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What's a kitchen witch?

What's a kitchen witch?

Jun 09, 2023

Welcome back!

So, what the hell is a kitchen witch?

There are lots and lots and lots of witches. From pagans to natural witches to hedge witches. A kitchen witch is basically someone who uses everyday things found in kitchens (like houseplants, teas, spices, etc) to create spells and protections usually but not always in their home. My specific practice ties back to realizing the aloe my grandmother kept for our scrapes and cuts and the jar of bark that my mother keeps for tea to build our immune systems were "spells" aka leaning into the magic of nature to help us live better lives.

While I don't discount folks who have larger practices, mine is pretty small. I do sometimes (rarely) work with poisons but never for hexes and will also strongly, strongly urge you to handle poisons carefully.

I don't really believe in magic. What's in it for me?

Well, a lot of the spells I use are primarily natural remedies that double up as spells. So maybe you don't believe there's an evil energy following you around but you have had an excruciating headache for days. I can help with that!

Oh. So kitchen magic is a medicine alternative?

No. Again, please go to the doctor. I don't work against Western medicine or as a substitute. I work alongside it. I like to think of my practice as a "but also" and not a "instead of." For example: So if you've got bad migraines, please take your medicine but also try some peppermint tea with lemon and honey.

What basic supplies do I need?

Most of what I put in my "recipes" should be in your kitchen but I know not all kitchens are built alike. It's best to keep a full spice drawer and if you're able, live plants that you care for are really great to have around. I tend to buy flowers like sunflowers and tulips (because I like having flowers) and then when they start to droop, I use them for spells. I'm all about sustainability. How can we make things last longer so we're buying less?

If you have a green thumb, it doesn't hurt to keep a rose of Jericho (or a false rose, either is fine) and a simple herb plant like basil or garden sage. Spells tend to be stronger when you can use plants you've been taking care of.

Outside of that, glass jars are your best friends. Especially glass spray bottles. Most of what I make goes into either a mason jar or a glass spray bottle.

Is everything edible?

Most of it is! And I'll tell you if it's not. You can add it to drinks or drink it on its own. But you definitely don't have to. I rarely do. I mostly spray it when I need it and then put it back in the fridge for safekeeping.

How often do you post?

I will post on the new and full moons for my Battleaxe members and Siren members. Siren members also get special spells on the holidays (like the solstices and equinoxes).

Is this the last free post?

No. I'll do a couple sporadically but your best bet is to become a member to get access to the most recipes.

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