Accessibility Mythbusters

Accessibility Mythbusters

Oct 23, 2021

Accessibility Mythbusters

What is digital accessibility – and who needs it? It doesn’t really affect that many people so why should I care about it? Hear an AT&T Accessibility solutions engineer dispel these and other myths about bringing the internet to everyone.

Carrefour France Plans To Integrate Sign Language In Stores

Carrefour France has announced an action plan to offer the best possible experience to its deaf and hard of hearing customers.

Accessible packaging

Philip Chadwick finds out why the charity RNIB is shifting its focus on packaging and how technology can help blind and partially sighted people when shopping.

Accessibility carries a simple business case

Proponents highlight long-term benefits of barrier-free buildings.

This is how to finance digital inclusion

While COVID-19 has accelerated a global transition towards a digital economy, the crisis has also shed even more light on the digital divide.

Digital accessibility is a cultural shift newsrooms need now

You don’t need to be an engineer or web developer to make your work accessible to disabled audiences.

Reframing Digital Accessibility As An All-Out Business Win, Not A Compliance Burden

Far from viewing digital accessibility as an onerous burden and “ruinous obligation,” in a post-pandemic world, organizations need to embrace the irrefutable boost to their bottom line that comes with having accessible digital products.

Moving from accessibility testing into management

There are several questions you should be asking yourself before you make the leap.

Citizens Advice: How we are making our universal credit helpline more accessible (with BSL)

At Citizens Advice, we give people the knowledge and confidence they need to find their way forward – whoever they are, and whatever their problem. Last year, we had to change how we work because of the Covid 19 restrictions, switching to phone or online instead of face to face.

UX Accessibility: How to Start Designing for All

As UX designers we have one thing in common: Empathy. We solve people’s problems by walking in their shoes. One element of empathy is commonly overlooked: Accessibility.

Have your say in the review of the Web Accessibility Directive

Keyboard with accessibility symbols.

Improving your Website's SEO and Accessibility With Alt Text

Read why alt text gives you a unique opportunity to ensure your content is understood by users of all abilities and how to implement best practices. 

Accessible Social Media Practices for Your Brand

Get simple best practices to make your social media messages more accessible like using clear language, 
limiting emojis, formatting hashtags, and more. 

Making data visualizations more accessible

MIT researchers conducted a study with blind and sighted readers to determine the most useful descriptive alternative text to include with a chart. They developed a four-level framework that can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of a chart caption, whether it is generated by a human author or a machine learning algorithm.

Disabled Gamers Turn Video Games into Self-Care

Some people with disabilities use video games as a life-saving wellness technology.

Video: Accessible Horror: Everyone is Entitled to One Good Scare

Due to their interactive nature, video games are an amazing way to give someone a good scare. However, video game horror tropes are frequently inaccessible, leaving people more disappointed than frightened. Dim the lights and put on your blanket, because in this talk, horror fans and accessibility advocates will revisit the rich history of horror media, break down how games try to scare people, how some people are being left out on the fun, and how to instil a sense of dread with alternative accessible and spooky gaming methods.

Xbox Accessibility Showcase Reveals A Number Of Features

A number of new and upcoming features were showcased at the event. 

Xbox, Sony, and AbleGamers are building a more accessible future for video games

From Xbox's Kinect to Sony's 'Last of Us Part II,' haphazard beginnings paved the way for innovations that make video games more welcoming to every player.

Disability: 9 digital solutions to improve autonomy

Digital technology is increasingly enabling more inclusive products and services, with several now on the market that help people with disabilities or neurodiverse conditions live more independent lives. Even the world's poorer nations can use digital solutions as suitable and relatively affordable tools. Here's an overview.

The Most Essential Accessible Work From Home Tools

The hybrid work environment has propelled a new wave of digital accessibility – check out some top accessible tools for working from home.

Apple Is Testing AirPods As Possible Hearing Aids, Posture Improvers And In-ear Thermometers

Apple is looking at ways to make its AirPods more than just conduits for music and podcasts.

Microsoft launches UK’s first national digital billboard campaign featuring sign language

Microsoft has launched the first-ever national digital billboard campaign to feature British Sign Language (BSL) to highlight the importance of accessibility in driving innovation. 

Microsoft 365 accessibility features fall 2021 lineup: Here's what's new

Microsoft knows it's never a bad idea to include more accessibility features. That's why it has more than ever before, which it outlines in its fall 2021 update on the subject.

ColorOS 12 focuses on simplicity, accessibility and inclusivity

Oppo just announced ColorOS 12, set to grace most compatible phones sometime in 2022. The update focuses on accessibility but also adds in smart new features – like PC Connect – too.

How To: Create Multi-Segment Highlights On Twitch With NVDA

For a while now, I've been creating single-segment highlights on Twitch, using Firefox under Windows 10 and Non-Visual Desktop Access as my screen reader of choice (NVDA, given its free and open source nature).

Northern uses VR simulation game to improve accessibility

An innovative Virtual Reality Simulation Game is now in the testing stages and will support disabled people to get better access when traveling with Northern.

New tourist-friendly infrastructure, improved accessibility part of Tokyo’s Olympic legacy

Improved sporting facilities, transport links and barrier-free access in Tokyo are among the legacies of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, according to The Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO), which has released its findings on the legacy of the Games for leisure and business travellers to Japan.

Disneyland Paris updating accessibility program for guests with disabilities

In honor of International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3, Disneyland Paris will introduce a new accessibility program that will empower guests with disabilities to experience the parks according to their own autonomy evaluation.

Let’s not pretend disability simulation works and is okay!

Did you hear about the ‘A Day In My Wheels Challenge’ TV presenter Lorraine Keane and 25-strong group made up of celebrities, businesspeople and politicians took part in the 24 hour challenge – Keane wanted to experience a day first-hand, the challenges wheelchair users faced.

The Highs and Lows of Finding Love on the Spectrum

Not surprisingly, the romantic lives of autistic adults are just like those of neurotypical adults: never easy.

Let’s make the next step, and leave segregated education to history

Inclusion Europe published a position paper on inclusive education that shares a need to do more and improve as the world of education changes.

Mindset Matters: If You Don’t Know Dave Stevens, You Should!

This article is the story of how athlete, journalist, professor and motivational speaker Dave Stevens is redefining the perception of disability.

10-year-old fluent in ASL is breaking down barriers with her work for Disney, Starbucks

Norah Luna, 10 years old from Fair Oaks, California, is breaking barriers - interpreting ASL for Disney and starring in an international Starbucks ad.

'Not Going Quietly' - By Losing His Voice, He Speaks for Others

This film allows Ady Barken to freely explore the disabled experience, illustrating how disabled people refuse to be defined by tragedy.

Report: Responses to persons with disabilities in the justice system are often ‘inadequate’

A report commissioned by the Disability Royal Commission has found some police responses to people with disability are inadequate and can be ‘damaging’ to their well-being.

Afghan Women with Disabilities Face Abuse and Discrimination

In the last several weeks, Afghanistan has dominated headlines due to the evacuation of U.S. troops from the country and the simultaneous return of the Taliban. But Afghanistan is noteworthy for another reason: having one of the largest populations of disabled people in the world. At least one in five Afghan households has one or more adults or children with a “severe” intellectual, physical, psychosocial, or sensory disability, according to Human Rights Watch (HRW).

Three Life Lessons Living with Spasticity Has Taught Me

Spasticity involves learning to navigate challenges, but can also aid in teaching valuable life lessons. Lessons such as the following.

Renegades Pilot: Kitty O'Neil

In this new digital series, musician and disability inclusion advocate Lachi explores the cultural contributions of people with disabilities and how they transformed America. This pilot episode investigates the amazing life and accomplishments of deaf stunt legend and speed racer Kitty O'Neil.

Making Peace With Mobility Aids — Which One Is Right for Me?

Which mobility aid is right for you?

I Thought I Was Just Stupid

Dissecting internalized ableism in a new series by Kari Turner in which she interviews people across the disability spectrum.

The Complicated Relationships I Navigate in Life With Chronic Illness

"As I meet new people and make new friends, I have to decide just how much I will 'let them in.'"

Not All Illnesses Are Obvious

"We deserve the same respect and treatment as anybody else."

How to Make an Invisible Disability Visible

Facial pain is invisible. If pain can't be seen, it's hard for people to understand. Can we make an invisible disability visible?

Finding the right path - Life of a Blind Girl

Our path in life can often be filled with twists and turns along the way. Some thoughts on how I found the destination I’d been searching for

I'm Legally Blind. Here's How Remote Work Has Changed My Life

"I haven't told my new employer about my vision impairment because, for the first time, it doesn't matter," says Rachel Christian.

What if we could end blindness forever?

Microchips, nanotechnology and optic nerve cell replication: Thanks to medical breakthroughs, blindness is on the run. “I see it every day from my privileged position as chairman of the Board of Governors of the Wilmer Eye Institute, part of Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore.”

I Couldn’t Afford Hearing Aids Until I Got a Six-Figure Book Deal

For years, I simply lived in limbo.

Drew Magary Night the Lights Went Out excerpt: Deaf in one ear

After surviving a traumatic brain injury and a coma, I was prepared for baddish news—but not for it to be delivered so swiftly and decisively.

‘Deaf Talent’ trademark dispute

Over the last decade or so, referring to ‘Deaf Talent’ or using the hashtag has become a natural and common way of encouraging and recognising deaf creatives’ skills and achievements on social media.

Helen Keller film sparks debate after Deaf actress Millicent Simmonds cast in DeafBlind role

An upcoming biopic about the life of Helen Keller, titled Helen and Teacher, has prompted a discussion about casting, after Deaf actress Millicent Simmonds was chosen to play the DeafBlind activist.

Able-Bodied Actors and Disability Drag: Why Disabled Roles are Only for Disabled Performers

Just as non-white roles were once prized by white actors looking to show off their range, disabled roles are similarly prized by able-bodied actors today.

Channel 4 subtitles to remain unavailable until mid-November

Campaigners voice anger at continued outage of access services that also include signed broadcasts

Catherine Finch: My parody song about the lack of subtitles on Channel 4

Our reader Catherine Finch has got in touch with lyrics for a parody song about the lack of subtitles on Channel 4 and other TV channels over the last three weeks.

“9-1-1" Star Gavin McHugh Wants to Show Kids With Cerebral Palsy Their Dreams Can Come True

The “9-1-1” star is advancing disability representation onscreen and charming the show’s cast and fans with effortless ease.

Marlee Matlin: The Rise and Journey of Oscar Winning Actress & Deaf Activist

From ‘Children of a Lesser God’ to ‘CODA’ this actress turned activist impresses us all. Continue reading to explore Marlee Matlin's journey to success.

Paraplegic man pulled from car, thrown to ground by police in Ohio

As motorist Clifford Owensby was pushed into the pavement, he asked for anyone who could hear him: "Can y'all call the real police, please?"

Cinemas returning to 'normal' ends a golden age for accessibility

We need a new normal, not a return to the old.

New York Life Adds a Participating Individual Disability Policy

Policyholders can collect dividends after the fifth policy year.

Disability Hate Crime Survey Responses 2021

Our latest disability hate crime survey has found more than 50% of disabled people who have experienced hate crime have had verbal abuse directed at them.

Streaming service launches platform for disability inclusion, representation

FOX's Ashley Dvorkin has the details on the launch of the Disability Media Network.

How Disabled Journalists Have to Fight To Get in the Newsroom

‘How could I possibly feel like I belong in an industry where I can’t even get in the door?’

‘We know they can do it when it suits them’: theatre became more accessible during Covid

Doors may be open again, but some theatres remain inaccessible for disabled audiences. Online performances have helped – but many have already stopped streaming.

Squid Game and the 'untranslatable': the debate around subtitles explained

As the popularity of Squid Game continues to grow globally, there have been debates over the quality of the English subtitle translation - but critics are missing important context.

Forbes: 10 Teachable Disability Moments In “Game Of Thrones”

I decided to take an inventory of my favorite disability moments from “Game Of Thrones,” and explore what they can still teach us about the disability experience, now over two years after the original series ended.

Celebration of Family: Book explores parenting with disabilities

“A Celebration of Families: Stories of Parents with Disabilities" highlights 30 testimonies that profile families with a variety of disabilities.

Wonderful Women of the World Highlights Some of History's Finest

From 1942 to 1954, a feature ran in the back of DC’s Wonder Woman comics highlighting powerful and innovative women from history.

Disability-Inclusive Peacebuilding: State of the Field and the Way Forward

English Analysis on World about Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding and Protection and Human Rights.

Ford Foundation Launches First-Ever U.S. Disability Rights Program

Over 200 disability leaders helped shape the U.S. Disability Rights Program strategy.

WHO honours Henrietta Lacks, whose cells changed medicine

Cancer cells from Lacks, a Black woman, provided breakthroughs from polio to HIV, but were taken without her knowledge.

ALL RIDERS: The battle for accessibility of New York City’s metro system

The new documentary ALL RIDERS highlights the ongoing fight for accessibility – specifically, access to the metro system – in New York City. In an emotional 15-minute documentary, director Victor Dias Rodrigues and producer Branton Choi take their audience on a journey through New York’s underground and portray the lost and won battles: for elevators, for lives, for equal rights, and overall, for disability rights.

Disability: US Airlines Damage Thousands of Wheelchairs a Year

Wheelchair users tell Insider of their grim experiences of flying, from broken chairs to tiny, inaccessible bathrooms.

PDF: The Lifetime Costs Associated With Living With A Disability

In 2013 the CDPA was contracted by the Human Resources and Skills Development Canada to undertake a literature review on lifetime costs associated with disability as part of the scheduled legislative review of the Registered Disability Savings Plan (2011). This paper represents a portion of the information generated for the government in that process.

Austerity in England linked to more than 50,000 extra deaths in five years

Researchers looked at 2010-2015 when Cameron cuts to NHS and social care were starting to bite.

Police enabling violence and exploitation against people with disability, report finds

‘Inadequate’ police response fails to protect people with a disability, whether they were victims, witnesses or alleged offenders, royal commission says.

Video: What is Disability Justice?

Dustin Gibson, Access, Disability, and Language Justice Coordinator at PeoplesHub discusses the disability justice framework, the origins of ableism and its interconnectedness to other systems of oppression.

Collapse of discrimination law firm causes confusion, anger and concern

The collapse of a law firm that had hundreds of active disability discrimination cases has caused confusion, concern and anger among some of its disabled former clients.

Liam O’Dell: The first ‘lessons learned’ report on Covid dismisses the concerns of Deaf people

It was supposed to be promising. The first proper review into the UK Government’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, carried out by the Commons’ Health and Social Care and Science and Technology Committees, looked to establish “lessons learned” from the Conservatives’ response to a global health crisis.

‘Race-norming’ kept former NFL players from dementia diagnoses. Their families want answers

A Washington Post review of thousands of pages of confidential medical and legal records, provided by the families of these three former players, underscores how "race-norming" put Black players seeking settlement payouts from the NFL at a disadvantage.

Combatting Structural Racism and Classism in Psychiatry: An Interview with Helena Hansen

MIA interviews psychiatrist and anthropologist Helena Hansen about bringing structural competency to psychiatry while rebuilding communities.

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