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CHAPTER 18 "Sacrifices" OF THE BOOK "SIN ...

CHAPTER 18 "Sacrifices" OF THE BOOK "SIN EATER" By Ross Edward Fortune Lombardi ! Is NOW

Dec 18, 2020



By Ross Edward Fortune Lombardi

(Exclusive to Ringdom)

Mal then chimed in,

“Defenders of the Empire killed a whole region of their own citizens because of the threat they felt this thing represented!”

“For them to resort to sacrificing so many,”

“How many more were they trying to protect!”

“As Enow said, they know things that we can never know!”

“They are very likely just making a hard decision for the overall greater good!”

“He may not be a Satite spy”

“But he may well be a threat to the entire world!”

“That would clearly explain why the whole region had to be purged!”

 “It is the only reason that makes sense!”

“It admitted itself, that is may not be from THIS world! OUR WORLD!”

“Maybe 'It' IS a clear and present danger to THIS world! OUR WORLD!”

“We do not know!”

“We DO NOT KNOW the real cost of our rebellion!”

“We must consider handing him over!”

“EVEN if that means our sacrifice to save countless Billions!”


Grammy Phug dropped her “sweet old lady” act,

Her voice now spoke with a clam, straight, confident authority used by generals and great political leaders.

“You are assuming that The Empire, OUR EMPIRE is some benevolent force for good!”

“It is not”

“I could go into a tirade or political speak,”

“I could spend the next hour explaining the reality of REAL economics and REAL power,”

“But I will not!.”

“The Empire, THIS EMPIRE!”

“And THAT EMPIRE, The other Empire are just vast criminal organisations like any other.”

“They get to make the ALL rules ONLY because they have gained the power to do so!”

“They get to tell you what is right and wrong ONLY because they have amassed the power to do so!”

“The ONLY difference between them and the local bandit leaders, thieves guild and their secret leadership is a matter of scale!”

“All those pretty flags? All those ‘Rags on sticks’? All those uniforms, marching and pretty banners are all just mere theatre to sell the lie and intimidate the weak!”

“This is NOT a bad thing!”

“People need organization and leadership!”

“Crops have to he gathered, people fed, Trash collected and citizens  defended against themselves!”

“BUT make No mistake!”

“This does not make them inherently the ‘good guys”!”

“The line between taxes and extortion money is little more than a scribble on a piece of paper”

“AND THEY own the paper, the ink and the pen!”

“A ruled, organised population is needed for our collective survival and will always be needed, True,”

“But that does Not make their rules sanctified, special, or divine!”

“It ONLY ever makes them Necessary…”

“… For now!”


No one at that meeting would ever be able to see Grammy Phug as just a “Sweet Old Lady” again!


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