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Apr 14, 2022

Howdy! Thought I'd drop a few updates on my Vella stories. Episode 9 of the gothpunk NOIRythmia is live this week, as well as Episode 7 in A City Called The Rail. ACCtR is a neo-noir anthology of a near future city with paranormals. The first story focuses on troy, a Native investigator trapped in a case he never wanted.

Instead of giving different links, I figured I would give one. Vella now has my five episodic tales under my name, so one click nets you the entire list. Feel free to read all, one, none. Thumbs Up, Review, etc. But wait, there's more. Never used Vella before? Once you're there, in the upper right corner, click the TOKENS label. New readers will see an offer to CLAIM 200 FREE TOKENS.
And, I mean, I have stories you could use them on...a good way to test it out. See if you like Vella or my tale(s). Either way, stay safe, enjoy Spring and have a goodun!

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