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Message in a Bottle is All I Can Do

Message in a Bottle is All I Can Do

Jul 16, 2023

So, in my mind, this isn't really an astrology blog. I follow the moons because I like working with them but I'm not interested in pretending like you can't google absolutely everything you want to know about what's happening in the skies.

That said, this week is MAJOR. All the girlies have got their eyes on the new moon on July 17 and on July 20. And also Venus in Leo going into retrograde on July 22. Oh and speaking on retrograde, there are about to be seven, SEVEN, planets in retrograde. It's gonna be an intense time, but it's especially going to be intense if you have any cardinal (Aries, Libra, Cancer, or Capricorn) placements in your big 3. If you've got cardinal energy in your big three, the next year and a half is going to be all about you stepping tf up. Main character energy x 100000000.

Okay, so anyway, please look into what's happening.

Today, though, in preparation for this new moon in Cancer, that is demanding we heal old wounds and release whatever (and whoever) is holding us back, is also asking us to throw ourselves into the unknown. The moon loves Cancer and Cancer loves to nurture and protect so regardless of how you feel about Cancer energy (and y'all have not been subtle), you're going to need this protection to come out on the other side of this massive change, whether you're a Cardinal sign or not.

So let's talk jar magic :)

While I personally prefer sprays and aromatics, jar spells can be really helpful. Pictured above is one I made last night for the new moon but I've had a different jar spell in my office for the last two years. They're long-lasting, can be used lots of different ways (like as a natural perfume!), and honestly just kind of beautiful.

Let's get into it: Venus in Leo retrograde is going to be all about fighting jealousy and ego. About walking the balance between knowing when you're right and standing up for yourself and more importantly knowing when you're wrong and backing down.

That second part is going to get harder and harder. This spell helps give you the confidence to work with the sun and to shine even as others try to dim your light but also wake up your spidey senses so you can find just the right time to strike it's needed or the right time to walk away.

For this spell, you'll need

A Jar (I like mason jars but any glass jar will do. I also really love using old jelly jars. We re-use in this house; we don't buy if we don't have to)

  • Sunflowers (other flowers that will work: marigolds, peonies, and dandelions. As best you can, try to use things you can find)

  • 2 Limes

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Olive Oil

  • White Wine Vinegar

  • Cleaning Vinegar

  • Bitters

  • Sage

  • Thyme

  • Orange Peel

  • Eucalyptus Oil

  • Mandrake Oil (optional and yes this is a poison so be careful)

  • Rose Oil (optional)

Alright, first up cut off the stems of the sunflowers and place the flower into the jar (you can throw the stems away or you can cut them up into long pieces and use the stems to tie herbs together). Then pour in a little apple cider vinegar (for mental clarity) and white wine vinegar (for protection).

Then cut the limes and squeeze the lime juice into the jar. You can put the rinds in the jar or you can toss them, Your choice. (You can also freeze them -- ask me about this.) Toss in your thyme (open the gates to other worlds to ask for some favor) and garden sage (to find clear answers). Add the orange peel (also for truth and clarity) and eucalyptus oil (invite creativity and cleanse negativity).

Top with olive oil. Just a little. Why? This is a fire magic spell. You might be saying "Rachel, there's no fire here." Well, almost everything we've put in this spell is associated with fire and/or the sun. And the olive puts all of that into overdrive. We need to be stepping into our full powers, believing in ourselves 1000%, and fighting to see ourselves clearly.

Who better to guide us than the fire gods/fire signs/fire energies?

From here, you can seal the jar. Leave it in your window starting tonight, July 16, and remove it on July 19. Store it somewhere it can still get some sunlight but not a very prominent place in your home.

If you want to wear this as a perfume, add a little rose oil and roll it on your wrists and neck. You can wear it throughout all of Leo season to give you an additional boost.

If you want to put the spell into hyperdrive and you're not afraid of poisons, add some mandrake oil and water from the rose of Jericho plant. HEADS UP: If you add the mandrake, you cannot wear this on your skin and wash your hands immediately.

Well friends, see you on the other side. I hope we can jump into the unknown together and come out smarter, fastest, stronger, wiser, and kinder.

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