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Jul 11, 2023

After many years I've decided to do it. A podcast. Not sure exactly when the first full episode will be made, but I've done the footwork. My first thought is to do one of those intro quick episodes wherein I describe what the whole shebang will be about.

Oh, what's the schtick? It's The Wellsian Podcast, where I compare Wells' novels to the films that have been based on them. I love H.G. Wells' stories, despite the sever Isms in some (looking at you, The Time Machine). So, I'll take one film, break it down, then compare it to the original tale. Along the way I may have special episodes about related topics.

I'm psyched! This is where my social anxiety again takes a whonk on the noggin for progress. I'll figure out later whether to do a Patreon or whatever. For now, get ready to meet the Wellsian, enjoy classic books and reading, and stay safe out there.

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