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Jun 15, 2022

My superhero/steampunk novella The Blossom of Hours is FREE today on all the Amazon's. Get yours, read & kindly drop an honest review! Thank you!

And I would love to dedicate this to David, my brother who passed away in December. Many moons ago he dreamt of the Spaceman in our game, and asked me to flesh him out in stories. Blossom was always as much an ode to him as it is to pulp tales of yore and to the vivid dreams that haunt us.


In 1877, an alien element exploded in Railroad City, Missouri, granting superhuman powers to some of its population. A few of those affected formed a Guild of Honor, committing spectacular acts of bravery and justice.
But for one, the Spaceman, a peculiar quirk from years before has taken him over: the Moon calls to him. Why? What does a dead world have to offer? Unable to find peace without answers, he asks his allies to build the impossible and undertakes a daring escapade to reach fair Luna.
Desperate to find the truth or die trying, he casts himself out into the void...




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