilities.

I’m a ‘Type 1 diabetic,’ not a ‘person with type one diabetes’: Rejecting person-first la…

What person-first language fails to recognize is that disability is an essential part of identity for many disabled people.

Production of sustainable, smart white cane for visually impaired people demanded

The imported canes are costly and it is tough for the disabled people to get it as most of them are poor, says the rights activists.

New York's struggle with the new Omicron variant BQ family including BQ.1 and BQ.1.1 is a warning t…

What happens in New York doesn’t stay in New York—not during a pandemic, anyway.

Disabled Artist Showcase: Creating Our Spaces

Short Documentary by Disabled Filmmaker Emmitt H Thrower showcasing 4 disabled artists/musicians who are performing in the music and film spaces. They are leading the way advocating for more inclusion for disabled creatives. Seeking to create spaces for people with disabilities and providing them the same opportunities to participate as creators and decision makers like their non disabled counterparts.

Google it: accessible travel

Google it: accessible travel. Building one accessible travel starting point online. Accessible travel information worldwide. A mini-Google.

Do breast cancer awareness campaigns relate to metastatic breast cancer patients?

Breast cancer awareness campaigns are awash in seas of pink T-shirts, balloons, and ribbons in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But their messaging fails to recognize people who are not cured of the disease.

Mammographie mit Rollstuhl

Heute gibt es Informationen zur Mammographie mit Rollstuhl und den Antworten zu euren Instagram Fragen.

Discussion on disability rights, social care and change with Neil Crowther

Neil Crowther is consultant from the United Kingdom. He previously worked for the Disability Rights Commission and the Equality and Human Rights Commission in the UK.

Stephanie Cadieux – Canada’s first Chief Accessibility Officer

Stephanie Cadieux is a change leader, an advocate for diversity, accessibility, disability inclusion and an entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in planning and leadership roles.

Coping With Rejection in the Workplace When You Have Bipolar Disorder

"Rejection is only part of the story."

Finding a Healthy Balance With Exercise in Eating Disorder Recovery

"It became a celebration, rather than a maniacal grasp for external validation."

Realizing My Biggest Dreams as a Disabled Craniofacial Model

As someone with Treacher collins syndrome (TCS), Cynthia Cherise Murphy shows how we need more representation in the entertainment and fashion industries.

Nothing Without Us Too Anthology – Nothing Without Us and Nothing Without Us Too

The anthology will be released on September 15, 2022, and is (or will be soon) available for pre-order in ebook, paperback, and/or audiobook formats from Renaissance, Chapters-Indigo, Another Story Bookshop, and these online book sellers. Please follow this blog or our Facebook or Twitter accounts for further updates on where to buy it!

We Are Having This Conversation Now

We Are Having This Conversation Now offers a history, present, and future of AIDS through thirteen short conversations between Alexandra Juhasz and Theodore Kerr, scholars deeply embedded in HIV responses. They establish multiple timelines of the epidemic, offering six foundational periodizations of AIDS culture, tracing how attention to the crisis has waxed and waned from the 1980s to the present. They begin the book with a 1990 educational video produced by a Black health collective, using it to consider organizing intersectionally, theories of videotape, empowerment movements, and memorialization. This video is one of many powerful yet overlooked objects that the pair focus on through conversation to understand HIV across time. Along the way, they share their own artwork, activism, and stories of the epidemic. Their conversations illuminate the vital role personal experience, community, cultural production, and connection play in the creation of AIDS-related knowledge, archives, and social change. Throughout, Juhasz and Kerr invite readers to reflect and find ways to engage in their own AIDS-related culture and conversation.

Death Panel Podcast

Hosted by Beatrice Adler-Bolton, Artie Vierkant, Phil Rocco, Jules Gill-Peterson, and Abby Cartus. The Death Panel is independent, ad-free, and fully listener-supported. Support the Death Panel on Patreon to get access to the second weekly bonus episode, out every Monday in the patron feed!

Health Communism

A searing analysis of health and illness under capitalism from hosts of the hit podcast “Death Panel”.

Advancing Disability Equity and Access in TANF and SNAP for People with Long COVID

This report recommends concrete actions policymakers and program administrators can take to improve accessibility of public programs for people with Long COVID and other disabilities.

DaDa is an innovative and cutting edge disability and Deaf arts organisation

Our celebration of disability and Deaf arts, 26 October - 3 December.

Disability activist Sarah Jama to be acclaimed as Ontario NDP candidate for Hamilton Centre

It turns out there's only one person who wants to replace Andrea Horwath as the Ontario NDP candidate for Hamilton Centre — prominent Hamilton activist Sarah Jama.

Only 4% Of Employees Disclose A Disability, But New HR Tools And Training Could Upend That Trend

Disclosure of a disability at work is, ideally, about asking for the resources or flexibility you need to do your best work, but currently, it’s not safe or low-barrier for employees.

Crip Art Chats: Masquerade

Crip Art Chats are a chance to build community among people interested in disability perspectives and aesthetics. No specialized understanding of art, art history, or crip theory is required. Each online session is an opportunity for a small group of participants to view and discuss works from MoMA’s collection. Together we will generate ideas and conversation about these works, centering disability as a conceptual and creative framework.

7 Reasons You Need to Try Voice Typing in Google Docs

One tiny little feature that packs an amazing punch is Voice Typing in Google Docs. This is a speech-to-text feature that is built-in to the most popular word processor in the world, and it is available to you and your students if you have a microphone in your devices. You can dictate all kinds of words, lists, and writing into Google Docs. You can also dictate formatting, punctuation, and editing. But wait...there's more!

How to Fix Your Low-Contrast Text

Solve 30% of the web's accessibility defects with just the help of a calculator!

This Autonomous Driving Startup Announces New Accessibility Network For Disabled Community

In a blog post published on Thursday, autonomous driving startup Waymo announced the formation of what the Mountain View-based company calls the Waymo Accessibility Network.

Airbnb improves accessibility search filters for its accommodations

Airbnb updated search filters and accessibility review process with the goal of making it easier for people with disabilities to find accommodations.

Why is accessibility all about patience?

For the very special 100th episode of Here to Help, Chris' guest is Haben Girma. The first Deafblind person to graduate from Harvard Law School, Haben Girma is a human rights lawyer advancing disability justice. President Obama named her a White House Champion of Change. She received the Helen Keller Achievement Award, a spot on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, and TIME100 Talks. The New York Times, Oprah Magazine, and TODAY Show featured her memoir, "Haben: The Deafblind Woman Who Conquered Harvard Law". And President Bill Clinton, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Chancellor Angela Merkel have all honored Haben, who believes disability is an opportunity for innovation.

Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) Kiosk Accessibility Deadline Looms

By December 2022, 25% of Airport kiosks must be made accessible. Learn more about the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) and what you need to do.

Tracking positive progress for disabled people across the publishing industry

Steps have been taken to improve access to the publishing industry for those with disabilities—but how can workplaces be more inclusive and welcoming?

Making Digital Experiences Accessible: Wins And Work Remaining

Many companies are contributing to the vision of a web where everyone can experience, enjoy and transact online without barriers. But we still have work to do.

The Biden Move to Allow Hearing Aids to Be Sold Over-the-Counter is Now Saving Americans Thousands

President Biden issued an Executive kick-in-the-butt Order requiring the FDA to allow over-the-counter hearing aids to save you thousands.

Accessibility Checkers – A Good Start, not a Solution

Knowbility's Be A Digital Ally series covers basic skills and principles of accessible digital design. In this post, Digital Accessibility Specialist Melissa Green introduces accessibility checkers in advance of our October "Be a Digital Ally" session on the topic, October 20, 2022 at 5 PM Central Time (US and Canada). Register through Humanitix.

10K ‘easier-to-use' COVID tests for visually impaired coming to NYC

The at-home test kits utilize easier-to-use test components and communicate with a user’s smartphone to give an electronic text readout of their result.

How Immersive Reader Helped a Student Succeed in School and Life

More students with learning difficulties and disabilities are finding accommodations that help them thrive in the classroom and in life. Immersive Reader, a digital learning tool from Microsoft, helped a higher education student address some of the challenges she was having in school, making her more successful and opening up future career possibilities for her.

User Testing the Meta Quest 2 with Low Vision

Virtual reality is a visual medium. Because of this, you may be surprised to learn that there are many low vision and blind people who enjoy virtual reality . One of those people is Shane Kehoe , a Community Talent Manager at Fable , who leads training teams and designs accessibility testing scenarios.

New guide to assist the higher education sector to procure accessible ICT

A new guide designed to assist the higher education sector to procure accessible information and communications technology (ICT) products and services will further support students with disability to get the most out of their studies.

Accessibility teams with Skyscanner

October's Network and Learn event took place with Heather Hepburn, Accessibility Lead at Skyscanner, discussing the evolution of her accessibility team and much more.

Omicron subvariants pose a new threat to people with immune deficiencies

New versions of the omicron virus show resistance to the antibody drugs many need for extra protection against Covid.

A deadly monkeypox variant is surging in Central Africa

Experts are calling for stronger measures to stop a variant found in the Democratic Republic of the Congo that's 10 times deadlier than the global strain.

Politics of the Prescription

This talk considers how long-standing Disability Studies’ critiques of medicalization and the medical model of disability, as well as theorizations of disabled ways of knowing–cripistemologies–could powerfully inform interdisciplinary pain studies. While pain studies has engaged somewhat with humanistic approaches, it has yet to engage substantively with the insights of Disability Studies and the lived experiences of disabled people. Rather than conflate disability and pain, this talk works through the tensions between these categories and their relationship to the medical industrial complex and the consequences for communities in pain in light of the opioid epidemic. Through meditations on both my scholarly work in the literary and cultural history of pain alongside my poetic practice as a crip poet, I make a case for how we might practice an anti-ableist and disability-centered approach to the study of pain.

3 things to consider before you implement CAPTCHA for accessibility

What are you bothered by the most when you use digital products? For me, it’s e-mail and phone verification, pincode, setting complex passwords and not remembering them… and I especially find one particular thing obnoxious, and it’s CAPTCHA.

Chiara Bersani: Seeking Unicorns review – moments of mythical presence

With delicate movements and precise details, the Italian performance artist evokes a magical creature against a backdrop of fantastical art.

Randoma11y - Accessible color combinations

Get random, accessible color combinations.

Selma Blair Invites Us to Bear Witness to Her Pain

On her life with MS and final Dancing With the Stars appearance.

Seven things you should stop saying and doing to disabled people

Don’t ask someone what their disabilities are. Don’t give help without asking. Don’t tell anyone they are ‘brave’. Seven people reveal their everyday disabilism bugbears.

Vulnerable and Trapped: A Look at Those Lost in Hurricane Ian

Ian slammed into Florida’s southwest coast last month. Its fearsome storm surge and torrential rain made it the deadliest storm in a generation.

Toxic Workplaces Could Damage Mental Health, Surgeon General Warns

84% of Americans said their workplace contributed to at least one mental health condition, while 81% said they’re looking for a new job.

Accessibility and Inclusion in the Tech Sector with Kate Kalcevich and Carrie Morales

For our second episode of NDEAM, Judy interviews Kate Kalcevich and Carrie Morales. They both work for Fable, a company based in Toronto working on accessibility testing. Kate and Carrie disucss their work at Fable, their journeys to employment, and Fable's skill development program, Fable Pathways. Kate and Judy both have taught courses on Fable Pathways that you can access online, for free at

Crip Authorship

An expansive volume presenting crip approaches to writing, research, and publishingCrip Authorship.

Teaching (While) Crip: A Disability Pedagogy Workshop

According to our universities, we have returned to normalcy — we have supposedly arrived. Normalcy has become a metonym for all of the practices, spaces, pedagogies, and modes of relation that we are expected to desire. “Care” and “flexibility” flicker as vestiges of a supposedly post-covid past, the future of remote learning remains uncertain, and rigor looms centrally in the refiguration of f2f pedagogy.

RSV, other viruses push several children's hospitals to capacity

RSV, a common cause of cold-like illness in young children, started surging in late summer, months before its typical season from November to early spring.

'Basically No One Believed Her': How We're Failing Girls With ADHD

ADHD may look different in girls — but when left undiagnosed, these kids miss out on treatment, understanding and support.

Invisible Illnesses In Black Women: Facing Multi-Marginalization

Life with an invisible illness is a constant battle within yourself. You may often wonder if you should fully disclose your medical business in exchange for the compassion you deserve. Or if you should continue to exist as if you are as fine as you look on the outside.

States Are Housing High-Needs Foster Kids In Offices And Hotels

Some foster children with complex mental, behavioral and physical health needs are having to stay in hotel rooms and even office buildings, a practice called "hoteling."

Young People with Lived Experience Must Help Shape Mental Health Plans

1 in 7 young people worldwide deals with a mental health issue.

Deaf Children Need Rich Language Input from the Start: Support in Advising Parents

Bilingual bimodalism is a great benefit to deaf children at home and in schooling. Deaf signing children perform better overall than non-signing deaf children, regardless of whether they use a cochlear implant. Raising a deaf child in a speech-only environment can carry cognitive and psycho-social risks that may have lifelong adverse effects. For children born deaf, or who become deaf in early childhood, we recommend comprehensible multimodal language exposure and engagement in joint activity with parents and friends to assure age-appropriate first-language acquisition. Accessible visual language input should begin as close to birth as possible. Hearing parents will need timely and extensive support; thus, we propose that, upon the birth of a deaf child and through the preschool years, among other things, the family needs an adult deaf presence in the home for several hours every day to be a linguistic model, to guide the family in taking sign language lessons, to show the family how to make spoken language accessible to their deaf child, and to be an encouraging liaison to deaf communities. While such a support program will be complicated and challenging to implement, it is far less costly than the harm of linguistic deprivation.

How the Pandemic Helped Us See What Really Matters

"I’m emerging from the pandemic a totally new person. And I know I’m not alone."

Our Physical Intimacy and Romance Explained

Shane and Hannah have been together for over four years. They got married in September of 2020 in the midst of a global pandemic in their backyard, with their officiant conducting the ceremony via Zoom. Their interabled relationship often confuses people, because much of society still cannot fathom people with disabilities being involved in loving, intimate relationships. Anyone who watches these episodes will quickly see their relationship is just as “normal” as any other. Sure, Hannah helps Shane use the bathroom and brush his teeth, but those activities do not detract from the emotional, intellectual, and physical connection they experience together.

How to make God Of War Ragnarok accessible

In this video, I sit down with Sony Santa Monica's Lead UX Designer Mila Pavlin to discuss how they made God Of War Ragnarok the most accessible God Of War ever.

'God of War Ragnarok' breaks a fundamental rule of video games

Mila Pavlin of Santa Monica Studio says the God of War team isn’t interested in keeping the 70+ accessibility innovations in 'Ragnarok' a secret.

Studio Executives Share Tips on How to Advance in the Industry

Executives from DreamWorks Animation, Sony Pictures Entertainment, the Walt Disney Company, and Warner Bros Discovery shared tips with Lab Fellows.

Ulcerative Colitis Has Changed How I Think About Health

Somewhere between my ulcerative colitis diagnosis and my first flare, I realized that health isn’t a straight line at all.

We Are Little Feminists: On-the-Go

An empowering and delightful board book filled with photos of kids with disabilities using their movement and mobility aids on-the-go. Run, jump, climb, ride and glide along!

Microsoft and Haleon improve health accessibility for the visually impaired

Healthcare product company Haleon has partnered with Microsoft to improve accessibility to healthcare for people who are visually impaired or have trouble reading labels.

Intelligent AI to enhance health product accessibility for people who are blind or partially sighted

Microsoft and Haleon are making health products more accessible for people with vision impairments via AI that narrates product labels.

Meijer selling adaptive, accessible Halloween costumes

Parents now have more options to choose from when picking out a Halloween costume for a child with a disability. For the first time, Meijer stores are introducing adaptive Halloween costumes.

Most Top U.S. Hospitals Have Home Pages that Do Not Meet Web Accessibility Standards

New research on hospital website home pages from AHIMA Foundation and Mathematica provides a road map for advancing health equity for patients with disabilities.

Over-the-counter hearing aids raise the bar for health care accessibility, but some concerns remain

The change took effect Monday.

What to know about buying hearing aids over the counter

The shift in hearing health care is due to a recent rule change by the FDA, which recently cleared the way for the devices to be sold in retail stores without the need for buyers to see a doctor.

FDA ruling makes hearing aids more accessible, cost effective

Starting Monday, they can be bought without a prescription from stores or online.

Over-The-Counter Hearing Aids: Disability Experts Weigh Benefits And Concerns

Disability experts say OTC hearing aids are a game-changer for many Americans -- but they also have some concerns about the rollout.

Broadway Actor Thought Fan Was Recording Play. She Was Way Wrong

The "Hadestown" audience member gave her tearful side of things and received an apology from the theater.

Restaurant accessibility: 5 things restaurants and customers should know

“They’re not even trying. They should put up a sign, ‘people with disabilities are not welcome here.'

Philadelphia reaches settlement in class action case regarding pedestrian access

The agreement, which still needs approval in federal court, would see the city install or fix its curb ramps, ensuring access to all residents and visitors.

Why Be Normal?: Disability & Design Now

The lived experience of disability always involves practicing design. This long-overlooked expertise is now shaking up the field.

Sellinger announces settlement over NJ Transit accessibility

Five stations to become more accessible under terms of settlement.

Activists demand accessible emergency wheelchair transportation

For local disability rights activist Michael Grice, having his motorized wheelchair with him is essential. His ability to move freely determines his independence.

Michael B. Jordan Took Accessibility And Inclusion Very Seriously When Making Creed III

In an interview about Creed III, Michael B. Jordan explained how he took accessibility and inclusion seriously during the making of the film.

‘I Am Not The Doctor For You’: Physicians’ Attitudes About Caring For People With Disabilities

People with disabilities face barriers when attempting to gain access to health care settings. Using qualitative analysis of three physician focus groups, we identified physical, communication, knowledge, structural, and attitudinal barriers to care for people with disabilities. Physicians reported feeling overwhelmed by the demands of practicing medicine in general and the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 specifically; in particular, they felt that they were inadequately reimbursed for accommodations. Some physicians reported that because of these concerns, they attempted to discharge people with disabilities from their practices. Increasing health care access for people with disabilities will require increasing the accessibility of space and the availability of proper equipment, improving the education of clinicians about the care of people with disabilities, and removing structural barriers in the health care delivery system. Our findings also suggest that physicians’ bias and general reluctance to care for people with disabilities play a role in perpetuating the health care disparities they experience.

New standard to make government websites and applications more user-friendly for everyone in Ukraine

A package of legislative innovations is set to transform national government websites and mobile applications, making them more accessible – for the benefit of all Ukrainians.

People with disabilities encouraged to take part in UK’s largest accessibility survey

The results will be used to push for greater accessibility in order to make life easier for those living with disabilities.

Accessibility for EV charging: When will it be addressed in Australia?

Fossil fuel station forecourts have long been laid out with at least a nod to disability access. Flat areas around the pumps, waist-height access to the nozzles, vertical bollards beside the pumps, gentle ramps to the shop rather than steps – oh, and pull-through parking spots beside the pumps so you can best align the car next to the fuel pump. (Only to realise you’ve parked with the car’s filler on the other side ;-).

Game-changing new collaboration set to enhance health product accessibility for the blind and parti…

An innovative new collaboration is set to revolutionise the accessibility of everyday healthcare for people who are blind or have low-vision, according to experts.

How The Cup Is Making Qatar Bridge The Accessibility Gap

Accessibility actions have grown by leaps and bounds in Qatar in recent years. So says Josélia Neves , professor at in Qatar and one of the Gulf country's leading experts in the field. She believes the World Cup to be held in Qatar in November is one of the factors that have spurred investments to make venues and events more accessible.

Hamilton Mountain Halloween event pairs trick-or-treating with accessibility movement

The Treat Accessibly Halloween Village Experience drops into a dead-end street in a Hamilton neighbourhood near Upper Sherman and Stone Church Road on Sunday.

Visual Impaired Persons Canvass Access to Education, Conducive Environment

The Nigeria Association of the Blind, Edo State Chapter yesterday urged governments at all levels to make education free and create a conducive environment for them to move around and pursue their legitimate business.

Woman with breast cancer creates accessible clothing for chemotherapy patients

Alexia Baron was diagnosed with cancer in 2020.

Accessibility bill ‘unlikely to lead to change’, disability advocates say

A bill that promises to remove barriers for disabled people is potentially harmful and unlikely to create change, critics say.

Updated accessibility guidelines notified

The Harmonised Guidelines and Standards for Universal Accessibility in India 2021 were notified by the Ministry on Tuesday, replacing the Harmonised Guidelines 2016.

Digital accessibility: Making sure technology works for everyone

Accessibility needs to be integrated into all induction training, carefully tailored to the new employee’s role, whether it be design, development or programme management.

Almost 20% of UK heritage sites have made ‘no improvement’ in online access information since 2…

Nearly a fifth of the UK’s museums and heritage sites have not updated their website in the past four years to include accessibility information, a new report by disability charities has revealed.

Museums fail to improve online access information for some disabled visitors

Report finds nearly 20% of sites have no information for people with under-recognised access requirements.

New guidance on public EV charging accessibility released

New design guidance to make public electric vehicle (EV) chargepoints more accessible has been released, based on the work of two disability charities.

Hadestown Apologizes Over Closed Captioning Incident

"My hearing is such that I need a captioning device in order to see a show. And to be ostracized and publicly ridiculed really hurts. It was super embarrassing."

We should expand, not reduce voting accessibility for Minnesotans with disabilities

Minnesota should look for ways to expand disability participation in the community, which includes voting. 

Toward an Accessible Penn: Student Experiences with Disability–Related Accommodations

From assistive technology to Penn Accessible Transit, students’ experiences with disability–related accommodations are wide and varied.

First Circuit Gives Green Light to ADA Suits Against Hotels Based on Booking Sites

On October 5, 2022, in Laufer v. Acheson Hotels LLC, the U.S Court of Appeals for the 1st Circuit reversed a lower court’s dismissal of a suit against Acheson Hotels, LLC, which operates an inn on Maine’s southern coast.

College of Education offers American Sign Language, proposes Deaf studies minor

It’s perhaps not surprising that English and Spanish are the two most-used languages in the United States. But the third?

Access Board Seeks Accessibility for Self-Service Touchscreens in Facilities - Facility Management …

Board seeks comments on guidelines for different types of self-service transaction machines, including electronic kiosks.

Why Accessibility Must Be a Part of Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity Initiatives

Companies that are committed to diversity, equity and inclusivity (DEI) provide products and services that authentically and accurately reflect the learners they serve—whoever they are and wherever they live. These organizations have developed and embedded coherent and consistent principles to clearly define DEI content and DEI-attentive products. They have shaped and promoted editorial guidelines for the products they fashion, which will land in the hands of educators and students.

ADA ‘tester’ can sue over website’s non-compliance

A “tester-plaintiff” had standing to sue for a hotel reservation website’s alleged failure to comply with federal regulations governing accessibility for the disabled, even if she had no plans to actually book a room at the hotel, the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled. Plaintiff Deborah Laufer sued defendant Acheson Hotels for allegedly failing.

Accessible to All: Overcoming Barriers to Passenger Transport Use

Icomera explores how digital technologies can overcome the physical and linguistic barriers to passenger transport use.

Air Canada mishandled transport of wheelchair: Accessibility advocate

An accessibility advocate says Air Canada badly mishandled the transport of her wheelchair back to Toronto, after already damaging it on her flight to Tel Aviv last month. Dilshad Burman reports.

Hispanic Workers with Disabilities in the Labor Force

Sept. 15 to Oct. 15 marks National Hispanic Heritage Month, an annual celebration of Hispanic Americans’ contributions to America’s history, culture and ongoing progress as a nation. These contributions include many from Hispanic Americans with disabilities. In honor of the month, researchers in our Office of Disability Employment Policy recently took a deep dive into workforce data on Hispanic Americans’ representation in various industries and occupations. This is the latest in an ongoing series of data snapshots about different subgroups of disabled people; previous snapshots explored Black workers with disabilities, Women with disabilities and Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders with Disabilities.

Quemuel Arroyo: Championing Accessibility in Sailing and Beyond

As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month at US Sailing this September and October, we were fortunate to sit down with Quemuel Arroyo, Chief Accessibility Officer for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), to discuss his Hispanic heritage and his experiences as a disabled sailor.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind Accessibility Review

Just a coaster fanatic reviewing wheelchair accessibility of the Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind coaster at EPOT in Walt Disney World, Orlando.

Is Your Organization Inclusive of Deaf Employees?

Talented deaf people are everywhere. They are CEOs, doctors, Fortune 500 executives, NASA engineers, mayors, lawyers, scientists, gaming champions, athletes, and Presidential appointees. Still, this minority remains largely overlooked by most employers today. The experiences of the deaf community build an abundance of innate skills that are invaluable to every workplace. They enhance communication and can also provide a competitive advantage by better understanding your market and customers. Deaf employees on your team, if embraced, supported, and empowered, can improve the quality of your products, services, and the overall customer and user experience. Equity and belonging are cornerstones of achieving inclusive excellence. These values foster environments where differenc

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