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Cot7R - Ep19 - Finry Flattop - Chaotic B ...

Cot7R - Ep19 - Finry Flattop - Chaotic Best Detectives

Nov 18, 2021

What follows is from the private journal of Finry Flattop…

Whilst this carnival is full of everything my hyperactive little mind could hope for I noticed that my good buddy Malkis wasn’t having a good time. So I decided I’d take him along as I investigated the staff area.

I had a strong feeling that they didn’t want the patrons in their staff area, the biggest clue being the 12ft wall of thorns and brambles.

Making our way through, me literally and Malkis over (man I wish I could fly) we began to sneak around.

It took us a little bit but we deduced which trailer Mister Witch and Mister Light were staying in, the clue this time being that it was the biggest and it’s roof kept changing colours.

We decided to lay under the trailer and eavesdrop, and whilst we waited we talked in hushed tones about our lives and about the lessons we’ve learnt. Malkis has surprised me, I never expected him to open up the way he has, he always seems so reserved, spending more time whispering to his sword than chatting with the party.

I lay there and listen to his story, about his quest which originally started out as a quest for revenge, had softened after his time with us. How he has realized there is more to life, like friends and love….

So lost in thought was I that I didn’t realize that Mister Witch & Mister Light had had an entire conversation and were heading back out to the carnival, I hope Malkis was taking notes.

After a brief investigation of the trailer we made of with a small magical chest, this time the clue it was magical being what the DM said about it, we reunited with the group and did some shopping at a stall run by a strange lady named Auntie Em.

Auntie Em traded memories for magic items, Hector was not for it, (also he had/has a child?) Harm got some gloves, the cost being a happy memory for him (also I think he needs some aloe or something for his hand) I think Raef got something but I got distracted by a shiny object.

I decided I’d trade the one memory I had of my Father, a happy day where we all went out for a picnic as a family, a day of laughs and love. I realised I didn’t want this memory anymore, he hasn’t been in my life and one happy memory just makes everything I and my mother and sister had to endure that much more painful. In return I received a bat cloak, not sure exactly what it does but it makes cool swishing sounds.

Then there was Malkis, he wanted something powerful and was willing to give up all memory of his life before he found his sword up for it, and try as I might he accepted. I’m worried how this will affect him, is he still the man I knew, or is he now just a shadow, an empty shell going through the motions?

Time will tell….

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