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Nov 05, 2022

So, I'm on fire with writing stories and novels right now. I'm posting punk genre film review blogs every few days. I signed onto NaNoWriMo, where I've listed five, count 'em, five projects:

The New Realms Of Dr. Carcharadon: steampunk

Black, White, & Gray: gothpunk

Melior Alpha: atompunk

In A Celestine Mood: Rococopunk

A Burning Ember Of Turquoise Hope: steampunk

I'm doing very well with them, and even am working on a Rococopunk short for Wattpad, and an atompunk short for this site.

But a few might remember back in the winter of 2022 I was posting winter seasonal haiku. I also stated I would do more with each new season. That never materialized. Whether it's due to Spring and Summer making me ill what with allergies/asthma, or that my brain exploded back into storytelling mode, haikus haven't shown up at all.

I tried. I would take walks, see something inspiring, and snap a picture, intending on coming back and using those images to write haiku. That's my method. But nothing happened. Mabe I love winter so much I can't get into the wording for the other three seasons?

We'll see. Winter is fast approaching. If it could stop being so warm around here, that is. So, one muse has strengthened and I'm ecstatic. Another left me months ago for parts unknown, but hopefully, will return.

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