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Them's the Rules

Them's the Rules

Jun 09, 2023

Welcome to my practical magic kitchen witch blog!

My name is Rachel Lynett and I'm a playwright and TV writer. But I'm also a kitchen witch. Basically, what that means is I use household items for basic protection spells and some natural remedies to things like seasonal allergies and headaches. I tend to lean on ancestral practices (I'm Central American) and try to make sure that anything I include in a spell are things you have and can be used for multiple different purposes.

I've wanted to make this blog for a while now and since there's a strike going on right now for writing, this felt like a good time to start. Even if magic isn't your bag, I promise you'll get all kinds of tips for natural remedies to your daily aches, because magic (to me anyway) is really just a way of working with nature so we can co-exist together.

In this house…

(1) …we believe in sustainability. As much as I can, I try to include things you likely already have so your buy list is short. A lot of the herbs I use can be swapped out for others. Just ask :)

(2) …we do not use white sage in this house and neither should you. White sage is a closed practice and garden sage is a fantastic substitute. Whenever I say “sage” I mean garden sage.

(3) …we respect nature in this house. Which means that it’s important to be aware of how the rise of witchcraft has caused large environmental problems. The over-harvesting of palo santo is ruining the rain forest so I only use palo santo if it’s bought from folks from the Caribbean/Central America in line with my ancestral practice and limit it to only major events like the solstices.

(4) …we cite our sources and share resources. Whenever I mention a magical property or spell I’ve found, I’ll cite my sources so you also have access to that resource.

(5) …we do not hex. To be clear, I have no personal problem with hexing. You do you. But since my practice is centered around health and protecting your energy, hexing just isn’t a part of that.

(6) …we believe magic has a wide definition. I got into magic and spell work when I noticed a lot of the “spells” I was coming across were just natural remedies I grew up with. Each of my spells will have a “practical” use and a “magical” use but not because I support the binary suggesting magic isn’t practical. It’s honestly just because Practical Magic is one of my favorite movies. These "practical" uses are not meant to work against Western medicine but alongside it. If you need to go to the doctor, please go!

If this is something that's interesting to you or you'd like to learn more about what it means to be a kitchen witch, please join one of the two membership levels (either Battleaxe or Siren).

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